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(I’m pretty sure this is the longest fic I’ve ever submitted on here, hopefully that will make it worth the wait~ Enjoy!~)

The Little Zora (part 2)

Word Count: 3818
Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Human!Sidon Transformation, Partial nudity (don’t get too excited)

“My turn, um, what’s your favorite color?” You asked and Sidon held his chin thinking for a moment as he leant into the rock divider between you.

“What color are your eyes?”


The Zora laughed and despite your complaint he could hear you laughing as well; a sound that he had grown quite fond of these past few days. Finally he was able to meet a Hylians - although it wasn’t completely face-to-face - and have the proper conversations that he looked forward to every day. He couldn’t understand why everyone in the Zora kingdom, even his sister revelled for her kind-hearted nature, could possibly view these people as savages.

You were strange to want to come to this beach every day, he would admit that much, but he was so glad you did keep coming back just like he did. Whether it was to see him or something else Sidon wasn’t quite sure, though he did feel a sense of pride thinking that he might be the cause of your return.

“I’m only joking,” he chuckled, though he was curious, “I believe favorite color would have to be blue.”

“Hm, I wonder why.” The teasing tone in your voice made the Prince smirk.

“Oh, care to guess?”

You give a hum of consideration before making your first guess saying, “Is it… the sky?” It is obvious that you know what he is referring to, but you two have made it a habit of teasing each other.

“Not quite.”

“Is it the rain?”

“No,” he snickers, “Getting closer.”

You snap your fingers before exclaiming, “I got it! Bluebells!”
Sidon blinked with uncertainty racking his brain to recall if he had heard of any such item before. When nothing came to mind his curiosity was piqued knowing knowing this must be some kind of stranger Hylian thing that he did not know about. “No, what is a blue bell?”

The Zora could hear you let out another soft round of laughter before speaking, “It’s a type of flower, you know.”

“I don’t actually, I’ve never seen a flower from the surface,” Sidon didn’t realize his mistake until the words had already left his mouth. He had grown so used to speaking honestly with you that it felt so easy just to say whatever came to mind. That would surely be his undoing.

However, you just seemed to laugh at his words so the Zora did as well though he didn’t have quite as much heart in it. “From the surface? What, do you live under a rock or something?”

Sidon shook his head - fully aware that you could not see his actions through the barrier of rock - before replying, “I just don’t get out much I suppose. I’m kind of restricted to my home, in all honesty, I’m not supposed to be here.” The Zora let out a barely audibly sigh, turning his gaze toward the ocean where the waves were colliding gently against the sandy beach keeping it damp with seawater.

“Really? A good guy like you?” You chuckle and Sidon smiles a little tracing a finger through the sand, the much drier grains parting as he traces several random shapes that collapse in on themselves

“Yes, my father would be very displeased if he found out I was sneaking out, let alone where I was going,” he said with a hint of doubt and worry on his face.

“Then why do you do it?” Sidon froze glancing over his shoulder at the wall of earth behind him. “If coming here is going to get you in so much trouble then why do you keep coming back?” For a second, he thought he could hear a similar sound of worry in your own voice.

Tracing a small circle in the sand the Zora focused his gaze on the gritty yellow grains as they parted then let out what felt like the hundredth sigh that day. “Isn’t it obvious?” He mutters with a tentative laugh. “It’s because of you.”

“You confessed to them?” Mipha exclaimed startling the prince abruptly from his story. Sidon winced at Mipha’s sharp voice and hushed his sister pushing her into his quarters shutting the door behind them. After his visit to the surface the Prince had made his way back to the palace only only to find that someone had been waiting for him all day and they were certainly not happy to know that he had been sneaking out against her wishes. Something that she was very eager to proclaim upon his return.

“Brother, you promised me that you wouldn’t go back to the surface! This is bad, so bad. Father would be furious. No! Not just furious, outraged!” Mipha exclaimed pacing back-and-forth in his quarters throwing her arms about. Sidon had never seen his sibling so animated and shaken; he knew that he should be just as concerned but he couldn’t bring himself to fret with memories of you still fresh on his mind and the remnants of adrenaline from being caught didn’t help.

Still, seeing Mipha so disturbed did arise some guilt in his heart that ached to have caused her so much distress. “Well, technically, I did not really confess to them. I’m not even quite sure how I feel about them. We’re really just friends Mipha.”

The other Zora turned sharply on her feet to face him her hands clasped together with irritation clearly evident on her face. “That is not the point!” She snaps and Sidon straightens up looking away sheepishly. Exhaling softly Mipha takes hold of her brother’s hand, squeezing it gently, a gesture that the male Zora returned to at least put some of her worries at ease. “Sidon our entire lives we have been told that Hylians are violent and cruel beings who drove our kind completely into the sea. Yet, every other day you, the Prince,” Mipha put great emphasis on the title, “Sneak out of of the Kingdom just so you can visit someone who has no idea who you are nor do you know them.”

Sidon felt abnormally small standing in front of his sister in that moment; he found himself almost incapable of looking her in the eyes yet at the same time he could not bring himself to look away anymore. “I do, I know their name…”

“That doesn’t mean you know them completely Sidon! That’s what you don’t seem to understand.” Mipha groans breaking away from her brother causing another sharp pang of guilt to shoot through Sidon watching her turn her back to him. Reaching out, Sidon wanted to put a hand on Mipha’s shoulder and comfort her but he hesitated and just pulled his hand back letting them hang stiffly at his sides. “And yet even though I have said all of this you are still planning on going back to them don’t you?”

