prince on a white horse

Eve and Persephone met,
and it was the dynamic duo of the century.

Eve and the apple that cursed so much like
Snow White’s fairy tale, only there was no
prince on a white horse here. There was just
a bite mark in the shape of a heart. A loose
tooth breaking free, falling to the ground,
leaving Eve with a bloody mouth and a taste
that could only be mistaken for freedom.

Persephone and her pomegranate, the juice
down her chin, how easily it could have been
mistaken for the fresh blood of an animal.
Instead of breadcrumbs, she tossed the
pigeons seeds, bloated them full of sticky

The men were the saints,
and these women were our sinners.

God was all man.
The angels, the adoring fans,
they were our girls. If you did
wrong, your wings were robbed in
your sleep. This was what we were
told to worship.

Eve said, “He gave me a mind of my own
but never meant for me to think for myself.
My appetite could not even be my own.”

Persephone said, “I was just a little girl.
He grabbed me from behind and they all
said I should love him because he’s a God.”

Eve and Persephone said,
“They told me I was just a girl,
nothing Godly about that.
I wanted to know why I couldn’t be both.”

Eve and Persephone met,
and nobody was ready for what happened next.
—  Eve and Persephone: The Birth of Witchcraft, angelea l.

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a little princess, and she was very sad, for her mother and father had died. Before the princess appeared a travelling prince, riding upon a white horse. He had a regal bearing and a kind smile. The prince wrapped the princess in a rose-scented embrace and gently wiped the tears from her eyes.
“Little one,” he said, “who bears up alone in such deep sorrow, never lose that strength or nobility, even when you grow up. I give you this to remember this day. We will meet again. This ring will lead you to me one day.” Perhaps the ring the prince gave her was an engagement ring.
This was all well and good, but so impressed was she by him that the princess vowed to become a prince herself one day. But was that really such a good idea?

Remember the Promise, Carl Grimes.

A/N: I made another one! I hope you guys like it as much as you have the last ones!

Summary: The reader and Carl are in a “no strings attached” kind of relationship that is as complicated as can be. Due to the disapproval of the reader’s mother they’ve been sneaking around for quite some time. Despite efforts to stop it, they both feel it turning into something more.

(Flashbacks in italics)

Word Count: 15,247

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awalkingaesthetic  asked:

Every time I start to recover from this game I remember that V exists and then I am ABOARD THE FEELS TRAIN. FYI your headcanons are important. Anyway. I would be so incredibly psyched if you could write RFA + Minor Trio learning that MC has a horse, and their reaction to MC's Very Important Very Large Pet.

Fun fact my dad actually tried to get me to like horses as a child. I never really took to them. I have a healthy fear of large, muscly animals who can step on me. I only really like being stepped on by large, muscly women


  • oh god being on top of a horse is scary they’re so tall
  • h e l p
  • You giggle as you lead Bloomington the III around the pasture with a terrified, squirming Yoosung on top of him. He tries to pretend that he’s Cool with this, because he wants to be a Cool Man, but he’s not cool.
  • he’s super not cool.
  • Luckily Bloomington is the chillest of horses, and he does not freak out with this strange blond wiggle-man being on top of him. He manages to stay on him for a good fifteen minutes before needing to get off and hyperventilate.
  • Despite being terrified, Yoosung also thought the experience was great, and wants to continue trying to get used to your horse. Eventually, you teach him how to ride your baby, and Yoosung is SO HAPPY.
  • can the three of you join the SCA please


  • Zen is less thrilled with your very important, very large pet, because your very important, very large pet keeps trying to eat his hair.
  • He puts up with it, however, because your very important, very large pet is beautiful, and he loves posing with him.
  • The internet proceeds to blow up with photos of Zen the Prince on your gorgeous white horse, and you giggle when Bloomington the III becomes a minor celebrity for awhile.
  • People keep sending him treats. It’s adorable. You tell him how handsome he is and Zen gets a little jealous that he’s not getting all of your attention.
  • zen can deal with it. 
  • bloomy deseves it.


