prince on a white horse

Remember the Promise, Carl Grimes.

A/N: I made another one! I hope you guys like it as much as you have the last ones!

Summary: The reader and Carl are in a “no strings attached” kind of relationship that is as complicated as can be. Due to the disapproval of the reader’s mother they’ve been sneaking around for quite some time. Despite efforts to stop it, they both feel it turning into something more.

(Flashbacks in italics)

Word Count: 15,247

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You don’t ship Yurio and Otabek because no reason? Well I’ll give you a solid reason to ship them *wink*
The GPF is obviously in Barcelona, and Otabek is from Kasagstan, he even mentions how he kept switching his rinks but now he’s finally back in Kazakhstan at his home rink. “Wow, okay, we already knew that, Sherlock. What’s you point anyway?!” MY POINT IS, Otabek most probably rented that sweet bike to save the Russian fairy and take him for a ride to see the sunset and ask him to be his friend!! He probably even followed him
because his timing was too good to be a coincidence, amirite? This reminded me of a prince on a white horse saving his princess. If that’s not enough reason for you to ship them then idk what it is. Otayuri all the way!

I am so desperate for someone to kiss me
That I started going to bars alone
In the hopes that some magical love story will plunge itself into my depths and I will be completed
But I am so deep in desperation that anyone
Even the ones with dirt on their necks and scum on their shoes
Look to be like princes riding in on white horses
I just want to be held
I just want to be touched.
—  c.d. - The Dirt Stayed After the Baptism

I have gathered all of the Tsukiuta icons and made this (there are ones that I left out). Everyone grew up so handsome.

Kokeru (sorry, a lame joke from the anime) Kakeru looks like he hasn’t changed at all. His bangs are shorter but that’s everything. I bet his height hasn’t changet either. (Okay…he might became taller)

Hajime from young charming prince became the king, for sure. Also his hair looks better now.

Koi has changed a lot and became seriously good loking, isn’t he? He is not a little boy with hairpins anymore, he is a man with hairpins now, I suppose, that’s sad, because he is the youngest among the boys.

As for Haru, he looks more handsome and serious, just like megane-san who is alwas with him.

Arata looked like an impudient but handsome brat, but now he looks like a Casanova.

Aoi from the cute neighbor boy became the prince charming in white horse. Okay he hasn’t got a horse but still… he looks much like much better just like everyone else, so nice work boys, I’m so proud of you.

I’ll also post the Procella version

BTS to their gf being an equestrian and wanting to take them to the barn to show them her horses


I bet he’d want to try riding, or sitting, on the back of the horse….mostly so he’d actually look like a prince on a white horse.

But other than that he’d be really interested in you being an equestrian, and would ask lots of questions!

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He’d lowkey want to pet them and feed them carrots or something. I also bet he’d be the one where the horses like start nibbling on his hat or scarf and he’d get scared so he’d just awkwardly start laughing 

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“I’M HOME!!!!”

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“Babe,don’t get me wrong, I love you and your horses and all , but can’t we just go home and cuddle?”

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He’s too scared be be near them cause one almost bit his finger as he was feeding it, so he is just watching from afar and laughing at himself while you try to get him to pet it.

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We all know how much this boy loves animals so it wouldn’t come as a surprise when he’d get all exited and would want to play with the little foal (yes It is a word apparently, I had to google this…)

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just freezes and has no clue what to do.

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Hope you enjoyed!

Monsta X Comeback teasers

So I’m sure ya’ll have seen all of the pictures already, but I’m gonna post them anyway :D Also these pics should be better quality but they don’t look as HD here as they do on my phone, is that a thing?

First of we got our sunshine Minhyuk with his cute new red hair ^^

After we got fluffy sinful Wonho(e) (My fave if you didn’t know) ;D

The came Kihyun looking like a god (also am I the only one who’s still not used to him being able to turn from the huge fluffball he is into this sexy hot mess?)

Then comes prince charming (without the white horse) hyungwon ^^

Now I.M our cute little maknae playing with fire (and hearts, specifically mine)

Sixth teaser was for honey honey jooheonie who looks soooo good in the pics

And last, but definitely not least, leader and father, appa shownu, who gave me a heartattack with how damn amazing he looked in his pictures because I DID NOT EXPECT THIS.

So those where all the teaser pictures of the members individually and they all look so good I honestly can’t stop saying that :D 

And then came the last picture for now with all of them sitting on a couch and looking pretty :3


Courted [a Sebastian Smythe AU]

Request: ok but like. can i request a prince! sebastian? like maybe he’s a dick but he sees reader (whether she’s royal or or not idc) and tries to use charm or something like that. also, happy valentines day ! xx

a/n: seb is an ass but hes MY ass so its ok. HAPPY SINGLES DAY x

Sebastian is such a prince name; that’s what everyone says. The young prince likes how posh his name sounds. It makes him feel even more powerful. Whenever he goes into town, he makes sure his presence is known. “Prince Sebastian!” one of his royal escorts announces after blowing the horn.

Hopping of his stark white horse, the prince fixes his navy cape around his shoulders. His mossy green eyes scan the small market village, landing on a flower shop. As he struts towards it, he picks up an apple from someone’s basket, smirking and rolling the smooth fruit between his palms. The owner sighs.

