prince shim

I was completely miserable at a point. People chased me around in taxis and I always felt like I was being watched. I would panic seeing anyone on the street. If I saw a school uniform through the corner of my eye I would be anxious and looking down at my feet immediately. Rather than feeling lucky, I felt cursed. I received therapy and psychiatric consultation because I started avoiding all people out of paranoia of being looked at. If I’m to be honest, today our most dangerous illnesses are not just physical but mental. It’s good with that help I’m happy again. I can relax and enjoy myself the moment now. Yes I’m happy.
—  Changmin on Moonlight Prince
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you would think guarding a high school was exciting. especially in the morning. when it was too early for the world to function yet students were asked to get up, get dressed, eat and function properly in all their classes. what a joke. kyungri remembers that time where she used to do that. it was hell. now she doesn’t do that.

except today she is.

she almost wants to throttle herself in order to try and fall asleep. but here she is, just checking the high schoolers and prince shim is happily sniffing at them. some want to pet him but she has to tel them no, which emits points from the high schoolers. she promises one day she’ll come back, but next time when prince shim is off the clock and can be happily pet by the students and play chase. 

but then she spots a very familiar face.

wasn’t that the boy she arrested about a month ago?

kyungri does not make arrests often but the people she always puts in handcuffs are ones she does not forget. and this soon? no? quietly she moves alongside the few other cops and suddenly pops out in front of him just as he’s entering into the school gate.

kim jinhong.

how funny that this is how she’s going to learn his name.

“why hello there, jinhong-ah. i didn’t know you went to high school here.” ha. she knew this kiddo was in high school. she knew it. and now it’s proven.

ice cold


the file she read was something unusual, to say the least. this kid stole his own university medical supplies. for what? he never even wrote down a real excuse, used something else to escape the blame and sincerely apologized. the school believes him: the police on the other hand, do not. kyungri’s job is simple: track him and down arrest him. he’s currently wanted and the police want to prosecute him, they think he’s part of a gang.

of course, kyuhngri needs to hear both sides.

she’s brought prince shim, ready to see if he managed to get away with anything. she drives along, using the navigation gps system she has to pinpoint his address on record. when she arrives to the small house, she sighs. she gets out of the car, ties her hair away and behind her head and lets prince shim out of the car. the two approach the door and she rings the bell. suddenly a face opens the door, but it’s not the right one kyungri wants to speak with.

“hi there. my name is park kyungri and i’m with the seoul police department. i was wondering if i could speak with kim minjae.” the boy just blinks at her and turns around, eagerly calling someones name. meanwhile she puts her badge away and waits for this minjae kid to arrive. hopefully this can be over with, quickly.

SM brothers @ 120721 SHINee World Concert (AKA why SM let EXO went to SWC)
  • EXO: WOW~~~~~~ ˋ( ° ▽ ° ) SHINee ROCK \(0^O^0)/ (waving a light stick happily) !!!!
  • Changmin: Yeah, yeah. We know.
  • ---- JongTae's smut on stage ----
  • EXO: ( -`д´-)
  • EXO: (゚ロ゚;)
  • EXO: = 凸 =
  • Changmin: ............................................
  • EXO: ............................................................
  • Changmin: Soon boys, soon. You guys will have to do that soon, trust me.