prince sanjay

Full Confession: It’s disappointing to see other’s think of Sanjay as too polite or “perfect”. I feel like they haven’t gotten to see the true depths of his character.

Sanjay is not always happy. He gets upset if the main character loses a competition when you’re dating, or if you show a ring or blue feather to others when you’re dating or married. He has his flaws too. There’s times where he shows doubt about himself, and he mentions creating a ‘mountain of failed attempts’ while cooking sweets for the main character while dating during Spring Harmony Day. There are moments where he’s angry too, like when the main character eavesdrops on Sanjay and Amir during Amir’s yellow heart event. Sanjay gives you a little scolding for it. If you lower Sanjay’s heart level far down when you’re married, he scolds you for being immature.

Sanjay has his quirks: like his insect-phobia, his love of the color blue and things he finds to be cute (like potted cactus’ and the wagon decoration you can build). And he has a sense of humor and can tease. There’s moments, like during the Fireworks Festival when you’re dating, or when Sanjay mentions that he doesn’t know how to swim if you’re married and visit the Southern Island, where he’s laughing or chuckling with you or at himself.

Sanjay also admits, when you’re dating and win a contest, that he’s ‘not the most emotionally expressive person’ to paraphrase. But, working for a prince, it’s understandable that Sanjay has to be calm and respectable. And, as a past confession has pointed out, I’m sure Sanjay was raised to be the utmost polite.

Sanjay has strengths and weakness like anyone else, and is in no way perfect, since perfection is impossible, and only a subjective sentiment.

Only in my subjective eyes is Sanjay perfect, because I love everything that he is deeply, with all my heart.