  • she. she doesn’t know how to feel about this’.
  • like. just.
  • he’s so big.
  • and so large.
  • and requires so much maintenance. 
  • But you love him dearly, and she loves you dearly, so she tries to get used to his presence.
  • At first, she won’t even come near him. She doesn’t say she isn’t interested, but she slips out of every offer you make to spend time together with him. She’ll watch him, but not much else, until one Valentine’s day when - in an effort to please you - she agrees to go on a walk with you and him.
  • It goes well. You see her smile. She says maybe another day like this wouldn’t be so bad.
  • Slowly, very very slowly, you get Jaehee acclimated to him. You have her feed him, have her pet him, and inch by inch, she starts falling in love with those big, brown eyes of his…
  • and the way you look in a jockey outfit, because HOOOOO DAMN DO THOSE RIDING BOOTS MAKE YOU LOOK MIGHTY FINE.
  • (like tbh her favorite part of horse maintenance is seeing you in your riding gear.)


  • Jumin doesn’t Get horses, but he loves you, so he showers Bloomington the III with all the things a hose could want. It only increases in volume when you mention how hard it was growing up, and how you felt like Bloomy was the only creature in the world who understood you. Jumin gets it. He empathizes. And so, he wants to reward your horse for all of the company and comfort he’s given you throughout the years.
  • Toys, premium food, the best horse finery he can find… seriously, his man buys him a huge mcfreakin plot of land to do his horsey thing on.
  • He even tries to RIDE him, once you give him some lessons, though Jumin is a little absentminded and useless, so that doesn’t go entirely well.
  • He loves watching you with him, though, because you look so happy, and you’re always so very lovely when you’re happy.


  • are you kidding me
  • seven LOVES HORSES
  • you own a HORSE???!?
  • You kinda have to reign Seven in around Bloomington tbh, because he’s a bit too hyperactive and horses don’t really like that. But oh man, once you get him calm
  • seven feeds him treats out of the palm of his hand and he has never looked happier in his entire life.
  • (seven, no.)


  • he’s pretty shy around your horse tbh. He can’t see very well, and he’s not used to animals beyond cats and dogs, but Bloomy is so gentle and so good and V just melts when he nuzzles his hand and snorts on him.
  • He gets really interested in trying to photograph your precious equine pal. There’s some pretty interesting history with horse photography - people didn’t really get how horses moved until they could be captured on camera - and V thinks that historical background is neat.
  • You gallop and trot Bloomington around for V, letting him take his pictures, and you’re pretty sure that your diva of a pet enjoys the attention.
  • V eventually publishes a book of his horse photographs, and right on the very front page there’s a picture of you, riding him, and smiling with the sun in your hair.
  • (he says that one is his favorite.)

Unknown (Saeran)

  • Much like Seven, Saeran thinks your horse is great, but he’s way shyer about expressing his affection due to his severe emotional issues. With some coaxing, though, he consents to an introduction, and forming a relationship with Bloomington the III just… really… helps.
  • It’s healing for him, taking care of such an intelligent creature. He helps you clean his hooves, brush him, muck his stables, and you can see that he’s happy. It’s good work. Honest work. And at the end of the day, Saeran is rewarded with the love of an innocent, pure creature that doesn’t even understand the concept of evil.
  • Saeran gets so into horses, and when you start teaching him how to ride… it’s like the world has opened up for him.
  • After some time, he gets a horse of his own, and the two of you go on rides together through the countryside. It’s where Saeran belongs, out in nature, far away from the people who hurt him…
  • And he finally finds some measure of peace.


