Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are currently in Jordan.  On October 15, the royal couple visited the Citadel of Amman. “The citadel is located on the highest of Amman’s classic seven hills, Jebel al-Qala'a. The site consists of ancient rhinos from, among others, the ancient Roman Temple of Hercules and parts of a Umayyad Palace dating back to 720 AD.”

That evening they attended a reception for UN organizations operating in Jordan. 

On October 16, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel walked the Jordan Route trail. “The trail extends over 65 miles, from Umm Qais on the Syrian-Lebanese border to the Red Sea. During the walk, organizations reported on how they work to protect the environment while at the same time including and benefiting people living in the area.”


40 years of Crown Princess Victoria. Grattis på födelsedagen, Vikkan. 

Looking at Hollywood and the stories that many grew up with, the image of a princess is hugely superficial. And I really think that the Crown Princess helps to tear that picture down.

- Swedish politician Ebba Busch Thor

(When asked who his personal role model is) My wife

- Prince Daniel, her husband

I feel like a step-brother sometimes. Of course I’ll help her and share my experiences with her if she needs my support. And I get a lot of great input from her as well

- Crown Prince Frederik, her second cousin and friend

As a mother, I think of course that Victoria is an amazing person, with great compassion, a good heart, intelligence. She will be a good Queen. She is a good mother and a good person.

- Queen Silvia, her mother

Our relation is, however, deeper than that between a monarch and his successor. I am your father. You are my beloved daughter. No one should believe anything else than that my highest wish has always been — and is — to see you happy.

- King Carl XVI Gustaf, her father

Victoria took a lot of responsibility for us (Madeleine and Carl Philip) and looked after us. She’s also very creative and that makes her such a wonderful sister. She invented fun games, we built the most beautiful tree houses. She always did everything for us.

- Princess Madeleine, her little sister

She spends time with everyone she meets. She is always engaged and well-informed. She has a warm charisma and is a very beautiful lady, who touches everyone she meets. She is truly a fine representative of our country.

 Kay Wiestål, the organiser of Victoriadagen


Little Prince Alexander of Sweden with his uncle, Prince Daniel, at the christening of his cousin, Princess Adrienne, on 8 June 2018 in Drottningholm Palace Church ♥