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Top 5 Charming Family moments?

Thanks hun!

1. Just after the curse broke when Emma and Henry go and find Snow and David on the street, literally all the actors acting is amazing in this and so on point, plus Emma is really unsure while David and Snow just look at her with complete love she had never had before.

2. Emma’s date when she gets home and David and Snow had waited up for her as she obviously didn’t expect that. 

3. The family gathered together at the hospital when Neal was born, especially Emma and Snow sharing a look and David making sure to put his arm around Emma too. 
4.Emma calling Snow and David mom and dad for the first time whilst in the mines, she looks scared and it’s such a bittersweet moment.

5. Emma coming back from the past and saying that she’s home, it just always gets me, plus David and Snow are slightly confused cause she hadn’t told them where she went yet. So for them it was almost like she was gone for like an hour tops and suddenly came back completely different.

(Honourable mention: Charming family breakfast)

Listen up

Okay so, we all know how our little’s can be insecure about.. well, being little. Being a CG means it’s our job to help them make sure they know that they are loved and wanted.

For the Caregivers (LDR version):

First off, work out a system. If you are sleeping and never wake up to text notifications, make sure your little knows that they can call your phone to wake you up. If phone calls are stressful for either parties, don’t pick up. Decline the call then look at your messages, they most likely have been messaging you because they need your help. Do not answer with any hints of irritation. Give yourself a moment to wake up before replying. If you don’t have any texts to reply to, then your go to message is “What’s wrong?” Your little is probably panicking, so be gentle and caring!

Listen! Listen to what’s bothering your little. Maybe they haven’t slept yet because their mind wouldn’t shut up, or they had a nightmare and they need your help to calm down so they can go back to sleep. Regardless of the situation, reassurance is needed! Let them know that you’re proud of them for reaching out for help.

Communicate! They need your help, do not give them short answers. It will make them feel like they bothered you and start to regret asking you for help. Ask them questions: “Why do you feel this way?” “What can I do to help you?” “What do you need?” “What happened in the nightmare?”

Reassurance! Let them know that you’re not going anywhere until they are okay. Use their favorite pet names, ie, baby, princess/prince, kitten.. Explain why you’re their Daddy/Mommy! Even if you do this 3 times a day, and they’ve heard it a million times, do it again. They are loved. Tell them. Most Little’s think they are too much to handle. Shut down that thought ASAP.

Praise! They woke you up, asked for help, needed/wanted you. Again: most Little’s think they are too much. Tell them how proud you are of them for reaching out, waking you up. Reassure them they are always allowed to ask for help.

No excuses. You have no reason to be nasty with your Little. Even if you work all day, have mental issues, or you’re just plain exhausted. This does not give you the excuse to be harsh and unloving/uncaring to your Little. They are our little treasures; treat them as such!

For the Little’s:

Please tell us what’s wrong! We care about you so much. Even if you don’t know what’s wrong, you need to work with us and help us find out what’s making you upset. We want to help.

Breathe! You are safe. Try to calm down. We understand that it isn’t always easy for you to calm down on the spot, but it’s important that you try.

Speak up! We don’t like it when our Angels are upset. If you think you’re being silly or overreacting, do not keep what’s bothering you all bottled up. That’s what we’re here for, we all want to know what’s going on in your head. You are clearly upset, it is not silly to us.

Listen! Understand that we are not upset with you. We are trying to help. Listen to what we have to say and focus on us. Cuddle up with your stuffies and listen to Mommy/Daddy!

Communicate! This is not like Speak up! If we say something and it just makes you more upset, please tell us. We may have worded it wrong and that wasn’t our intention to make it worse. Ask us questions, too! We want to know everything that you’re afraid of. No question is a silly question.

Relax. Have you been listening? You must be calmed down by now, if you aren’t, let us know that you still have worries. We always want to be there, we love and care about you.

Relationships aren’t always easy! They take a lot of patience and communication for them to work. Not all relationships are the same. This is pretty much the baseline. Work together. Remember that it’s okay to need help.

Hug Me [J-Hope/Hoseok; Angst]

“As the days pass it grew bigger, this vacant space of yours. Oh shit, it used to be so beautiful the flower bed we watered, even still, all the full blooms have become only memories.” 

[From “Hug Me” Taehyung & J-hope version; Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans ] 

Hoseok x Reader; angst, some fluff

Summary: You and Hoseok were married, but the married life you thought you would be living is nonexistent now. You two were like strangers living in the same house. You knew his heart was no longer yours, but you still loved him. When the end of your marriage was near, you made him promise to stay with you for just one more month. One month was all you needed to finally let him go. 

{A/N: I had read about a true story in the internet a long time ago and it still resonates with me to this day so I got the inspiration from that story and also the song. Hope you enjoy my first attempt at full angst xO}

Originally posted by jhopies

          When you had said yes to marrying Hoseok, you had imagined your life would be endless sunshine, giggles, cuddling, and dancing in the rain like it was when you were dating. But somewhere along the way that glass globe of happiness broke and you began drifting apart.

           Now moments were spent alone and feeling lonely. You had a young daughter to tend to and he was always busy with work. By the time he got home, you were in bed and he would leave for work, day after day without seeing each other.

           The house was now silent, save the laughter of your child or the sounds coming from the television. When you had the chance to eat together, the air was stifling, neither one of you knew what to say to the other anymore.

           And you knew.

           You knew that he had fallen out of love with you.

           You weren’t the person he had married. You were thinner now. You were less energetic and you no longer had that twinkle in your eye. Hoseok touched you less and less, and you passed each other as if you were strangers in your own home. You slept with your backs turned, wondering when it had spiraled down.

           The first time you knew he had fallen in love with someone else was when you smelled perfume on his shirts as you were doing the laundry. Then he came home with a bright smile, the same smile that used to be directed at you. The smile would fade when you came to greet him, but he was your husband, there was nothing about him that didn’t go unnoticed. Slowly, he stopped coming home every day, and it tore you to pieces.

           But nonetheless, you couldn’t leave him.

           You wept, hugging yourself, curled in a sea of blankets in the bed that felt twice as large without Hoseok in it. Yet every morning without fail, you made him coffee and breakfast just in case he came by in the morning to change suits.

           Hoseok knew what he was doing was wrong, but his heart no longer fluttered when he looked at his wife. He no longer felt the desire to share things with her or even take her on a date. They had begun shutting each other out and he had begun being drawn to one of his gorgeous co-workers.

           She was aggressive like she used to be, initiating the physical contact daringly. She played with his hair when they were alone like his wife used to. He felt more at home in her arms, than in his own house with his wife and child.

           "Marry me.“ She whispered one night as they lay in bed, entangled in each other’s bodies.

           Hoseok’s heart fluttered at the command, and he kissed her on the forehead. "Let me tell my wife first and then I’ll ask you properly.”

           She smiled and nuzzled into his chest. Hoseok smiled. He was finally going to free himself from his current stifling marriage.

           You weren’t surprised when Hoseok finally asked for a divorce. You had been waiting for some time now. You knew he wasn’t working overnight whenever he said so, but lying in bed with another. But you knew you could no longer give him the happiness he deserved. Regardless, you couldn’t bring yourself to break off the marriage first.

           Although he was breaking your heart and although he was lying to you and sneaking around, you still loved him with all of your heart. He was your only husband, your only love. And it wasn’t entirely his fault that your marriage had turned into icy stares and cold expressions.

           He had the papers all set and ready. All he wanted you to do was sign it.

           "Let’s not stop ourselves from being happy, Y/N.“ he whispered, trying to justify himself.

           He knew you saw through his lies, but the fact that you had never gotten angry at him burdened him more. He couldn’t look you in the eye, knowing his guilt would eat at him when he saw the genuine sadness in them. He had promised to make you happy forever when he proposed, but neither of you were able to keep your wedding promises.

           You took the paper gently out of his grasp and smiled warmly.


           His eyes fluttered towards you. It had been a while since you had called his name. Come to think about it, it had been a long time since he had heard your voice. His heart hurt at what had become of you two, but knew that he was making the right decision.

           "I’ll sign this, but can you promise to do something for me first?“ you whispered.

           Hoseok nodded his head. You had never asked him for a favor in years. You always cared for him and your daughter on your own.

           "All I’m asking for is a month.”

           Hoseok observed her eyes look down solemnly.

           "For a month, carry me to and out of bed, and hug me when we sleep.“

           Hoseok stared at you in confusion. That was all you wanted? Why was that all you wanted from him?

           "And even if it’s not true anymore, tell me that you love me before we sleep and when we wake up.”

           Hoseok could hear your voice faltering and he also felt a lump form in his throat at your words. You really had known all along.

           "For a month then.“ Hoseok breathed.

           He owed you that much after all.

           After explaining the situation to his girlfriend, Hoseok was home every day. He had given you the divorce papers to hold onto until the end of the month, as a sign that he was going to fulfill his promise. Your heart raced at the thought of him holding you once again. It became something you looked forward to.

           On the first day, it was awkward. He wasn’t sure where to put his hands and you weren’t sure if it would be okay to wrap your arms around his neck as he carried you. It solidified more than ever that you two had become strangers. You had known each other for years, but the people you were now were probably the worst versions of each other. Versions that you had never thought would surface.  

           He carried you to bed quietly, realizing that neither of you had been this near to each other in so long. Gently, he laid you down and slipped in next to you. Carefully, he wrapped his arms around you from behind and you felt tears slipping down your cheeks at the feeling. Although, his hold was loose and hesitant, his warmth was still close to you finally. You had craved it for so long but knew it was too much to ask for, especially now that his heart belonged to another. You were reminded of all the nights you two had cuddled and talked about your future together.

           How foolish you two were. How foolish, yet how in love.  

           Hoseok felt your body shaking and he heard your stifled cries. It hurt him to see you like this and it pained him that things didn’t work out the way either of you had imagined. You were crying because of him yet he couldn’t even bring himself to hug you tighter to comfort you.

           "I love you.” he whispered and your body shook even harder at his empty confession.