His mud color knee high boots stop in the wood doorway, brushing around loose dirt. “Well, well, well, aren’t you a pretty commoner?” he flirts, biting the skin of the apple. You blush, stopping your hands from continuing to arrange the bouquet. “Tell me, what is your name, commoner?” he all but orders, swallowing after he presses the back of his hand to his mouth.

Stepping away from the table, you grab some of the light brown fabric of your skirt, curtsying and bowing your head. “My name is Y/N…my lord.” you whisper, standing up straighter while you run your fingers through your hair.

There’s a twinkle in his eyes and he puts the apple in his mouth, staring directly at you when he takes a bite. You shift on your feet nervously, nibbling on your bottom lip. “Y/N…” he repeats, tossing the fruit to the ground. Sebastian crosses his arms over his fitted red toga. “These flowers are not nearly as beautiful as you.” he tuts, scowling as he passes by the radiant nature.

“My lor-”

“Sebastian.” he interrupts, “You are allowed to call me Sebastian. You and only you.” he smirks, admiring the way he made your face heat up. His grass green eyes travel down your body, lips popping. “Are you courted yet?” You shake your head. “I am going to court you then. If you let me.” he says hopefully, strutting closer.

You gasp quietly, playing with your fingers. This is the prince you are talking to! “Your highn-” The prince shoots you a playful glare. “Sebastian.” you correct yourself, “You wish to court me, but you barely know me…” you trail off, unsure if this is acceptable to say. Probably not.

Sighing dramatically, Sebastian leans against the wood doorframe, crossing his black leather-clad legs. “Then you must tell me things.” he tilts his head slightly, eyes widened. “Because I am courting you, milady.”


Once upon a time, years and years ago, there was a little princess and she was very sad for her mother and father had died. 

Before the princess appear a traveling prince riding upon a white horse. He had a regal bearing and a kind smile. The prince wrapped the princess in a rose-scented embrace and gently wiped the tears from her eyes. 

“Little one,” he said, “who bears up alone in such deep sorrow. Never lose that strength or nobility, even when you grow up. I give you this to remember this day. We will meet again. This ring will lead you to me again, one day." 

Perhaps the ring the prince gave her was an engagement ring. This was all well and good, but so impressed was she by him that the princess vowed to become a prince herself one day. 

But was that really such a good idea?

BTS in Halloween costumes:
  • kookie: has the least clothes possible; borderline naked
  • taetae: nobody understands his costume even after the hundredth explanation
  • namjoon: dresses up as the doppler effect with accompanying demonstrations
  • jimin: tries to be the sexy bunny but ends up buying the cute bunny costume instead
  • seokjin: prince charming with the white horse
  • hoseok: it's neon and it lights up
  • yoongi: dresses up normally and tells people 'it's called constant despair'

So to me, this video is really pointing to the fact that internally this girl is a lesbian, or whatever sexuality she has. Apples are generally a “forbidden fruit”, and in Japan homosexual/lesbian relationships are seen as “forbidden love”. She bites into it and delves into a small little Eden. Of course she’s Adam in this Eden (not Eve, since she’s the first “human” there), which is pretty interesting, and she creates an Eve for herself (remember, Eve was made as a companion for Adam). At this point I think she’s confused about her sexuality since Eve is a gender-less, formless blob. Furthermore she’s staring at a prince with a unicorn in the horizon…which disappears. A prince on a white horse is generally what every little girl, in “proper,” society, dreams for. Hence, she was struggling and contemplating where her sexuality stands, especially since society tells her that she needs to be a heterosexual little girl that wants a prince on a white horse to save her. Even so, when she enters reality, she realizes exactly who she is.

This entire video is a delusion, so she starts twisting “reality” to what she wants it to be and starts turning all the women into lilies. Lilies in the anime industry are generally symbolism for yuri or lesbian relationships…basically, in her ideal world, she’s turning all of the women into lesbians. Furthermore, when she encounters a male, she makes him suffer and tear his own heart out; clearly she is not fond of the male sex. And finally, she is shocked to see the pink-haired girl from ME!ME!ME! with her boyfriend. It’s very important to notice that the camera focuses and centers on this girl, not the boy. If her love interest was the boy, then the camera would’ve panned over to his face. The camera stays fixated on the girl, and the words “suki” (“like”) start desperately repeating. Her love interest is this pink-haired girl, and she is utterly devastated. Perhaps her love for this girl is what made her start to question her sexuality in the first place. And maybe her hatred for men stems from spite for the pink-haired girl’s boyfriend.

By the end of the video, she’s lying naked in the boat that is noticeably no longer filled with apples or lilies. The boat is bare like her feelings, and a shadow falls on her, and she lights up. Yes, she has found new love, but notice how the shadow is gender-less. Also, the lack of apples or lilies in the boat could mean that her love for that girl ended, or her love for girls in general ended. We don’t know the gender of the shadow, so maybe this girl is bisexual, or even pan. Who knows, after all she’s still at a young age, trying to figure out her identity and who she is. That’s what the video is about. There’s a ton of imagery and analysis that I didn’t go over, but it’s great that this video can be dissected and interpreted in many different ways :)