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Since I wrote my last post i had some time to think it over and i really wanted to get into the Azula type Prince Lotor everybody wants. Because neither Haggar nor Zarkon really affected the team psychologically.  With Lotor’s addition and Shiro’s disappearance, its the perfect time to make a character like that. But instead of putting Lotor in all guns blazing, I feel that he would try to infiltrate the team? Just so he could get the most information he could before using it to dismantle the team. Haggar invading a planet and Lotor waiting there, pretending to be one of the wounded survivors. And the team has no idea who this person is, so he makes up a complete lie of how his family were killed for rebelling against the Galra when Zarkon still ruled, and they believe him. 

As he spends time at the castle “healing” from Haggar’s invasion he spend his time learning about the paladins as much as he can. He trades false stories with Pidge about how his family used to be and how devastated he felt when they had died, which provokes Pidge to tell him about her search for Matt and her father. Lotor, of course offers his help because he claims to know who the rebels that helped Matt escape were (which isn’t a total lie, because he and Haggar are currently working on tracking down their base) and Pidge accepts, thus to two grow closer. 

While this is happening, Lotor spends time around the Lions , specifically Blue, checking for weaknesses they could exploit in battle. When Lance finds him he’s apprehensive at first but then Lotor states “I was simply admiring her, she looks to be a complicated robot to pilot. You must be considered very talented back on Earth”. Which stuns Lance for a second, because nobody else on team Voltron has praised him for being able to fly a fucking space lion. Lance goes on a spiel about how him and Blue are best friends and that what Lotor said was totally true. The two hang around Blue for hours talking about Lance’s contributions to the team. 

Keith is most likely the easiest one he won over. Lotor would simply mention the Galra he’s seen over the years and Keith would ask him a million questions about them. Lotor would answer whatever he asked but wouldn’t give him a straight answer about more touchy subjects like their military operations. Whenever Keith had a question about his heritage and what it was like before Zarkon destroyed everything he would go to Lotor, he is one of the few connections to his past left. Eventually Keith starts asking his opinion on other things, like which planets they should liberate first or who would work better with who because Keith was put into the leader role way too early. 

Hunk is one of the harder one’s to win over, since he was the first Paladin to have suspicions about Rolo and Nyma after all. Lotor would have to work harder to gain his trust than he did with any other Paladin. He would be working his ass off trying to figure out what would make this cinnamon roll trust him. Hunk would keep a trained eye on Lotor and start noticing how everyone is so pleased wiith him. Lotor helps comfort Pidge about her family, he encourages Keith to learn more about himself and improve as a leader and reassures Lance about his worth to Voltron. Because the way to Hunk’s heart is through his friends, so maybe he questions Lotor about life back home, and all of his traditions. They compare how life on Lotor’s planet is different from Earth. 

Coran is too easy to win over, he simply helps around with maintenance and pretend to listen to all of his wack stories. Allura wouldn’t trust him upfront, but she would see how much he’s helped the Paladins and would learn to trust him somewhat.

I have a lot more to write about Prince Lotor’s character and his arc with the team, but it would take up everybody’s dash, so I’m going to separate it into different posts? So i’ll write one tomorrow about how he betrayed them and another one on how they overcame it maybe??? Idk i just really wanted to yell about him


Here’s a cleaned up version of that FairyTale AU sketch I did :)

This one took a little bit longer to complete but that’s ok at least it’s done

I’m absolutely in love with this AU. Can’t decide if I love 2 princes more or Prince and Pauper type of story line. Then again all the male skaters being princes in one castle would be amazing lol

It really seriously bothers me when I see posts referring to “Princess Leia” and then people reblog them to say “GENERAL****” as though this is an important correction. As though Leia’s identity as a princess is either somehow inherently bad or is in anyway inferior to her position as a general. I don’t think people understand that Leia had MORE POWER as a princess than she does as a general. First of all, Leia as a princess was never some damsel in distress, sitting pretty, waiting for her Prince Charming type of situation. As Princess of Alderaan, Leia was had the advantage of extensive cultural and diplomatic training and used her position and connections and political savvy to become a Senator and therefore a SPY, looking out for the interests not only of her Alderaanian subjects but also of the entire galaxy. Her title of Princess is crucial in regards to her character, even now just reading the new CANON comics, insofar as Alderaan is an integral aspect of who she is–not only an Alderaanian, but the person who felt RESPONSIBLE for the safety of the planet. Then after her home planet was obliterated right before her eyes, she continued on to use her knowledge and skills and political leverage–none of which she would have had if she hadn’t been adopted into a royal house–to aid the rebellion, and her title as “princess” allowed her to become a symbol of resistance and rebellion against tyranny across the entire galaxy. She was a SPY PRINCESS, A WARRIOR PRINCESS, A POLITICAL PRINCESS, and every other kind of princess you could imagine. Leia as a princess is badass, and not something to be snidely dismissed with ignorant assertions that being a general is better and more “feminist” just because it’s a title traditionally held by men. In reality, the situation is entirely the reverse. Leia has no authority as a General other than over her own troops in a resistance that’s not even fully supported by the government that Leia herself helped to establish AS A PRINCESS. The New Republic didn’t take Leia’s warnings about the First Order seriously and LOOK WHERE THAT LANDED THEM. And the sway and renown that is still shown to Leia in the new canon is STILL linked to her royal status, not just because she was a princess but because of what she DID as a princess. That’s why we get the line “well to me she’s royalty.” Disney slapped the title of General on Leia hoping that fans would rally to this feminist progress while at the same time propagating the idea that she couldn’t possibly have been a present mother or wife while also succeeding in a political career, ignoring her OT character arc, destroying her family for no other reason than to create Kylo Ren, and undermined her credibility in the new system. I don’t see any feminism in those regressions. Does Leia deserve to be a general? Yes, of course. But can we please stop acting like this is some kind of upgrade? Being a Princess was central to Leia’s character, and NEVER was this fact in any way a disadvantage to her. She was both graceful and polished and vulnerable and strong and determined and lethal. She was the “strong female character” that girls could look up to, and I personally see nothing to turn your nose up about fierce, intelligent, brave PRINCESS Leia Organa.