           A tear rolled down his cheek as well. Closing his eyes, he fell asleep to the sounds of your sobs with a heavy heart.

           "I love you.“ Hoseok stated as soon as you opened your eyes.

           With a pained smile, you gazed at him. He lifted you in his arms and took you to the kitchen. While he was getting ready for work, you made him breakfast. Silently, you two sat across the table. You fed your child while he scrolled through his phone and ate.

           On the second week of the promise, it had become a routine for you two. Hoseok picked you up easily and now he dared to wrap his arms around you tighter before bed. In the middle of the night, he would find you turned around, facing him yet still in his embrace. He took this time to study your features lovingly, where no one would judge or catch him staring. Then he would pull you to his chest; feeling your unconscious smile against his skin sent butterflies to his stomach.

           Your daughter looked forward to the mornings when she would see Hoseok carrying you out.

           "You look like a prince carrying a princess, daddy ~” she grinned and squealed excitedly, insisting that she wanted to be carried like that too.

           The mood drastically changed in your house towards the end of the second week. Hoseok took the weekend off from work to spend time with you two. He wasn’t sure what changed, but he wanted to know more about what you two did while he was gone. He watched you play pretend with your daughter and carry her like she was a superhero. His heart melted at the way you smiled and at the sound of your laughter. That weekend all three of you sat and shared stories, some real, and some pretend. It felt like you were family again.

           During this time, Hoseok carried you confidently to the bedroom with a grin plastered on his face. He snuggled close to your body and you felt his lips brush against your shoulder as he whispered, “I love you.” It never failed to bring tears to your eyes, knowing it was going to all end soon.

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Any prompts for the usual "good girl meets bad boy" reversed? Like, bad girl meets good boy?

1) “So what brings you down here, little prince? Isn’t your daddy gonna be annoyed?”

“He isn’t annoyed too much by anything these days.”

“Come talk to me when you have real problems. I don’t give a crap about your rich boy daddy issues.”

2) “Those things will kill you, you know.” She met the boy’s gaze, taking a long drag out of her cigarette as she did.

“That’s rather the point.”

3) “You’re that girl that’s always in the newspapers! You know, the one who isn’t happy enough to be the daughter of a superstar. Crash any cars lately?” He sneered at her, clearly hoping to get a reaction.

He didn’t.

4) “Plagiarism is against school policy, you know.”

“Oh come on, I know for a fact that you used one of my hall passes in the third grade.”

“That was the third grade!”

“This is practically the third grade.”

5) “Oh come on! It’ll be fun!” He looked around uncertainly as she grabbed his arm, still giggling from the alcohol.

“You’re drunk.”

“And you aren’t. Come on!” She ran off, causing him to give chase.

6) “That’s… strange. I almost thought for a second there that you wanted to sit here.”

He rubbed the palms of his hands nervously against his trousers, as if he was awaiting a verdict. The group around the table were watching her as she made her decision. It was clear that she loved it.

“Okay. Sit down.” She patted the seat next to her, amusement clear in her tone.

Bedtime Story - Phanfic

“Papa, we’ve already read that one.”

Dan smirked to himself as he listened in on Phil’s conversation with their four-year-old daughter, Juniper. He was sitting in the lounge editing a gaming video, a bag of crisps wedged between his thighs. He had stopped crunching on the crisps now though, and had one earbud out to be able to hear his husband and daughter’s conversation. “Right. Okay. Well, what about this one?” There was a pause. “No?” It sounds like they’re going to have to buy more children’s books.

Getting adjusted to parenthood had not been easy for either of them. Juniper was fussy when she was an infant, and they had had long sleepless nights staying awake together and taking turns holding her. The fans gave both of them more slack than they did before they had Juniper, because it was hard to run a bunch of YouTube channels and look after a child as well. Now that their surrogate was pregnant with their second child, it was important to both of them that they spend as much time with Juniper as they can.

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One more sleep.

Authors Note: Hey everyone! It was requested I write about H and the missus painting Easter Eggs with the kiddos.  So here is my take on it. I hope you guys like the concept. 

Have fun this weekend with Easter celebrations and traditions, my lovelies!! 
All prompts/ Blurbs can be found HERE

The air is permanently getting warmer, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping; spring is in full action and you love it.

The french doors are wide open on a cool evening, the fresh scent of the outdoors filling the house as your eyes stay focused on your two little girls spinning around playfully in the back yard, their silky coffee-colored curls bouncing in the breeze, their giggles radiating a pleasing sound to your ears. You smile to yourself, admiring the beautiful twins, their little hands holding each other as they dance around against the smooth grass.

You move your eyes from the twins’ as you step down into the living room, swiftly walking towards the vintage turntable resting perfectly in the corner. Your hand glides delicately over the modest pile of vinyl, compiled mainly of yours and Harry’s favourites.

“Ah, nice choice.” Harry smiles over at you as you walk back towards the doors’ your eyes once again meeting your girls’ in the back yard. You hum and nod, agreeing with him. “I think everything is set up if you want to call the girls’ in,” Harry announces, indicating that he has finally managed to get the dye ready and the eggs set to decorate.

