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More Snily Headcanons

Lily’s not shy about being affectionate with Sev—liberally, genuinely, and spontaneously—and she’s perhaps the one person who’s allowed to be.

Snape can hotwire a car.

A mouse once escaped Lily’s bag and ran into Petunia’s room—the screams could be heard all the way to Spinner’s.

Snape never told Lily how he was treated at home; it was bad enough she saw what happened at school.

Lily was so delighted when she first opened a chocolate frog, Sev couldn’t help watching her with a smile.

Snape taught Lily how to play Gobstones, and even gave her tips—such as how to get the least bit of goo after a loss.

In contrast, Lily taught Sev how to play most Muggle games, such as “Hide and Seek” (which for some reason frightened him almost humorously at first—seems he thought she was making it up to get away from him).

While Snape visited Lily quite frequently, he never let her come to his house—not once.

One of Lily’s favorite places was the Astronomy Tower, and she’d stargaze whenever possible; Sev was invited more than once.

Snape knew things most—Wizard or Muggle—did not at age 9: where to get bootleg booze and cigarettes, what places held underground cock fights, and how much Amaranth was necessary to distract angry fathers.

Lily knew how to bake cookies by 9 and would often invite Sev over to try some, or bring them to share.

15-year-old Snape once overheard Regulus Black voice his impressed opinion with his skills to one Barty Crouch Jr. Apparently, “He can do incredible things, and he’s only a half-blood!”

Lily’s backyard had a huge flower garden, where she and Sev would share Butterbeer, biscuits, and tales of Merlin (a Slytherin) on lazy afternoons.

Both have the same favorite color: green.

Snape & Music Headcanons

-Severus grew up listening to his parents’ music.

-Eileen was really into Nina Simone and jazz in general. Whenever she wasn’t feeling defeated–which wasn’t often–she would sing “Ain’t Got No”. This is the first layer to Snape’s defense against the dementers.

-Tobias liked jazz too. It was one of the things that kept him and Eileen together. But his favorite band was the Rolling Stones.

-Severus thinks “Gimme Shelter,” a neat metaphor for his parents’ relationship, covered the end of the 70s pretty well.

-They used to listen to the Stones together, Severus and Tobias, and Led Zeppelin, and then the Ramones, the Kinks, and Eileen got them into Iggy Pop. They all loved the Velvet Underground.

-He and Lily agreed “Baba O’Riley” was their get the fuck out of Cokeworth song.

-Severus got more into Bowie than Lily ever did.

-Severus was appalled when Sirius started wearing band tshirts. They had too similar taste in music.

-Then punk happened.

-Arguing over Severus’ album of Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols was the last civil argument he and Tobias ever had. The Clash was okay though.

-Severus doesn’t think he would’ve survived the 80s without the Smiths. Or the Pogues. 

-Lily willed him her Queen records. At least it wasn’t ABBA.


Day 6.  Snape’s Parents

eileen prince and tobias snape are the standard for an abusive relationship. I (and the rest of the fandom) have this headcanon of an alcoholic father who lost his temper very often, maybe after a drink or two but not necessarily, and beat his wife (and probably also his son). eileen is one of us: a woman who somehow entered this relationship (he must have been a caring man at some point) and saw no way out, because she couldn’t work and she had a son to feed and raise. it’s no surprise that severus himself grew up to be an abusive teacher towards his students.

(I saw this casting for eileen and tobias and it was PERFECT, so I used the same actors and made this edit)

(also if you’d like to have a deer and moving view about severus’s childhood, I strongly recommend the fic “a difference in the family: the snape chronicles”, by rannaro. what a work.)

(the 1st version of this post had a gif that was not mine and I deleted it. but if you still can see the cokeworth gif please note that it belongs to abloodymass nd not to me)

• Severus Snape Appreciation Month •
Day 6.  Snape’s parents // part ii

Welcome to headcanon extravaganza on Eileen & Tobias. No, it won’t feature Eileen’s house or whether Tobias knew of magic or not - because, frankly, I’ve never been able to make up my mind about those things.

