prince shadow

Me: there’s no plot twist or death that can shake me to my core anymore

Me, reading a Cassandra Clare book:

Herondales have sex in caves, Blackthorns have sex in every book.

Shance Sketch request for @mettaverse  

I’m working on a fully finished piece for Two Shadows Went but ya’ll–the detail– THE DETAIL!!! In my head, it’s like a rococo painting where everything is so intricate and beautiful. I want this to look like Rivendell elves if elves had royalty! and were in space! I –yeah it’s taking me some time, ahaha! 

“He walked the streets of Romania, looking for a Bride. He had been alone for years, watching happy couples be free, full of life, and full of love. He looks along the streets when he spots me, sitting there with tears and blood. He kneels by me and a irony taste fills my lips as I’m soon lifted by him, cradled in his arms…” (Credit to cher)

  • Holland: I am a very bad person. I am a very very bad person. I am a horrible person.
  • Lila:
  • Rhy:
  • Ojka:
  • Alucard:
  • Kell:
  • Holland: "No you're not Holland, we still love you Holland."
The reason we have 2 Herondales and like a million of Blackthorns

Jace: I got laid in book 6.

Will: Sorry, mate. Book 3.

Julian: Book 1, guys.

Let’s not forget the most important character in the shadowhunter chronicles… church…like what a legend…truly iconic

  • Jem Carstairs, Clockwork Princess: Our hearts, they need a mirror, Tessa. We see our better selves in the eyes of those who love us. And there is a beauty that brevity alone provides.
  • Mark Blackthorn, Lady Midnight: For years I have had no mirror; I have learned to make do. The eyes of another can be a mirror more effective than water. If you will look at me, I can see my reflection in yours.

I didn’t think I needed Kieran in a Harry Styles’ Sign Of The Times inspired outfit until I drew Kieran in a Harry Styles’ Sign Of The Times inspired outfit.

Oh man, I love him.

Kieran  © @cassandraclare