You call your little ones, their smiles instantly widening as they hurry inside, “Careful little ones.” You chuckle as they beam gracefully, bouncing towards the kitchen. They have been eager to paint Easter eggs, in fact, they have been waiting all week, counting down the days Harry was back home so they could decorate the eggs.

“Ahh, you two are getting big.” Harry smiles, looking down at the girls’ and they just giggle, “Alright, Hannah, Hailey, let’s try not to make a mess.” He gently picks both of them up one by one, sitting them down on the counter, sweetly fixing up Hannahs bow as it has managed to come loose while playing with her sister.

“What colours do we want to use first?” You gesture towards the few colours Harry graciously prepared for the twins, making sure to incorporate their favourite colours.
Specifically, a soft pink for Hannah, and a lilac blue for Hailey.

“Orange and pink.” Hannah willingly motions towards the two colours, her sister grinning and pointing to the lilac blue.

You dab a sponge for Hannah while Harry does the same for Hailey, carefully placing the egg in her hand and showing her what to do.
Hannah grins as she does her best to split her egg with the two colours, her eyes focused intently on the egg, making sure to tactfully encircle the dye to the egg.

“Look at you two, your pros.” Harry delightfully beams, admiring his little girls’ while they decorate their eggs.

“Daddy, I am done.” Hailey holds her egg towards Harry as it is painted in her favourite colour, a few of her fingerprints evident on the outside.

“Ahh, beautiful, just beautiful. Should we put anything on it? Maybe a flower, or a smiley face, or your name?” Harry offers, reaching over for a paint brush. Hailey nods excitedly, her eyes lighting up instantly.

“Daddy, paint a bunny on it,” Hailey instructs cutely, Harry instantly biting his lip. He has never been very good with creating art on small objects, he is more of a big canvas type of guy.

“Maybe Mummy should do it, sweetie.”

Hailey shakes her head, “No, Daddy you can do it,” She smiles and Harry nods. His children’s wishes are his demands.

You chuckle as you watch Harry furrowing his eyebrows, his eyes glue to the egg, his teeth sinking into his lip as he does his best to start painting a bunny on the egg.

Your attention goes towards Hannah as she gently tugs at your hand, showing you her finished product,

“Wow, so pretty.” You cherish her commitment and split colours, she definitely has a genuine taste for colours and artistic designs. She is the one who tends to continuously colour in the lines, to coordinate her colours, and can be allowed to coordinate her clothes; Hailey on the other hand, unquestionably got her colour matching skills from her father- always wanting to mix and match distinctive colours and patterns. “Let’s paint another one, shall we?” You reach over and clasp another egg, handing Hannah the boiled egg before waiting for her to select the colours.

“Mummy, you pick this time.” She instructs and you nod, promptly picking a tiffany blue colour for her.

“Ah, shit.” Harry mutters, your eyes instantly diverting themselves to him, “Don’t repeat what Daddy said.” He quickly announces to the girls’ knowing very well and good that he needs to watch his language around them, particularly considering that they are essentially parrots and repeat everything.

“Daddy, can I see?” Hailey requests, curious to see the design Harry has managed to paint across her egg.

You smirk as he looks over at you, unsure of whether his daughter will be satisfied with his pitiful attempt. “I mean.. sure…. it has ears and eyes.” He nods, showing her the egg. She blinks at him a few times, furrowing her eyebrows just like her father before frowning.

“Daddy… where is the nose? And.. and… he only has one ear…” She questions, tilting her head to the side in an attempt and see if she is missing something.

“Yeah, uh, sorry sweets, Daddy isn’t good at this.” He sighs, “How about we do another one?” He grabs another egg, keeping his daughters mind occupied and no longer questioning his artistic abilities.

You can see the girls’ beginning to get sleepy, their eyes dropping, their hands tired from painting eggs as Hannah yawns.

“Alright little ones, I think it is bath time.” Harry smiles as he places the last egg down to dry on the side, his girls’ not objecting as you pick them up individually and press their little feet to the tiles.

“Daddy, does the Easter Bunny come tonight?” Hailey yawns, her hand pressing against Harry’s leg as she glances up at him.

“Yes.” He nods, “But, only if you go to bed without any fits.” He continues, picking her up and pressing a kiss to her cheek. “Alright, c'mon cuties, it is bath time.” He gestures towards the stairs, Hannah tugging on his shirt with her orange painted hand. He picks her up as well, carrying the two of them upstairs while you clean up the mess of the paint.

You feel familiar arms wrap around you from behind, his head resting on your shoulder as you take in a deep breath, admiring his touch.

“How is my beautiful wife, hm? Haven’t had much time with you since I got back.” He whispers, his scent radiating around you, giving you a sense of clarity.

“Good,” You chuckle, feeling a few soft kisses being pressed to your neck, “I missed you.” You sigh, “It was a very long two weeks.” You continue.

“I know, but I am back for two weeks before I gotta go back to New York.”

“Yeah, I know.” You nods, gently moving to face him, his arms holding you close. “Are the girls’ asleep?”