  • “uh,” vanderwood says, swallowing something that is definitely not fear. “no thanks.”
  • To Vanderwood, horses are big, stinky, and smelly. They’re unpredictable, dangerous, and they just don’t get the appeal. And… they never really do get the appeal. Vandy just isn’t an animal person.
  • But they’re a YOU person, so they’re going to be as supportive as they can.
  • You can never really get them interacting with him, but they do go to every single one of your horse shows. You do dressage, and while they don’t really like Bloomington on his own, with you riding him? Oh boy
  • oh boy howdy
  • it’s impressive. the two of you are impressive.
  • They can appreciate that, at least, and the bond the two of you share. Vanderwood might not want to directly interact with your horse… but they’re never once unhappy that he exists.

anonymous asked:

why do you hate hide so much?? i know his fans can be annoying but hide really didnt do anything wrong

Now, look here. I think people are getting me wrong.

I love Hideyoshi Nagachika, Ishida Sui’s character who was a huge moral support to Kaneki for a huge portion of his life, is probably the one of the shadiest characters in the series with a extremely dubious concept of morality, who on his own was able to fool a ghoul and place a tracker on him, ‘fought’ a ghoul using ketchup and firecrackers that led a bunch of ghoul investigators to actually eliminate said ghoul why he quietly snuck off, infiltrated the CCG so that he can obtain information and maybe find his best friend and ends up becoming a huge reason why Kaneki regained his reason to live. 

I hate the Hideyoshi Nagachika that was the fandom’s creation, who’s apparently the sole sunshine and cinnamon roll of this series, has done absolutely nothing wrong, will hurt nobody at all, who’s predicted to finally show up at some point in time and magically cure Kaneki’s depression and PTSD to return all happiness and sunshine to his life and whose biggest purpose right now is to come back like some prince on a white horse to rescue the damsel in distress Kaneki Ken from the raging and despicable demon otherwise known as Kirishima Touka. 

I’ve been talking to a few mutuals recently about Hide and we think Hide’s character has been warped by a huge portion of his fandom already. So when on Tumblr, I don’t really talk much about him? But if I am honest, while Hide isn’t as high up on my faves list as he used to be, I still really like him. His story in the novel is one of my favorites ever because he’s so sneaky and cool and I generally love characters with intelligence and insight (which is why I was attracted to Hide in the first place). I talk a lot about him with my friends irl as well. Anon, I don’t hate Hide and I don’t hate Hidekane. Don’t get me wrong. :P


Jughead x Reader

  • I don’t remember  *PART 1* | *PART 2* | *PART 3*
    You wake up after the big party, definitely not in your bed, and you don’t remember how you got here. To be honest, you don’t remember anything that happened last night. Why are you not wearing your dress? Why you do you have a big bruise on your arm? Why are you in Jughead Jones’ apartment? What does all this have to do with Reggie? And why you don’t remember anything, even getting drunk?

  • Just (not)meant to be together *PART 1*
    Every story has two sides, just like every story has a beginning and the end.

  • The bag (oneshot)
    When you are looking for something in your bag you often find something you didn’t expect like earrings that you thought you lost or the chocolate bar that you bought but never ate or love that you didn’t notice

  • The dark (oneshot)
    Sometimes you don’t need a prince on a white horse to feel safe. Sometimes you just need a boy in a beanie who will save you from the dark.
  • The moonlight (oneshot)
    Sleepless nights is the worst.Only you, your thought, and the moonlight, but Jughead is always there and this make them better.

Feel free to send my any requests. It don’t have to be Jughead x reader


I have gathered all of the Tsukiuta icons and made this (there are ones that I left out). Everyone grew up so handsome.

Kokeru (sorry, a lame joke from the anime) Kakeru looks like he hasn’t changed at all. His bangs are shorter but that’s everything. I bet his height hasn’t changet either. (Okay…he might became taller)

Hajime from young charming prince became the king, for sure. Also his hair looks better now.

Koi has changed a lot and became seriously good loking, isn’t he? He is not a little boy with hairpins anymore, he is a man with hairpins now, I suppose, that’s sad, because he is the youngest among the boys.

