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Wild (Sidlink Oneshot)

I’m not gonna do an intro sentence because I think the request summarizes this gloriously.

Request: “Did you see that post about Bear Grylls!Link and Total Aristocratic!Sidon? Like prim and proper Sidon gazing adoringly at his half naked BF wrestling with Wolf!Link as Muzu looks on in horror. I’d personally love to see a story about it.” Requested by @absolmon (sorry the normal linking system wouldn’t work for some reason.)

(Here’s the post mentioned in the request.)

Pairing: Sidlink (Sidon x Link)

Fandom: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild

Rating: T

Word Count: 510 words. (It keeps getting lower, sorry.)

Warnings: Mildly Suggestive Content

Muzu would admit that in the beginning, his hatred for Link was bigoted and unreasonable. Despising him simply for being a hylian was an awful thing to do. As much as hated to admit it, he still held some resentment for Mipha’s death, even though he knew it was out of the hero’s control.

This, however, he was confident was a justifiable cause for his horror. 

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anonymous asked:

hey do you know any good kdramas about friendship?

OMG I’m so sorry for not answering this sooner! I’m currently going through my inbox, so please be patient with me.

Hmmm, good kdramas about friendship… I actually have quite a few to recommend! Just to note, this list is not in any order of ranking… just writing as I’m going and thinking of dramas. Hopefully you find drama(s) to your liking!!

1. A Gentleman’s Dignity

If you haven’t seen this drama… then YOU SHOULD!!! If you’re looking for a drama that focuses more on the friends than the romantic relationships, then this drama is the one for you! It’s about a group of guys and their hardships, relationships, challenges, etc. I thought I wouldn’t really enjoy this drama since it was different from the typical kdrama, but I was totally wrong!! At first, I only watched it for Jonghyun from CNBLUE, but then I ended up loving the drama for what it represented and showcased. This drama is very heartwarming and one of the most memorable friendships I’ve ever watched in a kdrama.

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2. Reply 1997 or Answer Me 1997 (The Reply series in general)

Oh man…. I love this drama SOOO MUCH! UGH, so much of my childhood in one drama lol… I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t seen it, so all I’ll say is that this is a classic drama about friends growing up together. You get to know each of the characters and how they struggle with growing up, relationships, personal identity, etc. The friendship aspect is just as important as the romantic aspect in Reply 1997. There’s also a very nostalgic and realistic feeling to this drama that will make you feel like you’re growing up with the characters too. I also recommend to watch the other dramas in the Reply series too (1994 and 1988).

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3. Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Tbh, I thought this drama was going to be the typical cliche and sickeningly romantic teenage drama… but I was totally wrong, lol. This drama was actually quite deep, despite the funny drama title, that is about a group of boys in a rock band. Likewise, this drama is similar to Reply 1997, in which it’s a coming of age drama that focuses on friendship, relationships, growing up, dreams/passions, and music. I particularly recommend this for those who like Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Flower Boys Next Door.

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4. Coffee Prince

How can I not mention Coffee Prince? Lol. Well, even though the main focus of the drama is more of the romance, the friendship quality in this drama shouldn’t be overlooked either. Tbh, the friendship aspect is really important in this drama because it introduces the love aspect. I’m not just recommending this drama because of Gong Yoo, but honestly, Coffee Prince should be watched by EVERYONE. This drama tackled such important topics and ideas that are important in our society today. Yeah, it has the cliche setting of the super rich kid and normal girl, but this drama dives deeper into the main characters’ relationship and how it came to be… how to form friendships and understand each other — also… most importantly… Gong Yoo.

