Anduin scares me a little

Anduin Wrynn is such a sweet character, and he is definitely my favorite Alliance character. But there is something about his personality that is quite familiar and unsettling.

When I played this Warcraft III game, I noticed Arthas Menethil had a very similar attitude to Anduin. Both believed in the good, peace, both wielded the Light, and they did what is right. But Arthas, as we all know, was corrupted and eventually became the Lich King.

Jaina is also another example of this goody-good attitude. Again, peace, morals, helpful, etc. Now after the tragedy of Theramore, Jaina has changed drastically, and kind of wants to destroy an entire people.

Anduin is another repetition of this personality, and Blizzard characters have a history of corruption, so… what’s in store for our dear Prince Anduin?


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Vol’jin had been stabbed after he had rushed to Prince Anduin’s aid - a Felguard would have killed the boy had he not. While he was preoccupied, and the others were engaged in chaotic combat, another Felguard struck him through the abdomen. It was only a matter of time before he collapsed, but not after dispatching of both.

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Tallgeez Found A Thing

At one point, Tallgeez, the Mighty Hunter, was asked to ‘watch over’ Prince Anduin Wrynn. However, before someone in Stormwind Keep realized that he was Tallgeez and not some other, more responsible hunter that they were expecting, he had already taken the Prince on a wild and chaotic death adventure where cultists were slain, a building was destroyed, and both of them had nearly been arrested. 

Tallgeez was forbidden from ever taking Anduin anywhere, again.

Anduin never speaks of their encounter to anyone else, and has, at the time and since then, had much more reasonable experiences with much more reasonable Champions of the Alliance. Further, when they met again on the continent of Pandaria, Anduin took careful steps to avoid Tallgeez at every opportunity, often misdirecting him through quests, or suggesting ways to lose the mad hunter in menial, repetitive tasks to Wrathion.

For his part, Tallgeez only scarcely recognizes or appreciates that King Anduin Wrynn of Stormwind is actual royalty, and not just a particularly well-regarded human larvae. His lack of decorum and generally reckless, boisterous behavior would be grounds enough to have him expelled from the Keep under any circumstance. However, his ‘service to the Alliance’, frequent administrative oversight by Stormwind guards, and the occasional bribe means that Tallgeez inexplicably has unlimited access to Stormwind’s King, even when most people would agree ‘He Probably Shouldn’t’. 

Tallgeez could be entrusted to battle foes in far off lands and through the streets of Alliance Cities, some reasoned, he could be tolerated, even if he showed up and started taking S.E.L.F.I.E.S. during Varian Wrynn’s memorial. To Tallgeez, this was an expression of his respect for Stormwind’s fallen angry-leader-person, and his loyalty to the angry-leader-person’s enlightened-gentle-spawn, King Anduin Wrynn.

As it turns out, a further expression of this loyalty is that, sometimes, Tallgeez occasionally shows up at Stormwind Keep, unannounced, bearing a piece of garbage with Anduin’s face on it. Like a cat with a murder-gift or a crow with a shiny-trinket, he hands it to King Anduin… before he is politely ushered out of the Keep by a responsible adult.