prince rescue

Once upon a time
There was a beautiful princess
Who lived in a tower.
One day, a prince came to her rescue.
The prince told her he loved her
And they lived happily ever after.

Once upon a time
There was a little princess
Who lived in a small town.
One day, a prince came to her school.
The prince told her he loved her
And they lived happily ever after.

Once upon a time,
There was a young girl
Who lived in the middle of nowhere.
One day, a boy came into her life.
She dreamed he’d tell her he loved her
And they’d live happily ever after.

Once upon a time,
There was a girl
Who fell in love with her best friend.
One day, she told the boy she loved him.
She hoped he’d say, “I love you, too.”
So they could live happily ever after.

Once upon a time,
There was a beautiful princess
Who never stopped loving her prince.
One day, she admitted everything she ever felt,
But the prince didn’t love her back.
He lived happily ever after
With another princess.

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Small Damen and small Laurent meeting and probably becoming friends.

I decreased the age difference, because five years gets a lot bigger the younger you are

“You’re blocking the slide.” Damen crossed his arms over his chest and glared at the smaller, blond boy sitting at the top of the playground.

The other boy looked behind him, then back at Damen, and nodded. “Yeah.”


“I don’t want to.”

“You have to. I want to go down.”

“I don’t want to.”

Damen huffed. “I’ll tell my dad, and he’ll get you in trouble.”

“Tell your dad. I don’t care.”

“I will.” Damen turned to climb back down the ladder that led to the slide, but stopped. He’d expected the other boy to scramble to tell him not to tell after all, but he still didn’t move from where he was sitting in front of the slide. He looked like he was rooted to the spot. Damen turned back around to face him. “Why are you sitting up here? You’re not even playing.”

“I want to.”

“No you don’t. That’s boring.”

The boy glared at him, and Damen scowled back. He was good at scowling. His older brother had taught him how.

After a minute of that, the boy looked down. His face was turning red. “I’m stuck.”

“You’re stuck?”

“Yeah. I only climbed up here because my uncle told me to, and then he left, and I don’t like heights. And my brother’s meeting me here after school but that’s not for ages because he has sports so I’m stuck.”

Well, that Damen could work with. He offered the boy a hand. “I’m Damen. Come on, I’ll help you get down.”

The boy glared. “I’m Laurent, and I don’t need help.”

“Yes, you do. You just said you’re stuck at the top of the slide.”

“I’ll be fine once my brother gets here.”

“Well, I’m going to help you get down now.

Laurent still didn’t take his hand, so Damen reached down and grabbed it and tugged. Laurent stumbled to his feet, eyes wide and his face pale.

“There. Now you’re standing. Do you want to go back down the ladder, or down the slide?”

Laurent had a death grip on Damen’s arm with both hands, and it kind of hurt. “I want to sit back down.”

“No. Ladder or slide?”

Laurent glanced nervously between his two options. “I don’t like the ladder.”

“Then the slide. That’s easy. You just have to go down it.”

“I don’t want to. I don’t like tunnel slides.”

“Then why did you come up here?”

“Because my uncle told me to!”

“Then your uncle is a jerk. Come on.”

Laurent didn’t want to move, but he was smaller than Damen and didn’t want to let go of Damen’s arm, so it wasn’t that hard for Damen to get him to go the short distance to the slide entrance.

Laurent shook his head. “I don’t want to.”

“You have to. And then you’ll be on the ground and you won’t be stuck anymore.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Too bad. Come on, I can go down with you if you want.”

Laurent looked at him like he was crazy. “Only one person can go down the slide at a time. It says on the rule board.” He pointed to the board in question, releasing his grip on Damen for a second to do so, then immediately grabbing back on.

“I won’t tell if you won’t.” That’s what Kastor said every time he broke the rules.

Laurent looked around nervously, like the playground police might jump out at them at any moment for even thinking about going down the slide at the same time.


Damen had to push Laurent to make him sit down, and had to keep pushing him to get him down the slide, as he kept scuffing his feet and slowing them down. They finally emerged back out into the daylight, and Laurent leapt off the bottom of the slide and darted away, like it might drag him back in.

“Thanks,” he said when Damen followed him.