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5. Dear My Friends

Okay…. so I learned of this drama because it got the “Best Drama” at the Baeksang Arts Awards…. and I was SUPER stingy because I really wanted Goblin to win, lmao. (I still kinda think Goblin should’ve won but that’s another story ahahahaha) Anyways, I HAD to watch this drama to figure out why it won, and omg… it’s such a good heartwarming drama that gives you all the feels. It’s about younger and older people coming together and how they face their challenges, becoming friends, understanding each other, and overcoming their obstacles together. This drama touched on a lot of important topics such as age, abuse, illness, family, and — obviously — friendship. I really liked the realism of this drama, which I believe was the selling point as to why this drama won the “Best Drama” award. The story is very well thought out and propels you to keep watching the next episode. I think this drama was worthy of the award it won and I can kinda understand why it beat Goblin… So give this drama a try :D

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6. Chicago Typewriter 

Do I need to say anything when I have clearly expressed my love for this drama in my review?? Lol… all I can say is that this drama is the definition of friendship, love, and loyalty. I freaking balled my eyes out, not because of the romance, but because of the friendship!!! PLEASE WATCH THIS DRAMA OMG. This drama is about a writer who experiences a “slump” while writing his book, but two important people come into his life and help him write it… while also a bit of reincarnation and time traveling to the 1930s during the Japanese occupation in Korea. If you’re interested, please read my review on this drama to see whether it’s your cup of tea… but be warned of spoilers… 

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Special Mentions: (Dramas I’ve watched but not going to give a brief description)

  • The Time that I Loved You, 7000 Days
  • Beethoven Virus (Yo… watch this if you love Classical Music *.*)
  • Man of Equator
  • Cheese in a Trap (Watch it if you love Kim Go Eun!!!) 
  • You’re Beautiful (Honestly watched it for Yonghwa and Hong-gi)
  • She Was Pretty 

Blind Recommendations: (Haven’t watched the drama but other people have recommended it to me lol)

  • Operation Proposal
  • Heirs (Maybe I’ll watch it someday for Minhyuk…) 
  • School 2013 

CSers: Ugh I’m so mad I can’t believe Killian didn’t get to tell her, why’d the writers have to do it?

Also CSers: THEY’RE ENGAGEDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Twilight Sparkle: You don’t need perfect ponies to make a perfect team. You need ponies whose flaws feed into each other. It’s, uh, what do you call it, um…
  • Starlight Glimmer: Codependence.
  • Twilight Sparkle: Synergy. For instance, there might be something Rainbow hates doing but Pinkie loves doing, or there might be something that Pinkie hates doing, but she does it anyways because what she really loves is to feel useful.
  • Starlight Glimmer: You literally just defined codependence.
  • Twilight Sparkle: Here’s to synergy.

Watching The Proposal but imagining Laurent as Sandra Bullock and Damen as Ryan Reynolds is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

Just imagine. Laurent’s a respected book editor who’s expanding his brother’s company into Akielos, and Damen’s his assistant. Laurent’s about to get deported back to Vere, so he “proposes” they get married so he can stay in Akielos. They end up visiting Damen’s family, who owns a very wealthy farm and also the island of Isthima, where Theomedes is disapproving and suspicious, Egeria is alive and supportive, Kastor is from a first marriage and the golden son who stayed to take over the farm, and Jokaste is an ex-girlfriend who realizes she’s really in love with Kastor.

Laurent does the right thing in the end and closes their deal, but Damen realizes he’s fallen in love and so they get married anyway so Laurent can stay in the country so they can date each other! Everything is perfect and nothing hurts.

In the Morning | Diana Prince x Reader

Description: Your morning routine with Wonder Woman.

Words: 1688

Notes: I will probably be doing one of these with most, if not all my characters. Expect an “In the Morning” with Jason, and then both older!Damian and teen!Damian

Characters: Diana Prince

Ships: Diana Prince/Wonder Woman x Artist!Reader


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Diana’s fingers carded through your hair, untangling the knots with her nimble fingers and playing with the strands. She felt like a kitten playing with yarn. Maybe if she focussed on that thought, it would make the nightmare go away. And as she thought of what you would be doing on her day off, resting and dreaming of the future together, the gunshots and the echoing explosions died beneath the sounds in the room.

She watched the fan spin above your heads, keeping her eye on one blade and following it as it spun, trying not to get dizzy. The sound was the white noise you usually required to fall asleep. Diana left it on even if it made the room colder than needed. But with the cold came your need for warmth, which you gained through Diana. You were home in her embrace.