Eileen →

  • born pureblood but the Prince family was not part of the Sacred Twenty-Eight.
  • probably from a very poor family, in a small house with many siblings and a big garden.
  • loves herbs and potion-making.
  • owned a half-Kneazle since childhood that she brought into her marriage. at first she couldn’t understand why it never liked her new husband. she didn’t have time to dwell more on this until her beloved pet mysteriously disappeared.
  • loved Tobias, or Toby, as he was commonly called, at first. but seeing him despising their child and the continuing alcohol abuse made her resent him. for every time he hit their child she hated him a little bit more.
  • wanted a big family but pregnancy was difficult for her, as well as conceiving. she tried a lot of different remedies before Severus was finally born.
  • suffered from severe post-partum depression, it took her a year to get over. during this period baby Severus never saw her smile and hence he cried often and was an uneasy child.
  • took several day jobs to make ends meet in order to buy Severus all his Hogwarts things, but she mostly gave him her old school things because money was scarce.
  • her family disowning her because she wouldn’t leave Toby, whom they all disapproved of. not because he was a muggle, but because of that he was abusive and a drunk.
  • quite a good healer, got a bit of a reputation of making home remedies.
  • was extremely worried of Severus’ as he got older and his widening interest in the dark arts, but except that, was immensely proud of him.
  • died not many years after Toby died. not because of heartache but of cancer.
  • enjoyed a quiet life until her death, but with some pain. never told her son about her illness, she felt that she had lived enough for a lifetime and accepted that there was nothing she could do.
  • secretly reconciled with some of her family after Toby’s death, but never felt quite connected with them since she had left most of the wizarding world behind.
  • may or may not have poisoned her husband after the summer in Severus’ year because of the extremely severe beating he had given their son.

Tobias →

  • was a rowdy child with many siblings, always wanted many children but got disappointed when he couldn’t due to Eileen’s difficult pregnancy.
  • was the oldest son and when his dad died in a working accident he became the man of the house. he had to grow up very quickly
  • before his father’s demise, he often saw the latter abuse his mother and his siblings. toby himself was often on the receiving end of those beatings.
  • fell in love with Eileen after taking her out a couple of times. proposed one night when she was smoking heavily and having a heated discussion about politics with him.
  • felt utterly disconnected and helpless faced with the woman she became after the birth of their child due to her post-partum depression. their relationship was never the same after.
  • couldn’t help but resent their child because of how the woman he loved disappeared due to it.
  • killed that bloody no-good cat because it kept pissing in his boots and attacked him whenever Eileen wasn’t watching. he never told her.
  • hated having to provide for the son that had made his marriage miserable and that the son needed new things for a fancy school that he didn’t quite understand the purpose of.
  • hated having to send his son so far away to that same fancy school, knowing that his own son would come back and look down on him and his simple ways.
  • knew from yearly on that his future was to be a labourer, like his father and his grandfather.
  • secretly wanted a daughter. so he didn’t mind too much when Eileen would dress their son in her old clothes the first two years of the boy’s life.
  • after he started drinking he had a hard time to holding down a job.
  • he started drinking because that was the only way he would feel not worthless.
  • hated himself because he couldn’t provide for his family. took it out on his wife and child, just like he’d seen his father done.
  • loved children, but his own was a strange one. baby Severus was either crying all the time or being too quiet. those dark piercing eyes would send chills down his spine and he could tell that his son wasn’t quite normal.
  • he felt a lot, he regretted a lot, but he never got the tools to process his feelings as a child, which proved to have hideous consequences as his got older.
  • may or may not have noticed Eileen slipping something in his drink. he may or may not have blamed her. he may or may not have drunk it anyway.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons or opinions on Eileen Prince? Like was she good at potions? Did she attend school with Tom Riddle? And thoughts on the "Eileen Prince is actually Irma Pince" theory? And of course, her relationship with Severus.

I have a lot of thoughts about Eileen and I always feel vaguely guilty for not posting about her.  When I started posting about the Snape family several months ago, it started as an Eileen post, I got distracted by a headcanon about Tobias and went off on a tangent, and then I spent months waxing lyrical about the father/son relationship without giving any attention to Eileen.

Someone did ask me to post my thoughts about her, and I’ve let the ask languish.  I do apologise - I will get to it, because she does deserve a thorough interrogation.  Like Tobias, Eileen is absolutely critical to Severus’ development - if not even more so, as she’s the wizarding contact he has whilst he’s in the Muggle world, and depending on how you interpret canon, she’s perhaps responsible for him making certain choices (the embracing of Slytherin, for instance).