Damen nodded. “Your uncle is a jerk. We should go play on the swings. Swings are better.” He pulled Laurent along, but this time Laurent followed him willingly.

Lunchtime, Part 2, Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Prompt: Part 2 of Lunchtime

Words: 541

Author’s Note: Ah, the classic ‘creep hits on you at a bar and here comes prince charming to the rescue’ except prince charming is hammy and he’s horrible at being a prince and at being charming.

Warnings: Curse words, mentions of drinking/alcohol, dirt bag at a bar.

Askbox | Masterlist | Prompt list | Part One

You passed your finals, Alex became busy at work again, you stole his shirts more often.

You didn’t tell any of the boys about the new development in your relationship. Hell, besides making out and the occasional dinner date, the two of you hardly talked about it. 

In celebration of the end of a stressful semester for you and a hard few weeks of work for the boys, you all dressed up and spent the evening at your favorite bar. You all agreed to go rather light on the drinking, and just enjoy each other’s company.

You took up a corner booth, one farthest from the bar. You were two beers in when the boys all called for another. You rolled your eyes, collecting the glasses and weaving through the crowd to the bar.

A man in a white button up shirt took the spot next to you, ordering a round for his rowdy work buddies in a booth across the room. You avoided his gaze, and suddenly you wished you wore a cover up as you felt his eyes on you.

“I’ll get those for her.” Her told the bartender.

“No need, put it on my tab.” You insisted, forcing a smile.

“A girl with a tab! A woman after my own heart.” He joked, you smiled, trying to be polite. Sure, he was trying to pick up a girl while his breath reeked of alcohol, but he had yet to do or say anything distasteful.

He gave you his name, you smiled, but didn’t offer yours. You could hear his coworkers cheering him on as he stepped closer to you.

“I’m sorry, I’m not really interested. I’m just here with my friends.” You pointed to your booth, and grinned when he became slightly intimidated at the sight of them. It’s rather hard to feel manly when Hercules was in the room. No matter how many pants he sewed.

“You could come back to my booth? Get a few drinks in you, I’m sure you’ll forget about your friends.” He tried slinking his arm around you, but you quickly brushed it off.

“Please don’t touch me.”

A different arm wrapped around your waist. You leaned into it knowing it was Alexander.

“I’ll help you carry the drinks back, babe.” He coo’d, completely ignoring the dirt bag next to you. The dirt bag straightened at the appearance of Alexander, “Do you know this guy?”

“I don’t. He’s kind of giving me a hard time. Probably because his parents didn’t give him enough attention as a child. Or maybe he feels peer pressured by his coworkers to try and pick up unsuspecting, intoxicated women at bars.” You grinned, which Alexander returned sweetly.

The dirt bag visibly slouched at your words.

“What are you gonna do? Defend her honor?” He sneered, suddenly on defense mode.

“Nah, I’m sure she could kick your ass perfectly fine on her own. Like I said, I’m just here to help with the drinks.” With that, Alex handed you two glasses and took three for himself, ushering you away from the dumbfounded dirt bag at the bar.

You passed the drinks around, avoiding the grins your friends gave you.

So,” Drawled Laurens, “When did you guys start fucking?”

So… I doubt many people are going to care about this, but since at least one person ( @zdbztumble) expressed interest when I mentioned it the other day here it is. A pokeshipping-as-some-sort-of-Little-Mermaid-AU playlist.

The idea is that the hypothetical AU this would be a soundtrack for would loosely follow the plot of the Little Mermaid (mermaid rescues prince, they fall in love, magic hijinks ensue, love triumphs)–but since this prince and mermaid are also Ash and Misty their relationships isn’t quite all sunshine and hearts from the get-go. (Which made this playlist pretty challenging to make, actually. Turns out it’s pretty hard to find fairytale-esque songs that aren’t overly saccharine. Or even love songs that mention the sea without being all ~our love is greater than the ocean~!)


(on youtube because not all the songs were on spotify and I can’t use 8tracks)

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Haiti hotel police raid exposes child sex trafficking
Haitian police have arrested nine people in connection with sex trafficking, involving girls as young as 13, highlighting the dangers facing children in the Caribbean nation where human trafficking is rife and the crime often goes unpunished.