The sun is just rising over the city of Paris, where the two of you had moved so you could attend university and she could work at the Louvre Museum. After you graduated, you had begun to consider moving, especially if she was to be more involved in her role as Wonder Woman with the League. Thus there were boxes everywhere in your apartment, cabinets being emptied and books packed away. Even if you were leaving, the two of you were still enamored with the city and its people.

Diana watched the orange light fall over your eyelids, lashes fluttering with the soft assault of light. She can’t help but smile when you scrunch your nose and turn more into her side to avoid the rays. As she strokes your cheek with her thumb, Diana views the city through your large bedroom windows. The Eiffel Tower stands as thin as a toothpick in the distance, sky blurring from black, to blue, to pink, to orange, to yellow. She’s amazed once again as she’s reminded of your painting skills; a canvas with the same image rests below the window sill, accompanied by a mass of pieces you were working on or were planning to turn into masterpieces.

“My love,” Diana whispers, gently rousing you from your rest. Diana closes her eyes, waiting for the sound that is iconic only to the two of you; you groan out in defiance, capturing her waist and pulling her closer to you in protest. She chuckles, melting into your hands as you press yourself into her chest. Tilting your brow so it rests against her collarbone, you embrace her under the covers and pout,”I don’t want to get up, Dia!” You whine.

“Y/N,” She beams around your name, her voice making flowers grow and babies babble joyfully,”You said we would spend a day together. We cannot do that when you are sleeping!” Diana bubbles. Her enthusiasm takes your hand as you take hers, kissing the tips of her fingers with a tired sigh. She is your weakness, and she is aware of it,”Only if I can brush your hair.”

Diana’s teeth glimmer in the morning light,”Of course, my love.”

In your half conscious state, Diana is practically carrying you into the bathroom, that same adoring, dopey smile on her face as you lean against her. You slip into the shower and quickly douse yourselves, the hot water on your back not helping you ease into the alertness being awake provides. Rather, as you lather Diana’s hair with the shampoo that smells of strawberries, your eyes droop and your movements slow.

While you brush your teeth she dries your hair with a blow-dryer, switching as you prepare for a comfortable day. Taking your nicest brush, you instruct Diana to sit in the chair before the mirror and you get to work. Brushing her hair is a luxury within itself, the deep brown locks like flowing river water in your hands. She watched your expression as you untangle her clean hair, concentrating on not pulling too hard as to hurt her. Upon finishing, you sweetly lay your arms over her chest from behind, smiling at your reflections,”What do you want to do today, honey?”

“We still have to pack some things… but I would prefer it if we relaxed. I saw that the movie you love was on the TV—(favorite movie)? I recorded it, so we should be able to watch it.” Diana peers over her shoulder at you, gently rubbing your arms. You lean in, leaving a chaste kiss upon her lips,”I would love that.”

She pulls one of her more loosely-fitting shirts from the pile of clothes you’d chosen to wear, pulling it over your head as you pull on a pair of sweats. You find yourself mindlessly hugging her as she ties up her hair, breathing in your scent (she’s wearing one of your shirts) as you gently squeeze her torso. Diana’s muscled arms raise and she cups your face, pulling you in for another kiss. It’s slower, and it takes you under as you sense the aura of love surrounding her. She tilts you back into the counter without realizing, and you both start laughing once you bump into it.

You cling to Diana as you enter the kitchen, peppering her shoulder blades with pecks as she starts making coffee. Your lovey-dovey mood puts a pink lens over your vision, making Diana’s eyes brighter and her skin sweeter. She deftly sneaks out of your grip with a cup of coffee in her grasp, handing you your own with a kiss on the cheek and a,”Be careful, beloved, it is hot.”

She watches you get to work from the kitchen island, eyes tracing the curve of your side and the bend of your back. You pull out a pan and deliver a portion of butter as you turn on the gas, the apartment soon filling with the sizzling of breakfast and your low hums. Diana listens as you tell her of your dream, where a factory made ducks that could speak, but they only criticize people’s sense of fashion.