“No, they are upstairs on our bed watching Beauty and the Beast, they wanted to stay up a little longer.” He informs you with a grin, leaning down and kissing your lips softly. “Missed kissin’ yeh… gotta make up for it.” He chuckles, kissing you again, and again, and again.

After some time in the kitchen, cleaning, but mainly kissing and getting lost with each other’s cheeky grins and glances, you both make it upstairs, quietly walking into the master bedroom to find Hannah asleep against Harrys pillow, Hailey still awake with her eyes glued to the television, giggling at Lumière and Babette.

You lean down and kiss Hannahs forehead before Harry carefully scoops her up and carries her out of the room. You climb up on the bed with Hailey, sitting against the headboard as she moves to sit in your lap, your fingers running through her partially dry hair.

“Mummy, why does Belle love Beast?”

“She just did.”

“But, why? He was a Beast.” She questions, her eyes still glued to the television.

“Well, it isn’t always what’s on the outside, my love.”

She turns around for a moment, her eyes meeting yours, “Was Daddy a Beast before turning into a Prince?” You chuckle to yourself, biting your lip as Harry walks in.

“Well, no.” You shake your head, “Daddy.. well, Daddy..” You trail off, unsure of how to accurately answer her question. “Daddy has always been a prince. He is a very gentle and kind man. Always has been.” You answer her question just as Harry walks in, crawling his way on the bed.

The movie comes to an end and you convince Hailey that if she doesn’t go to bed the Easter Bunny won’t arrive and leave chocolate for her. She kisses Harry and hugs him before she clings to you, her arms and legs wrapping around you as you carry her to her bedroom.

You lay her down in her bed, gently pulling her pretty duvet over her body, tucking her in so she stays nice and warm during the night. “Goodnight, sweet dreams, lovely.” You press a kiss to her cheek, a soft giggle escaping from her lips. “What’s funny my love?” You question, adjusting the nightlight by her bed.

“Lovely is funny. I like it” She beams, “Mummy, will Daddy be here for our Birthday?”

“Of course,” You nod.

“How many more days?”

“Five more sleeps.” You hold up five fingers, watching as she smiles cutely, “Five  more sleeps until you are five.” You inform her, kissing her again before standing up straight, watching her eyes slowly close, her hands clasping her teddy bear before you promptly step out of the room.

You enter the master bedroom, Harry sprawled out on the bed, his finger scrolling through something on his phone, probably one of the few social medias he reads through at times.

“Sweetheart, come join me.” He pets down the free space beside him, giving you his adoring smile.

You crawl on the bed, inching closer to him before relaxing down beside him, your head resting on his chest. “We have such a cute little family.” Harry begins, placing his phone down, “Really, our girls’ are so perfect.”

“Mhhm, they are wonderful,” You agree,

“I can’t believe they are five this week.”

“Yeah, time goes by quickly. Just yesterday they were babbling their first words, and taking their first steps.” Harry reminisces of the precious moments you both have with the girls’ their firsts that hold a special spot in your heart.

“Just yesterday Hannah was crying for you not to leave her at daycare.” You chuckle,

“That broke my heart. Remember when Hailey cried bloody murder when she met Santa?” Harry smiles, wrapping an arm around you, the two of you sighing.

There is nothing in the world you would trade for your life to be any other way. Lying in bed with your husband, your twins’ fast asleep after an evening of painting Easter Eggs and preparing for Easter tomorrow.

The Little Princess

By Skyler10

Summary: Tentoo finds his daughter in timeout for fighting when he comes to pick her up from the Torchwood afterschool care program. ;)

Notes: For @doctorroseprompts: Their kid gets into a fight at school. Also inspired by the 1995 movie “A Little Princess” since Tentoo calls his daughter “princess” in my fic and I thought it was about time I explain why.

Fic soundtrack here. Read on Ao3 here.

“SHE IS TOO A PRINCESS!” Six-year-old Piper bellowed at her now former friend, Allen. Allen was a good year older than her, but the littlest Tyler woman didn’t find this daunting.

“No she isn’t!” Allen insisted. He whacked the ball out of Piper’s hands and away to the other side of the playground. “You think you’re so special because your grandad is Pete Tyler, but you’re not!”

“My mummy is a princess and I am a princess because my daddy told me so! And he’s the Doctor!”

Piper tried to hide her tears with her rage. She balled her small hands into fists at her side so the older boy wouldn’t see her wipe her eyes.

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Ivory: Zeke. I’ve been honest about us from the start. What we are. You’re the one that refuses to accept that I want to be with Nico.

Zeke: Fine. I get that I’m just a f*ck, while Nico is your so-called true love. But then don’t you think you should have been more careful with birth control? Why would you create a child with me if you want to be with Nico?

Ivory: I didn’t plan this. But I was going to tell Nico the baby is his. 

Zeke shakes his head incredulously.

Zeke: You must think I’m a fool, Ivory. A weak, little puppet you can play games with. Both you and Niara must see me as a spineless worm.

Ivory: Never. You’re the bravest man I know.  Zeke, I care about you. So much. More than you know. But I want Nico. Only Nico.