As for Haru, he looks more handsome and serious, just like megane-san who is alwas with him.

Arata looked like an impudient but handsome brat, but now he looks like a Casanova.

Aoi from the cute neighbor boy became the prince charming in white horse. Okay he hasn’t got a horse but still… he looks much like much better just like everyone else, so nice work boys, I’m so proud of you.

I’ll also post the Procella version

Courted [a Sebastian Smythe AU]

Request: ok but like. can i request a prince! sebastian? like maybe he’s a dick but he sees reader (whether she’s royal or or not idc) and tries to use charm or something like that. also, happy valentines day ! xx

a/n: seb is an ass but hes MY ass so its ok. HAPPY SINGLES DAY x

Sebastian is such a prince name; that’s what everyone says. The young prince likes how posh his name sounds. It makes him feel even more powerful. Whenever he goes into town, he makes sure his presence is known. “Prince Sebastian!” one of his royal escorts announces after blowing the horn.

Hopping of his stark white horse, the prince fixes his navy cape around his shoulders. His mossy green eyes scan the small market village, landing on a flower shop. As he struts towards it, he picks up an apple from someone’s basket, smirking and rolling the smooth fruit between his palms. The owner sighs.

His mud color knee high boots stop in the wood doorway, brushing around loose dirt. “Well, well, well, aren’t you a pretty commoner?” he flirts, biting the skin of the apple. You blush, stopping your hands from continuing to arrange the bouquet. “Tell me, what is your name, commoner?” he all but orders, swallowing after he presses the back of his hand to his mouth.

Stepping away from the table, you grab some of the light brown fabric of your skirt, curtsying and bowing your head. “My name is Y/N…my lord.” you whisper, standing up straighter while you run your fingers through your hair.

There’s a twinkle in his eyes and he puts the apple in his mouth, staring directly at you when he takes a bite. You shift on your feet nervously, nibbling on your bottom lip. “Y/N…” he repeats, tossing the fruit to the ground. Sebastian crosses his arms over his fitted red toga. “These flowers are not nearly as beautiful as you.” he tuts, scowling as he passes by the radiant nature.

“My lor-”

“Sebastian.” he interrupts, “You are allowed to call me Sebastian. You and only you.” he smirks, admiring the way he made your face heat up. His grass green eyes travel down your body, lips popping. “Are you courted yet?” You shake your head. “I am going to court you then. If you let me.” he says hopefully, strutting closer.

You gasp quietly, playing with your fingers. This is the prince you are talking to! “Your highn-” The prince shoots you a playful glare. “Sebastian.” you correct yourself, “You wish to court me, but you barely know me…” you trail off, unsure if this is acceptable to say. Probably not.

Sighing dramatically, Sebastian leans against the wood doorframe, crossing his black leather-clad legs. “Then you must tell me things.” he tilts his head slightly, eyes widened. “Because I am courting you, milady.”

Monsta X Comeback teasers

So I’m sure ya’ll have seen all of the pictures already, but I’m gonna post them anyway :D Also these pics should be better quality but they don’t look as HD here as they do on my phone, is that a thing?

First of we got our sunshine Minhyuk with his cute new red hair ^^

After we got fluffy sinful Wonho(e) (My fave if you didn’t know) ;D

The came Kihyun looking like a god (also am I the only one who’s still not used to him being able to turn from the huge fluffball he is into this sexy hot mess?)

Then comes prince charming (without the white horse) hyungwon ^^

Now I.M our cute little maknae playing with fire (and hearts, specifically mine)

Sixth teaser was for honey honey jooheonie who looks soooo good in the pics

And last, but definitely not least, leader and father, appa shownu, who gave me a heartattack with how damn amazing he looked in his pictures because I DID NOT EXPECT THIS.

So those where all the teaser pictures of the members individually and they all look so good I honestly can’t stop saying that :D 

And then came the last picture for now with all of them sitting on a couch and looking pretty :3