You eat together, Diana’s thumb rubbing circles into your thigh. Had your eyes always been that E/C? Had they always stared at her so adoringly, so enamored with her stories? They flash with sudden concern,” Diana?” You call, gently breaking her from her daze. Diana blinks, shyly realizing she’d trailed off as you stared at her.

Her empty plate is pushed away, cutlery duly clanking with the movement. Diana debates if she should really ask or not. She knew human customs now, she knew it was the right time, so why was she so hesitant? You repeat her name again, ducking your head so your in the way of whatever she’s staring at, which happens to be your left hand. Tentatively, she takes it.

“Y/N, my love,” She begins. Diana smiles, elated with how she can call you that now. How it was the truth. How you said the same.”My beloved… I have a question to ask of you.” Maybe this isn’t proper, she doesn’t exactly have what she needs. But she’d seen it asked without the ring. Surely, it would be fine.

“Oh,” You say slowly, statement muttered in surprise,”Okay, Dia. Go ahead.” You take her other hand, squeezing it to assure her. Diana looks around the room, anywhere but you in her sudden nervousness. She still expects there to be feathers attached to your back, falling from your shoulder blades in graceful white rows; you are an angel, so where are your wings?

“We have been together for some time,” Diana smiles fondly, resting your entwined hands in her lap,”It feels as if an eternity has gone by. I would have never thought it would be so easy to fall in love again, and yet, here you are.” Your eyelashes flutter and your face becomes hot. Her accent, her smile, her figure, her eyes, her spirit and her yearn to help others. Why must she be so… perfect?

“But I know, after such a long time in human relationships… there is often a question that is asked when you know—when you know you love one another.” Diana pulls your hands apart, allowing you to scoot your chair closer and close the gap. You wrap your arms around her waist, begging for her to continue.

Diana cups your cheek and your neck in her hands, pressing the pads of her fingers into your skin. How can you be real? “You are my sun, Y/N. The sun to my moon. And every night, I will die so you may breathe.” She says, sweetly combing back your hair,”I have become aware of the human tradition of marriage. And I am sure I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Your breath catches in your throat, and every breath afterward is threatened by the ball forming in your throat as you desperately fight to hold in your tears. The grin conquering your face is unnoticed as your heart tears against its cage, begging to escape and be with Diana. She smiles sheepishly,” I hope I’m doing this right… after we move into our new apartment, would you… would you marry me, beloved?”

You yell “yes” and leap on her before she can even finish her statement. Diana takes your lips against hers, laughing at the emotion pouring out of you as you kiss passionately. She can’t help but kiss you over and over again. You settle back, tears leaking from your eyes like an army marching to a battle field. Steadily, you nod again, crying her name and whispering,”Yes, Diana, please.”

“I love you, Diana.” You sniffle, childishly rubbing your nose. Diana smiles, bending forward to wipe the tears off your face. She embraces you, standing from your stools and holding you to her like you’re the last thing Diana has; and in a way, you are. She kisses your temple as you sob happily,”And I love you too, my sun.” Burying her face into your hair, she breaths,” And thank Hera for sending you to me.”

Of course nonnie!  Zant is like my all time fav character so I’m super happy someone requested him ;u;

☆ Yunobo ☆ 

~ As soon as his s/o got down to propose he was already a mess. His s/o is on one knee what are they doing? Wait is that a ring? Were they proposing?! Oh gosh– oh gosh- what should he do? He had loved them for so long, so of course he would say yes! -But what does he do?!  This poor boy gets flustered so easily, so when they proposed to him he just froze.

~ His s/o would ask him if he was ok and he would say “I-I’m more than ok! I- I–” this poor boy was getting more and more flustered with every word. “Y-yes! I would love to marry you!”

~ ALL of Goron city will be at their wedding, plus Link and Zelda of course!

☆ Sidon ☆ 

~ When he saw that his s/o was proposing to him, he would already have his arms around them in a huge hug. He was so happy! He had loved his s/o since the day they met and had been planning on doing it himself! But here they were proposing to him!