Zeke: If you think I’m going to sit idly by while you try to pass off my child as another man’s, then you don’t know me very well. If it’s one thing I’m passionate about in my life, it’s my kids. If you choose to continue with this pregnancy, I will be a part of the child’s life. I’m not Nico Holmes who knocks women up and then washes his hands of them.

Ivory angry: Nico didn’t wash his hands of me. He never knew about Nicole.

Zeke snaps: Whatever. Nico has been trying to wash his hands of you since Angelina hired you as his assistant. You’re the one living in some damn fairy tale thinking he’s going to come in here like Prince Charming and play husband to you and daddy to Nicole. I’ve known Nico many years, he’s my closest friend. The man can’t be bothered.

2 More Weeks- Tyler Joseph

Request- Can you do a Tyler one where he’s on tour and you’re alone with your two kids and he gives you the bad news that they added two more weeks to the tour. You can end it however you want 🖤🖤🖤 

 Just 2 more day, 2 more days and he’ll be home to help. 2 more days until you can see the love of your life and your children’s father. Tyler had been gone for 5 weeks at this point and you really missed him. You missed waking up to him and your 5 year old daughter, Olivia making breakfast in the kitchen singing songs. You missed him getting up at 3 am to put your 2 year old daughter, Hannah back to bed. You missed seeing your girls run up to him every time he would come home from the studio. You missed talking to someone that actually knows the English language better than a kindergartner.

You loved your kids so much, but after 5 weeks of being alone with no help from Tyler you were getting tired. It seemed like the past 3 days have been going by extra slow. You usually had help from Tyler’s mom or his sister but they were both out of tow this week. You could manage your kids, but they just seemed not to be listening for the past 3 days. They were typically very well behaved but not seeing their father for so long, I think it had started to make them go crazy.

“Liv get off the iPad, I need you to finish your homework.” you said that night before dinner.

“No.” Olivia sassed back. “Daddy would let me play if I wanted to.”

“Olivia Jane, I need you to get off the iPad now and finish your homework before dinner. You can have it back when you’re done.” you said as calm as you could trying to to show frustration from the long day.

“I said no!” she said sternly. Olivia was typically very laid back easy kid like Tyler, but tonight she was being a little brat.

You walked over to her and grabbed the iPad from her little hands.

“No. Mommy please.” she begged. “I’m sorry. Please.” she began to cry.

“Let’s do the homework, eat dinner, get ready for bed, and then and only then will I think of giving this back to you.” you said.

“Okay mommy, I’m sorry. I miss daddy.” she said looking down to the floor.

“I Know you do baby, we all do. He’ll be home in just 2 days.” you said to cheer her up. It worked and she was off doing her homework before you could even continue. The girls were too young to understand why Tyler wasn’t there, but they knew he was singing somewhere and they knew that he missed them very much.

Once dinner was ready you went to go get your 2 year old Hannah who you left unsupervised for only all of 3 minutes.

“Hey Han! Let’s go eat dinn-” you stop talking when you walked into the playroom to see Hannah covered head to toe in marker. The walls were decorated with her finger pints and scribbles.

“Hannah, what did you do?” you asked really trying not to raise your voice at her.

“Ooops. Sorry mommy.” she said the best she could at 2 years old.

Hannah was always a little more of trouble maker, but this was way out of line. You were too tired to deal with it.

“Hannah this was very bad of you. I’m not happy and either will daddy when he finds out.” you disciplined her and then brought her to the bathroom to clean her up the best until you gave her a bath later.

Sitting down for dinner you listened to Olivia’s crazy stories of what happened on the playground today and the stories of how a boy tried kissing her on the playground.

“Then I said ‘eeeeewwwwwwwww, no boys have cooties’ and ran off with my friends mommy.” Olivia said.

“Well they do, I don’t want you kissing anyone before you’re at least 16.” you said.

“Daddy told me I had to married first.” you laughed when she said that. Tyler was such a  protective father and always wanted the best for his girls. They were his world and you knew he hated being away from them. From you too, you were his love of his life, his dime piece wife, his best friend.

“When did daddy kiss you?” Olivia asked when you were cleaning up dinner. She was just finishing her homework and Hannah was on your hip talking  to herself about something only a 2 years old would talk about.

“Well,” you thought back to the time when Tyler asked you out and you kissed him on your first date. “Daddy asked me out on a date to the movies and he was a really nice boy and when he dropped me off back home, I gave him a kiss.” you said leaving out the details of how magical the kiss was.

“Were you married yet?” she asked.

You chuckled. “No, we were just kids ourselves.” you said with a smile. “But older kids. Like I said no kissing before 16.” you said quickly getting the point across to her.

“Were you 16?”


You finished cleaning up and started a bath for your kids.

“Mommy can we call daddy?” Hannah asked when you put he into the tub.

“Well not now,but you know he always call before bed. Now let’s get you cleaned up. Daddy isn’t gonna be very happy about the marker issue.” you told her.

After the bath you got both of them ready for bed and tucked in.

It was 7:45 and Tyler usually called at 8, so you sat in between their beds in their shared room and read them the story of cinderella.