The sting raid by police on Sunday at a resort hotel, Kaliko Beach Club, near the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, led to the rescue of at least 31 women and girls, police authorities said.

“These people are suspected of trafficking in minors and of sexual exploitation,” said Gary Desrosiers, national police deputy spokesman, in an interview with local media.

The victims were rescued following a two-month investigation, he said.

Favorite OTPs – Sabriel and Touchstone | The Abhorsen Trilogy

“I’d have liked to see you in the Royal Guard,” Sabriel said. “And the Old Kingdom, in…I mean before the Stones were broken.”

“In my day, you mean,” said Touchstone. “I would have liked that too. It was more like here, then. Here normally, I mean. Peaceful, and sort of slow. Sometimes I thought life was too slow, too predictable. I’d prefer that now…”

“I used to think like that at school,” Sabriel answered. “Dreaming about the Old Kingdom. Proper Charter Magic. Dead to bind. Princes to be—”


“Married,” replied Sabriel, absently.

Nick Jr. Introduces Princess of Blended Ethnicity

Even Nickelodeon is rising to the challenges of 2017. Nick Jr. has just introduced Nella the Princess Knight, a new animated character of mixed race and big plans.

Nella was created specifically to shatter stereotypes, Nickelodeon Group President Cyma Zarghami explained to PEOPLE. “This is hopefully representative of what our country actually does look like,” said Zarghami. “I think that we are telling authentic stories about real kids and real families — even though they’re animated and fantasy-based. We’re really trying to reflect what kids see every day… real kids who look like you and me.”

As a modern princess, Nella doesn’t need a prince to rescue her. The trailer gives equal weight to Nella’s princess-perfect “beautiful gown and sparkly tiara” and her sword and suit of armor. “Girl empowerment is really a part of Nickelodeon’s DNA, so a girl who transforms into a knight to save the day sounds exactly in line with what we believe is our mission,” Zarghami explained.

The show seems to seek the blessing of families who may be concerned about the role princess media can play in reinforcing gender stereotypes. Last June, a Brigham Young University study of 198 preschoolers confirmed that engaging with princess media and toys at a young age can lead to self-critical behavior and gender stereotyping. Parents spoke out about a fear that the stereotypes would hold their daughters back from experimenting with math and science, or even playing outside and getting messy. From what we can see so far of Nella, she’s unafraid of pursuing her goals — although we still have yet to see a princess who fights crime, cares about fashion, and majored in STEM.

A “Princess Knight” may be the solution for parents who want to teach their children without denying them the joys of a royal lifestyle. Even Akira Golz, the 12-year-old actress who voices Nella, has learned from her alter-ego. “Nella’s a great person, she’s always super sweet and has a lot of confidence,” said Golz. “I feel like ever since I started Nella, I feel like I’ve been a little bit more outgoing and little bit more confident in myself just from seeing all the things she’s done.”

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“Although remembered for his many wives, Henry VIII spent two thirds of his adult life married to just one woman -his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. It was Catherine who witnessed the young King’s accession, his attempts to establish himself as a ruler and an international statesman. For Catherine, her husband was always the handsome young prince who had rescued her from miserable obscurity, but their marriage ended with bitterness and recriminations on both sides.” 

Elizabeth Norton, The Illustrated Six Wives of Henry VIII

Pastry Train/Caboosnut Headcannons

Caboose likes giving Donut piggyback rides. Sometimes Caboose will run around base with Donut laughing and holding on for dear life.

Both Caboose and Donut like to draw. Donut likes sketching designs for clothes and even lets Caboose pick out some colors or give him opinions. Caboose likes to draw stories and memories. Once they made a stapled story book together about a brave knight rescuing a prince from a tower from a stupid aqua colored dragon.

While Donut usually cooks and bakes Caboose sometimes cooks too. He likes making snacks and sandwiches for lunch and muffins for breakfast. Of course someone has to watch him do something doesn’t catch fire.

Caboose loves to watch Donut dye the tips of his hair pink with “hair crayons”. He’s even let Donut dye his own tips blue.

Donut sometimes wears Caboose’s clothes. They’re rather big on him but they’re super cozy and they smell good. Also the color looks cool on him.

