prince thun


“The New Adventures of Flash Gordon” (1996).

This was the version of Flash Gordon that reimagined Dale and Flash as extreme skaters with hoverboards and midriff revealing outfits (including some on women). It truly boggles my mind that they didn’t call this “Flash Gordon X-Treme.”

Most people prefer not to talk about this version because it is so very Poochie, but it did add two big pieces to Flash Gordon lore that seem to have stuck around: 1) the idea of travel to Mongo via wormhole instead of rocket, and 2) the idea that Flash Gordon’s first name is actually Alex (a reference to creator Alex Raymond). The idea of a gender-flip Prince Thun of the Lion Men does create some interesting possibilities, though…


» I know I’m gonna fall down (hans x elsa dreamcast)

Max von Thun as fire!Hans this time around, all the thanks in the world go to minko-chan for the suggestion. Charlotte Sullivan as Elsa once again. I’m also open for suggestions if you happen to know who has a lot of period scenes and can pass as Elsa, because there’s only so much I can do with like 10 minutes of scenes with Charlotte. While I love the idea of Natalie Dormer, she doesn’t have a lot to work with either, and in Emilia Clarke I just don’t see Elsa. So… yeah, if anyone wants to suggest some great Elsa I don’t know of, make my day.


» hold me in your beating heart (frozen dreamcast)

I did it! I finally did it!

Anna – Eleanor Tomlinson
Elsa – Celina Sinden
Hans – Max von Thun
Kristoff - Ed Speleers