To quickly answer your questions though, without going into a large meta:

1)  I headcanon that she is adept at brewing, and that she taught Severus the basics before he attended Hogwarts.  It was one of the few displays of magic she could get away with without enraging Tobias, because it wasn’t wholly obvious what she was up to.

2)  I like the idea that she shared a common room with Tom Riddle.  I like to imagine that the rise of the anti-Muggle rhetoric he oversaw, combined with her family’s opinions, and her enjoyment of her Muggle Studies class…well, those were the driving factors in causing Eileen to venture into the Muggle world.  She knew Grindelwald was building in power overseas, and she feared the divisions his politics would cause in the wizarding world, so she skipped out.

3)  I thought the theory about Irma Pince was highly imaginative and the sort of thing that you could imagine JK throwing in - but now that the series is done and dusted and nothing was made of it, I think it’s rather like one of those unfulfilled prophecies.  It had potential, but it went nowhere.  Also see Ronbledore.

As for her relationship with Severus, I am so torn as to where to pitch her.  I generally feel that Severus had parents who were ill-equipped to care for him.   Perhaps they were dragged down through poverty, illness or addiction, which meant Severus growing up in an environment filled with misery, violence and fear.

I am never convinced one way or another with Eileen.  Sometimes you see headcanons where Eileen loved Severus but suffered from depression and wasn’t often able to care for him.  Sometimes you see headcanons where she attempts to look after him, but her nurturing instincts are lacking, and her affection comes out skewed - perhaps showing him how to protect himself with dark curses instead of showing him obvious love and affection.

Or maybe she just didn’t care.  Maybe bringing up a child was difficult - too difficult.  Maybe she couldn’t cope with life in a Muggle town.  Maybe it was all going smoothly and Severus accidentally outed them as magical (this is a favourite headcanon of mine), and Tobias never forgave Eileen…and Eileen never forgave Severus.

And then Severus himself.  How does Severus react to his parents when he’s older?  Is he protective of Eileen?  Dismissive of Eileen?  Is he angry at Tobias on Eileen’s behalf?  Is he angry that Eileen lets Tobias walk all over her?  Or does he recognise that they’re as flawed as each other?  Or does he see that Eileen has been taking advantage of Tobias in some way?  Does he gain a new perspective on the household when he spends 5/6 of the year away from home?

…and how does he feel if/when they die?  Anger?  Relief?  Nothing?

Personally, on that score, I always feel that he was devastated - and far more devastated than anyone ever expected, given the disparaging way he spoke about them.  …it’s just, they might have been rubbish parents, but they were his.

Come on, Ascendance Trilogy Fandom, where ya at?

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According to Plan

So this is a little late for day 6 (and 7), but since it covers the topic from day 8 as well, I’ll just consider it my contribution to all three days.

Some notes:
• around 7000 words
• warnings for swearing, child abuse, and domestic violence
• if you’re expecting something sweet and happy, don’t even read this
• yes, Severus is one precocious child
• just because this story wasn’t sad enough as is, I’d like to point out that starflowers, or borage, can be symbolic of courage
• please point out any mistakes, especially anything culturally incorrect. I’m a young American, I’m not writing from experience.

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Snape Appreciation Month Day 7: Pre-Hogwarts Years

Here’s how I think Severus’ pre-Hogwarts years were.

I think Severus was an accidental pregnancy. Poverty usually means there is not much entertainment. People usually turn to sex so they would have something enjoyable to do. Sex education is either badly done or never there so I doubt Eileen or Tobias bothered with condoms. I don’t see Severus being planned because I don’t see the Snapes having a good marriage to begin with. Someone doesn’t become abusive over one thing. I bet there were warning signs that Eileen ignored because people are taught to ignore them. Severus and financial troubles escalated the situation but I think Tobias was abusive prior or at the very least their relationship was unhealthy. Severus was unwanted. You don’t just go from loving your child to not caring what he does or where he goes. He was just an added burden to an already hard life.