Donut sits in Caboose’s lap often. It doesn’t matter where they’re at. Caboose likes holding his cutie close.

Donut calls Caboose “Mikey” and Caboose keeps coming up with nicknames for Donut. Caboose knows his name but he gets confused sometimes.

The two love dancing together. Their favorite thing to dance together is Single Ladies.

Caboose will sometimes sneak into Donut’s room and snuggle with him. Sometimes Donut will feel lonely and sneak into Caboose’s room for the same reasons.

Donut absolutely loves Caboose’s nail art. Caboose can make little hearts or even tiny cats. The two will even have matching nail polish days.

Donut cuts Caboose’s hair when it gets too long and even lets him use his rainbow barrettes sometimes.

Caboose can be pretty protective over Donut. If someone makes fun of him for being himself Caboose gets very mad.

They have “boyfriend” bracelets.

Caboose’s favorite lip gloss that Donut wears is cotton candy. He can’t stop kissing him.

Donut really likes Caboose’s smile. Like every time he sees his smile Donut gets all fuzzy inside.

Caboose likes Donut’s baby blue eyes. Even the one that has “boo-boos”.

Caboose is super happy his “best friend” (face it Church is caboose’s best friend) likes his boyfriend.

Caboose has tried bringing Church on dates before but Church refuses and explains that dates are usually a couple thing and not a best friend thing.

The two love singing songs like “Haven’t you noticed?(I’m a star)” from Steven Universe or “Happy Together” by Turtles.

There was a girl named Devin,
When she was born her father looked at her and saw perfection,
So that is what he called her.
Every day he would come home and hold her in his arms just to marvel at her beauty.
She would fall asleep knowing that her father loved her so.
When she was four her father called her princess,
Because he thought of her as royalty,
So that is what he called her.
When they played,
She would be the princess, her father the prince and he would rescue her from the dog named dragon.
And at night when she woke in fear,
Yelling that the dragons would get her,
Her father would come in and hold her close,
And she would fall asleep knowing that she would always be safe.
When she was seven the neighborhood boys called her gross,
Because they thought she had cooties,
So that is what they called her.
When she wanted to play they would tell her no,
And she would run home with tears in her eyes.
When she got home to her father,
He would hold her and whisper in her ear,
Saying ‘boys will be boys, they just really like you’.
So she fell asleep easy that night,
Knowing that people thought she was beautiful,
When she was 10 the boys at school called her fat,
Because she had more curves than the other girls,
So that is what they called her.
She would go home each night,
Without a tear in her eye,
Because she knew they were just being boys.
When she got home her father wasn’t there,
So she went to the bathroom and held herself,
Squeezing and squishing, trying to look like the other girls.
And when it was time to go to bed that night,
She had to put a pillow over her ears,
To drown out the sounds of her father yelling.
When she was 13 her boyfriend called her beautiful,
Because he loved her curves,
So that is what he called her.
When she would come over to his house,
He would kiss her,
And she would kiss him back,
Because she wanted him to love her.
But when he tried to touch her she would yell no,
And the boy didn’t like that,
So he held her down and did it anyway.
Eventually she stopped fighting him off her,
For she saw her mom do this before,
And she thought this is how you love a man,
And when she finally got to bed that night,
She felt to empty to sleep,
Because something from her was missing,
And she didn’t give it away.
When she was 16 she called herself lonely,
Because she spent a lot of time by herself,
So that is what she called herself.
She didn’t do as well in school,
The boys didn’t come around anymore,
And the kids at school gave her sideways glances because they heard what she did last year.
And when she came home at night,
Her father was in another family,
she tucked her mother into bed
And put the bottle on the shelf.
And found her way to bed.
And she would sit there holding herself tight,
Hoping that she could keep herself together.
But she wouldn’t fall asleep at night,
Because the roaring dragons would be too loud
And no one was there to protect her.
When she was 19 they called her dead,
Because she was buried breathless, somewhere underground,
So that is what they called her.
Because one night she came home to an empty house,
And a loaded gun.
The yelling voices in her head were giving her a headache,
And all she wanted to do was make it stop.
She held the gun to her head,
And she went to sleep that night with the sound of a gunshot echoing through an empty name.