The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte at a garden party at Victoria, British Columbia, on Day 6 of the Royal Tour in Canada


Over the last four days Princess Beatrice  completed a grueling triathlon. Bea swam  3.3km in open water, swimming across the straits of  Messina to Sicily. She  biked a  total of 140 km up  a mountain over the last two days.  Now Princess Beatrice has completed the triathlon with a  10km hike up  the top of  MT  Etna.  Bea’s fundraising  raised £12,666.36, roughly around  $16,000. Congratulations  to Princess Beatrice and all the strivers  for completing their  Strive challenge and  raising  funds for Big change.

Bea- @yorkiebea : After swimming 3,300m biking 140km, running a half marathon and hiking up mount Etna I finally made it. @strivechallenge @bigchange_

Big change is looking to raise  £1 million  and I assume there close to their mark or have  raised it.  There’s still time to donate though. Here’s Bea’s fundraiser page: