Be My Princess - Joshua Lieben [Wedding Sequel] Jpn GREE

「……I will not hand over the time with you to anyone」


「You are not allowed to escape from me anymore」

「Do not sleep tonight, I will make love with you until the morning」

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testing my new software clip studio paint ( will test the colour later) 

sketch of bmp Joshua, Sieg and Joshua butler Jan 

Sieg: no!!! My grandpa had turn into a monster cat 

Joshua: wait a min Sieg I’m still here that wasn’t me….

Jan: ohh a Prince Joshua pusheen how cute 


Sieg: NOOOO !! GRANPA !!! 

Joshua: Seig can you just listening to me i’m right here !! 

Joshua pusheen: meow~ 


Be My Princess [Non-GREE]

Honey Kiss Christmas Spin Off

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Joshua, I can’t stop looking at your lips

Edward, I love your aggressive CGs and this one’s no different

Wilfred, you will always be a suave, smooth prince that makes all the girls swoon.

Side Note: I love how the art just gets better and better