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royaland  asked:

I would like to ask you if we know something about the tiara that Empress Sissi wore as queen of Hungary,where is it etc,,,,Thank you!

I don’t know much about Empress Elisabeth’s jewels but here’s what I’ve been able to find out.  First of all, I’m going to assume you mean the tiara she wore in the photos taken by Emil Rabending to mark her coronation as Queen of Hungary in 1867.  Sissi wore a crown during the coronation ceremony but a tiara for the photographs. 

If the tiara was her personal property then it was probably sold after her death in 1898.  She directed for most of her jewels to be sold and the proceeds given to charity.  Any personal property that was not sold was inherited by her granddaughter, Archduchess Elisabeth Marie of Austria known as Erzsi.  Below is a photo of Erzsi’s wedding gifts from when she married Prince Otto of Windisch-Grätz in 1902.  Included in the picture are 27 diamonds star made by Köchert and a bow-shaped brooch with a cross pendant that belonged to Sissi.  What doesn’t make sense to me is that if she inherited those jewels from her grandmother, why are they included in the wedding presents?  Where they held in trust until she married or were the sold in 1898 but they were bought by a family member who thought they would then make a good wedding gift for Erzsi?  Either way, the tiara in question is not in the photo which makes me think it was part of the jewels that were sold.

If the tiara was state property it should be in the Imperial Treasury at the Hofburg in Vienna.  I’ve never seen any pictures of tiaras or more decorative jewellery included in this collection so I don’t think the tiara was part of the Austrian crown jewels which brings us back to the tiara being sold after her death.