Toguchin’s Charms and Pins Etsy Shop Giveaway!

To celebrate all the new Voltron and Fire Emblem Path of Radiance in my shop, I’m hosting a giveaway!

- Reblog to enter

- No giveaway accounts!

- Two winners will be chosen–one on twitter and one on tumblr! (Get a second entry by retweeting the twitter post for this giveaway)

- Winners get any 3 items*** from my shop!

- Giveaway open to international recipients!!

And for all you Adashi fans– You can also choose my Paladin Adam charms as one of your prizes! These charms will never go in my shop, so giveaways are the only times I’ll be giving people access to them!



Winners chosen on 10/2!

***Full Heart Charms, which are actually two charms put together into a heart, count as one item for the purpose of this giveaway!


Some of you may remember the set of Voltron Paladins with their cats, which I made last year. They’re consistently my crowd favourite at conventions and every con I get a handful of requests to add to the series - so here we are, at last!

You’ll be able to pick up prints of both sets from me at certain Australian cons, and they will be available from the print selection pool on the $20 tier of my Patreon.