~ “My dearest, y/n! I would love to!” he would say as he picked his s/o up to give them a kiss (he’s so tall how else would he be able to oTL)

~ He would tell his sister the news as soon as he saw her that day, Mipha would start making traditional Zora wedding outfits for the two of them

☆ Ghirahim ☆ 

~ He would be quite taken aback by this. Was his s/o proposing to him? He would have worn something different if he had known!

~ “Y/n, my love… of course I will marry you~.” He’d say as he pulled them in for a kiss.

~ Ghira will start planning the wedding as soon as he gets home. He wants to make sure that he and his s/o have the most extravagant wedding Hyrule has ever seen.  

☆ Zant ☆

~ At first he would look at them, a bit confused. Wait, are they proposing? To him?!  His heart would be going a mile a minute. Was he getting this right? Maybe he was misinterpreting this??? Wait, no, they had a ring. They were definitely proposing. After a minute he would calm back down, letting it sink in. He was absolutely overjoyed!

~ “Of course my sweet one!” he exclaimed as he pulled them in for a kiss.

~ He was so happy that he hadn’t realized that he had begun speaking in Twili, telling them how much they meant to him and how much that he loved them.

~ Zant will invite all of the villains to the wedding, plus skull kid. (Skull kid would totally be the ring bearer)

Proposal - Finn Balor One Shot

Thanks for the request @jadedtinks

As Finn Fixed little Oliver’s hair He couldn’t help but feel nervous.. Today was the day he was finally going to do it, He had been in a relationship with (Y/N) for 4 years and when They had little Oliver 3 years ago His friends were adamant that he needed to lock it down immediately but he wanted to make sure that the relationship could last, Sure he was going to do everything in his power to make sure it worked out for Oliver’s sake but He knew raising a child took its toll on any relationship let alone a relationship where he wasn’t home all the time and (Y/N) would be raising Oliver practically by herself the majority of the time.. That and he was nervous of what her answer would be.. He was fearful that she would say no as soon as he asked even after talking with his friends who all assured him she wouldn’t say no to him he still wasn’t sure..

Today They were getting family pictures done on the beach for Oliver’s fourth birthday like they do every year so Finn knew (Y/N) wouldn’t suspect a thing with the trip to the beach, You were going to have Pictures done. It just wasn’t only for Oliver’s birthday..
“Are you excited buddy?” Finn asked his son as he fixed his white button down shirt that matched his fathers
“Yeah.. Mama’s gonna love it..”He said, Oliver was the only person besides the Jeweler and a few friends and family that knew Finn was going to propose and for a 3 year old he kept a secret really well.. when he was asked by other friends and family members he wouldn’t say one word to them
“I hope so..” He said and Finn slipped the box that held the ring into little Oliver’s back pocket “You make sure you don’t lose that!”He said to his son who nodded his head
“I got it Dada..”He said giving his father a smile

The photo shoot had been going on for about 30 minutes when Finn saw the group show up to the beach and hide so (Y/N) couldn’t see them and his heart began to race as the reality hit him, it was now or never..
“Ollie..” Finn called the little boy over to him as he grabbed (Y/N)’s hands in his and he met up with his parents “I love you..” Finn said
“I love you too..” she smiled
“I never knew how much I loved you until loving you was all I had, You’ve been right by my side through everything and I knew you were beautiful when I met you but when I watched you bring this little boy into our lives I realized just how gorgeous you actually are.. I can’t imagine my life with anybody else and there’s something i need to do that I should have done years ago..” Finn said as he dropped to one knee and Oliver smiled at his mom “Ollie..” Finn said as he stuck his hand out and his son handed him the small black box “I think we have something to ask..”
“Will You marry Daddy?” Oliver asked for his father and (Y/N) was silent for a few seconds as tears fell
“Yes..” She said as she pulled Finn up to kiss her and he placed the ring on her finger
“Finally..” Finn said feeling content finally after 4 years he had everything he ever wanted