“Mommy did you feel like princess when you married daddy?” Olivia asked.

“I did, he’s my prince charming and I love him very much. One day you’ll find your prince charming and he will sweep you off you feet just like daddy did to me.” you said and it put a big smile on both of their faces.

At this point it was 8:04. He always called at the same time and your girls needed to get to bed.

“Why hasn’t daddy called yet?” Hannah asked as you got up putting the book away and going to turn off the light. You were hoping they would have forgotten and just went to bed, but of course they wouldn’t forget, they looked forward to this all day long.

“I’m not sure? I’ll call him.” you  said pulling out your phone to facetime Tyler.

It rang for a minute before Tyler picked up, his face lighting up the screen.

“Hey Ty. you have 2 very excited girls that want to talk to you.” you said passing the phone to the 2 of them who were now in the same bed.

“Hi daddy.” they both said.

“Hey my babies. How’s it going?”he asked and they both told him some stories from the day.

Once they were done you intervened telling Tyler they needed to get their beauty sleep.

“Alright girls say bye. You have ny early morning with school tomorrow Liv and Han you have swim school tomorrow. We have to get to sleep. Tyler say bye.” both girls begged to keep talking but Tyler stood on your side.

“Mommies right. I love you girls so much and I miss you. Sweet dreams my babies. I’ll take to you tomorrow.” they said their goodbyes and hung up. You put Hannah back in her bed and turned on the night light.

“I love you guys. I’ll see you in the morning. Good night.” you said kissing them on the head and leaving the room.

As soon as you closed the door you checked the time. 8:57.

There was no point in calling Tyler back now, he would be going on stage to perform in 3 minutes. So you texted him asking if he could call you after the show. He of course answered with a yes and a love you.

You went into the playroom to reassess the maker issue. Scrubbing the walls took 2 hours to get it all off. She caused quite a bit of destruction in just 3 minutes. She was definitely your daughter, always up to something as a child.

After cleaning the house up from the days use you finally made it to the bed. You plopped down sighing from today’s stress. Raising 2 kids on your own was really hard. Some days were gonna be harder than other and today was definitely one of them, but just 2 more days and Tyler would be back to help you.

At 12:00 you realized that the show was would have been over by now and Tyler still hadn’t called. Why was he ignoring you? First not calling the girls then you. What’s up with him?

You quickly texted him not knowing if he would be asleep yet.

To Tyler

Ummm… Did you forget about me? JK. please call me.

Sent 12:01am

You phone started to ring almost immediately.

“Hey babe.” you said with a smile.

“Hi.” Tyler replied not looking at you but still had the camera positioned in front of his face.

“Tyler, are you okay?” you asked out of  concern for his strange acting.

“Yeah, just tired.” he said looking up at you and then looking back to where ever he was looking.

“Don’t lie to me. You suck at lying. What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry.” he said looking at you with his eyes as beautiful as always.

“I can’t accept an apology if I don’t know what it’s for.” you said starting to get annoyed at his distance.

“Look, I don’t want to do this but it’s for the best.” he paused. “I had to extend tour.” your heart dropped at his words. All the frustration was no longer hidden as your face began to get red.

“What the hell do you mean you have to? Tyler you have kids and a wife back home who really need you. Didn’t you think to ask me first?” you start to yell at him and you could tell he was sorry but you didn’t care. You needed help and in the moment you were just really pissed.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I found out today and I didn’t want to tell you, knowing you would be upset. You have to quiet down otherwise you’ll wake the girls.” tears start to roll down your cheeks out of frustration.

“Tyler you don’t understand how much I do in a day with our children. I’m so tired and just need help.” you said in tears.

“I know. I really do Y/N, I appreciate all that you do for this family. It was better though if I did it this way. Now I don’t have that mini tour in the summer. I’m just getting it down now. I love you and I love Olivia and Hannah so much, you don’t even understand how much I want to be there with you guys. How much I want to take all of the stress off your shoulders, how much I want to be the one up late at night with Hannah ad the one up early with Olivia. I want to be home with you, in our bed holding you in my arms. I really hate being away from you for so long. We just have to look at the bigger picture. It’s better this way.” he said.

His words calmed you down and your heart was beating at how sincere he was.

“I love you Ty.”

“I love you too Y/N. this summer I want to take you and the girls somewhere for vacation. Anywhere you want. You deserve the world Y/N and I want to give it to you.” Tyler said with a big smile.

“I’m sorry I got upset. It’s just hard alone. I’m looking forward to you coming home.”

“I can’t wait to be home. In the meantime, my mom is gonna stay over once she gets back in town to help you. I know how the girls can get when things change.”

“Thank you. I mean it, thank you for being so understanding.”

“Being a parent is hard, especially alone.”

“But I‘m not alone, I have you and when you’re not here I have your family.”

“I love you Y/N. Way more than words and describe. Now get some sleep, you need it. I’ll call you in the morning.”

“I love you too Ty. Good night.”

James Bond

Daryl finds a bottle of whiskey and he gets a bit honest.

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 977 words
  • No warnings

“Where’s Daryl?” You ask Beth, who is trying her best to rock Judith to sleep.