I don’t really feel angry at Eileen. Abuse coupled with financial insecurities do a lot of damage to someone. People think Severus’ abilities were the last straw for Tobias, I think it was Eileen who gave up when her marriage imploded. I can see her struggling to get up every morning, struggling to get the house in order even though she doesn’t have the energy to do much, struggling to put up with Tobias. By the time it’s Severus’ turn I can see how she rather sit on the couch for a while before bothering with him. I can see Severus knowing all of this even without understanding why or having the language to explain it. He would probably eat his father’s leftovers and then leave the house to find something to do.

Like I’ve said before, I think people were antagonistic to Severus especially the other children so he would spend a lot of time alone. He would go anywhere he was forbidden to go like the dirty river, getting injured and infected, forcing Eileen to use her old potions books for remedy because they can’t afford healthcare. I think it’s under this circumstances that Severus, who has been using his powers in self-defense, would learn about Hogwarts and magic. I think he started spending more time in doors, waiting for Eileen to get worn out before finding her school trunk and reading until the sun goes down. That’s when he became aware that he wasn’t alone or a freak. There’s a whole other secret society made up of people just like him and even better a school devoted to magic so he didn’t have to wait until he was 18 to get to the Wizarding world.

He loved all the subjects because they’re so new to him and he didn’t yet know which ones he’ll be good at but I think he gravitated towards Potions and Dark Arts especially after screaming matches. It was at the very least comforting to know that one day he’ll have the power to hurt his father. I think this built a sense of superiority in Severus and he was just dying to prove to anyone how smart he was. He would spend hours just daydreaming about telling his mother who would grin with pride or a muggle friend who could be trusted and together they would go adventures like finding Hogwarts and seeing how it really was. After a few years of these thoughts, Severus nearly gave up. He decided to wait until he got to Hogwarts to show off.

One day he saw a girl flying in the playground while her sister fretted below. It took a while (he kept insulting Petunia) but they finally shook hands and declared that they were friends in front of the swings. Severus unloaded his knowledge, a bit too fast but Lily kept up. They went around town arms over shoulders, played in the mud, dropped leaves on Petunia’s perfect dress. He was so happy he told his mother about it. That’s when she sat him down to explain Wizarding politics and why he had to be careful with who his friends were. Severus understood everything but the last bit. In the months leading up to their first year, Severus convinced Lily to join Slytherin with him.

Tobias and Eileen put together enough for tuition for the first term. By the second term, Severus won several scholarships so Eileen quit both her jobs.

Talking about Tobias Snape

Tobias Snape is depicted as an angry working class man in a poverty riddled Muggle neighbourhood.

For those who understand the class and cultural history of working class Britain in the 1950s and 1960s, the conclusions are clear:  Tobias rants and raves whilst his magical wife cowers (worthy of an essay in itself), and his tiny son sobs. 

The inference is that Tobias’ house – for it is his house in the ‘Muggle dungheap’– is one of misery and violence, of abuse and powerlessness, and of hunger and alcohol.

His son, Severus, epitomises this sorry state of affairs:  a neglected, unwashed boy – his hair overly long and unkempt, his clothes mismatched and ill-fitting; not only unsuitable for a child, but explicitly not specifically purchased for a child.  

It’s horrifically sad – but how did this state of affairs come about?  Well, we know a few things, and can infer a few others:

We know that Severus was born in 1960.  If you accept the dating of Eileen’s potions book as being canon, then it’s likely Eileen was born in the early 1930s.  Tobias could theoretically have been born as late as the early 1940s, but it’s possible he was born as early as the 1920s.

If Tobias was born in the 1930s, then he grew up under the dark shadow of war.  But more interestingly, if Tobias was born in the 1920s, then he was an active part of WWII.  Furthermore, being born in the 1920s would make him the son of a father who was part of WWI – and he’d have lived through years of poverty, and the sense of betrayal following WWI.

The conclusion of WWII wasn’t all that different; rationing continued well into the 1950s, and although various social welfare schemes were created, it was a time of worry – particularly for those in the cotton industry.  

And as for Eileen – well, the marriage itself seems slightly bizarre.  She’s described as being rather like Severus; thin, sour-faced, sullen and unattractive.  She clearly has no riches to bring, and Severus’ memories are those of parents who seemingly detest each other – so why would Tobias marry her?

