February 16, 2017 || New photos of the Norwegian Royal Family have been released on the occasion of King Harald’s 80th birthday on 21 February.


Mambers of the European Royal Families appeared on the balcony of the Norwegian Royal Palace to celebrate the 80th birthday of King Harlad V and Queen Sonja of Norway. | May 9th, 2017


NEW PHOTOS of the Norwegian Royal Family vacationing in South Africa privately celebrating King Harald V’s 80th birthday in late February. The Crown Princely Family and Princess Martha Louise with her three daughters - Leah, Emma, and Maud joined in with Harald and Sonja on various activities including surfing classes, boat trips, etc.

Both, the King and Queen, celebrate their 80th birthdays this year and they will be jointly celebrated with the public in May with various events.


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The 80th Birthdays of King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway: May 9, 2017