Beth nods toward the doors without looking up, watching Judith close her sweet little eyes. “I suppose he’s outside.” She said in her long, country drawl. She turns and bounces the baby, humming a lullaby.

You can’t imagine Daryl being outside, not on a day like today. After his last hunt, he ended up bruising his side to hell, though he wouldn’t tell anyone how he did it, if he knew himself. And today was a slow day, a day when many of the prison residents were sitting inside, catching up on each other, reading, anything to keep from walking out in the heat.

Rick strides by with Carl just at his heel , wide grins spread across their cheeks as they try to walk inside. A small giggle escapes Carl’s cracked lips.

“Lookin’ for Daryl?” Rick guesses, pressing his hand to Carl’s shoulder and giving him a little shove through the doors. “He was about to go out the gates. Haven’t seen him leave yet.”

You nod a thanks to the sheriff and take off to the trucks, knowing Daryl would be wherever his brother’s bike was.

To be honest, you had no reason to see Daryl today. The two of you hardly ever cross paths anymore, what with him recruiting people left and right and helping them settle into new cells. You had no set job, not with the lack of skills you had, but they would send you wherever they need you; cooking, cleaning, care, supply runs, anything they thought you could handle.

Not that it matters. You were just happy to help out, happy to have a home. It was Daryl that saved you after all. He found you in the streets, starved and dehydrated. Sleeping in a box because you didn’t have the tools or strength to break into a building. He was your hero.

Once he brought you back to the prison, you assumed things would fall into place. You would be working beside Daryl, helping him with what he needed and slowly the two of you would be together. But that was all just childish and not realistic whatsoever. These were tough times. There was no falling in love anymore, just survival.

In the midst of the cars and trucks, you found Daryl’s bike. A bag was sitting on top of it, ready to roll. However, Daryl was not there.

“Daryl?” You whisper.

“Mmm-mm.” The low growl came from a few cars down. You walk between an old Mustang and a Ford truck to see the redneck folded on the ground, half a whiskey bottle in hand.

You bend your knees and steady yourself with the truck he was leaning against, lowering yourself to his level to see the redness in his eyes. “What the…”

Daryl looks up, the waves of the ocean watching you curiously. You never knew he had such beautiful blue eyes, not until this very moment while they were wide and peering up at you. “Y/N…” He growls. “You—“ his body tenses, he steals the whiskey bottle back up before he drops it on the ground and tries to get up with a grunt.

“Calm down!” You lift your hand, settling it on his right shoulder to keep him from standing. “Are you alright?” You ask hurriedly.

“No.”  Daryl grunts, his lips now turned down and his eyes shut. “No, no, go away.”

It feels like somebody just grasped your heart and gave it a firm squeeze. “You’re drunk. Let’s get you inside before one of the kids sees you like this.” You stand on your feet and try to pull the much larger man out of the dirt, though it was no use at this point.

“I can’t be what you want!” Daryl snaps at you, yanking his arm back and slapping it against his chest. “I ain’t no James Bond.”

“What are you yapping about…?” You watch him hug his knees to his chest and start rocking back and forth. It’s a sight that you didn’t think you could watch. Since you have known him, he’s never looked like this.

His face was growing with heat and he shook his head violently. “I ain’t no prince charming. Merle and my daddy, they made sure…”

You drop to your knees in front of the man. “I don’t want a prince charming or a James Bond.” You say softly, trying to understand where this was coming from. He never once showed you an ounce of attention, not the kind of personal attention you need. “Those types of men are never perfect. The fact that they pretend to be means they aren’t.”

Stars start appearing in the sky as it changes into a colorful orange cocktail. The stars lit up the world below and seem to make things a little clearer than the sun had. It was peaceful, cooler.

The orange fades out of the sky, draining out until it’s dark all around, except for the moon and stars. You breathe in the cool air, filling your lungs and your mind. When you let it out, you feel better, like weight was blown away with the breeze.

Daryl lifts his head and looks at you, his eyes swollen and his bottom lip trembling. His mind must be racing with all sorts of questions that you weren’t sure you could answer.

You lean over and kiss his cheek. He flinches but doesn’t move away. You take that as a good sign and you do what you never thought was possible. You lean across his knees and press your lips to his, making the first move on a guy you had a crush on for the very first time in your short life.

Daryl hesitates, leaning into the kiss before he kisses back.

Ending a video call with Daddy:
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Daddy:</b> "You should go to bed, my sweet little prince."<p/><b>Me:</b> "But Daddy! I'm not tired!" *had been yawning throughout the video call*<p/><b>Daddy:</b> "I know baby but you have appointments in the morning and you have uni."<p/><b>Me:</b> *continues winning that I will be fine*<p/><b>Daddy:</b> I have to go now my sweet little prince.<p/><b>Me:</b> Can we text after this Daddy?!<p/><b>Daddy:</b> Of course we can, bye baby.<p/><b>Me:</b> Bye! *waves happily knowing I got my way with Daddy :3*<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Look me in the eye and tell me he doesn’t look daddy af in these gifs