Tobias headcanons:

Well, I like the idea of a Tobias who missed the boat.  A Tobias born in the early 1920s who signed up early and did his duty for the duration of the war.  A Tobias who was thrown back into society as a young 20something, unable to cope, wracked with the anxiety and stress that war brings – and faced with an uncompromising and unforgiving community who believed him selfish for not embracing life:  who wanted him to get on with living, given that men from other families – fathers, uncles, brothers and sons – didn’t return home at all.  

He ran from emotional relationships, but eventually found his place whilst toiling in the factory a few streets over. He joined the working men’s club and forged friendships with others who understood the horrors he’d been through. He played dominoes on a Monday, darts on a Wednesday, danced on a Friday, watched his local football team on a Saturday and played Sunday league after church but before lunch.  

All of the women his age were long married, and with his huge hooked nose and grumpy demeanour, Tobias wasn’t deemed a catch by those younger.  Until Eileen came along.  Eileen who had renounced her magical ways, and her magical family – Eileen who hadn’t grown up in the area, and knew nothing of Tobias’ troubled past.  

And whilst Eileen was no oil painting, she was younger and didn’t have children already – and she seemed to hang on his every word.  Tobias showed an interest, and flattered, she returned it.  They married, and for a long time, all was well.  Tobias kept up his social life – drinking with his friends, playing sport and being heavily involved in the community.  He watched as the sons of his mates turned up at the club, following in their father’s footsteps.

He lost a pace or two whilst playing football, but wasn’t quite ready to join his mates on the touchline, who were now cheering on their sons instead.

So their happy house became strained; torn between Tobias who wanted a child, and Eileen who was terrified of what that would mean.  Eventually, bolstered by Tobias’ professed love, Eileen acquiesced – and she fell pregnant a few months later.

Their marriage fell apart when Severus was 18 months old.  There had been signs – oh yes, there had been signs, but Tobias had shrugged them off as coincidences; a small toy moved from one side of the room to another, the radio changing channel, the window seemingly opening and closing itself.

But this was different. He was late for work, and he’d clattered down the stairs to collect the milk from the front step.  He charged through the house, colliding heavily with his wife in the kitchen – and the milk flew into the air.  Three sets of eyes watched in horror as the glass bottle descended, but before it hit the floor and smashed, it halted.  

There was a long pause as Tobias stared in horror at his wife, who was pale and stricken.  Her eyes rolled towards the ceiling, and her lips gently fluttered as she muttered under her breath.  Slowly, he turned to gaze at his son, whose black eyes were fixed on the bottle.

“Is he-“

“Let it down, Severus.”

Their son didn’t flinch.

Eileen strode across the kitchen and clamped her hands over her son’s face.  Eye contact broken, the bottle fell from its suspension in the air, and Severus howled in dismay as the glass smashed, echoing around the tiny kitchen.

Tobias looked in horror at the milk, and then at his wife and child – both of whom appeared terrified.

“What the fuck was that?”  

That’s what I love; I love the interpretation of Tobias being entirely unaware that Eileen was magical until Severus was born and suddenly displayed traits that couldn’t be hidden - and then Tobias’ simple world was pulled from beneath him.

Tobias resented his son – this scrawny, anaemic, studious, creepy kid.  He’d wanted a strapping lad who he could throw on his shoulders and take to the match. He’d wanted a kid who would go down to the club and play football with the other boys.  He’d wanted a kid who’d work in the mill with him during the summers because he wanted nothing more than to be like his father.

Yet his boy was his mother’s son.  Severus didn’t want any part of being a Muggle - he didn’t want to kick a football, or throw a cricket ball, or cast for a fish in the river. 

No, Severus wanted to wave a stick and mutter curses; he wanted to make sparks fly and create concoctions in the kitchen; he wanted to spend hours holed away in the attic pouring over ancient books from Eileen’s old suitcase.

Tobias had thought it was a phase; thought Severus would grow out of it.  So he waited.  But Severus never did, so Tobias’ temper frayed.  He’d finish work and head for the pub, drowning his sorrows as his mates’ boys crowded at the bar.  When he got home, he’d shout and rave at his wife, blaming her for the way his son had turned out.

Eventually, he’d collapse into bed in a drunken stupor, and the next morning, all would be forgotten.  He’d stand in the doorway of his son’s bedroom and will him to wake up and ask to go to the match. 

But Severus hadn’t forgotten.

Tobias’ boy just wanted to get away from him, and his stupid Muggle ways.

And that was just fine by Tobias.