prince sourpatch



Prince Soupath & Princess Susie who belong to &

ask them about them, i just really liked the color palette and i just started using my tablet on paint so c: heehee this was fun.

finished work will have-

sourpatch’s nose the right length 

full body

maybe, probably not background

full story


Headcannon Story

they’re 15 & 17 in this, patchy is 17, susie is 15, and he’s a year from being coronated so they have this royal advisor. susie is supposed to be his fiancee so the royal advisor for the Oo Kingdom watches over them both.

one day susie gets so frustrated that she burns a whole forest so she’s begging patchy to not tell the royal advisor bc the royal advisor will make her walk all of Oo with a cooling spell on her in heels and a dress and susie really does not want that.