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Can you believe Wonder Woman 2017 was written by an openly gay man, directed by a woman, staring a kickass woman surrounded by other ethnically diverse kickass women, with Chris Pine as the love interest who was not weak, racist, or sexist at all, also with diverse and interesting male sidekicks, and the villain who was defeated with the power of love because love is strength not weakness. Like damn how did we get so lucky?

friends don’t think about how Diana probably hired Etta as her secretary after the war, and how Etta probably worked alongside her at the Louvre for the rest of her life and how she took Etta everywhere she went from the sandy dunes of Egypt to the jungles of South America to the palaces of the Russian aristocracy and how Diana watched Etta age and grow weary even as she herself grew stronger and how Diana sat in the front row at Etta’s funeral and cried for the first time since Steve and how she buried her best friend of fifty years at the foot of a pure white marble headstone that read “Etta Candy, a true light in this world”.

I feel like one of the most ironically sexist things that happened to women heroes for so long was that they had universal storytelling taken away from them. So, male superheroes could have Lois Lane. They can have love, they can have vulnerability, they can have complexity. But women superheroes or strong women characters had to be, ‘I don’t need anyone, I’m the toughest person in the world.’ That’s not fair to anybody. No human being is an island like that.
—  Patty Jenkins, on including Steve Trevor in a Wonder Woman film

Wonder Woman brought up some Real Shit™ that is still applicable today, most importantly:

  • Chief explaining what happened to Native Americans
  • Charlie having PTSD and trying to deal with it
  • Sameer talking about how he wanted to be an actor but the color of his skin prevents that from happening

you just know that if it had been a male director, Diana would have been all wide-eyed and curious about Steve’s body and would have made sexual comments and tried to grope him and it would be played for laughs and after a graphic sex scene she would have been all flushed and magically different

but instead we have Patty “yaaas queen” Jenkins, so Diana just gives Steve’s naked body an interested once-over before telling him that men are neither necessary or recommended for a woman’s sexual pleasure and then rolled over and went to sleep while he lay there spluttering

Have you guys seen Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman Script?

Its horrific. A complete opposite of what the film became. 

Its full of sexualizing descriptions pandering to the male gaze

There’s a lot of feet stuff…. And Diana literally uses her body to sexily dance for the villain in order to get his attention. 

And it just gets worse and worse:

I’m just so glad we got a rewrite and Patty Jenkins, cause this would have been a sexist flop of a film.