Sidon let his head hang low staring at the ground guiltily before nodding slowly. “Yes,” Mipha made a noise of disappointment that drove the male Zora to hastily explain himself and spare them both the suffering. “Sister please, you have to understand that is why I must keep going! We know almost nothing about these people and I have met one who seems to be the exact opposite of what we’ve been taught.”

He walked around Mipha as he spoke tilting her head up slightly so she could look him in the eyes and see his sincerity. “I must learn more about them, especially this one.”

Mipha was silent for a moment, wiping her teary eyes before meeting his gaze again. “You truly intend to continue these visits?” Sidon nods and she smiles a little. “You know it cannot go on forever? I will not be able to keep father at bay when you disappear for many more visits. Please Sidon, you must promise me that you will visit only one more time,” she held up her hand when he tried to object, “and I will help you meet them face-to-face.”

This statement quickly silenced any protest that Sidon had been working up. To be able to talk to you without that dreadful barrier of rock separating you. The thought alone overjoyed him but the thought of it only being for one visit countered that joy greatly. Would it really be worth it? He would be able to learn so much more if he were beside you instead of cowering behind that rock. At this point, Sidon would have to take his chances.

“Okay. Tomorrow night I will help, in the meantime you must gather up as many rupees as you can.”

Sidon could barely contain his enthusiasm following close behind his sister; bag of a couple hundred rupees thrown over his shoulders. He had meant to inquire about the necessity of so much money but Mipha’s lips seemed sealed together. That is until they came upon a dork cavern deep in the sea amongst dark waters and great pillars of rock.

“This is where I stop,” she spoke halting and backing away from the mouth of the cavern, “Present those rupees to the Sea Witch and then ask her to make you a Hylian.

Sidon had to do a double-take staring stunned at his older sibling. The Sea Witch was just a myth amongst the Zora, truly Mipha did not intend to make him believe that this Witch existed and would grant the wish of anyone who came to her bearing a gift. That would explain the rupees though, if what she was saying was true. “Mipha have you done this-?!” She pushed him forward.

“You don’t have time for questions Sidon. Be sure to compliment her and get straight to the point. She’ll keep you here all night with her talking. Now go!” With one more rough shove Mipha swam away leaving Sidon at the cave’s entrance.

Taking a deep breath the Zora rushed inside following the dark and winding tunnel until it branched out to another underwater air pocket where the ocean met with a small bit of land in the center. The top of the water seemed to shimmer with something golden on the other side and when Sidon breached it was obvious to see what it was. The walls of the cavern and even bits of the floor were covered in mass amounts of gold, jewels, chests, and other kinds of priceless frivolities. Sidon looked around in absolute awe at all of the treasure trying to figure out how it all got here so deep in the ocean. However, no matter how much he thought the only conclusion that he could come to was that they were brought here by the jewel-loving Sea Witch.

“Now who could be visiting me at this hour?” A feminine voice asked, it seemed to be directed to no one in particular but Sidon knew that it was about him. The prince clung tighter the pearls as the ground beneath his feet shook; even the water seemed to be rocking violently against the walls of gold and the pedestal that he stood upon. Something, or someone, large was approaching fast.
Before he knew it a figure erupted from the water and all that Sidon could see were sprays of water, flashy and colorful clothing, and the color peach. He was almost knocked to the floor by the sudden torrent of water but somehow he managed to stand his ground. When the wave settled and Sidon was able to regain his composure he was taken aback again by the voluptuous woman staring down at him.

The woman would’ve looked like an average Hylian if it were not for the big jewelry, heavy makeup, and her hair that covered her head like a golden blonde and rose up in defiance of all laws in the front then cascaded down her shoulders in the back. That and the fact that she was absolutely massive; with just her upper body sprouting out of the water she towered over the prince. She might even put his father’s gigantic stature to shame, though she did not have the same air of regal pride that his father did.

The Sea Witch, there was no way she could be anyone else, lit up when her eyes settled upon him and she let out a very pleased laugh, “Ah-ha! What a lovely surprise to find you here Sidon,’ she rests her arms on the rock and looks him over with a smile that is just radiating flirtiness, “Had I known that a prince like yourself would be  visiting I would’ve put on my best clothes. You don’t mind seeing me in this shabby apparel do you?” The Sea Witch pouted childishly as she rose to her full height again running her hands over her body, glimmering top with chains of colorful seashells in all its glory.

“Uh,” Sidon clears his throat still trying to recover from the initial reveal of the large woman, and the shock that she apparently knew his name. Remembering Mipha’s advice he took a step closer and smiled replying, “Not at all, that bodice looks stunning on you. Breath-taking even.”

Giggling bashfully, though the Sea Witch certainly did not seem like the shy type, she put a hand to her face while the other fanned her flush cheeks. “Such a little charmer! Ooh, I wish I had more cute little visitors like you. Things would be much more exciting around here I’ll tell you that,” the woman winked and Sidon kept his smile glad to have made a good impression at least. The flirty atmosphere turned however when the Sea Witch let out a dramatic sigh and pouted once more, turned to her wall of treasures as she said, “What good is all of this beauty if you have no one else to marvel at it?”

Sidon cleared his throat a little louder, Mipha had warned him not to leave the Sea Witch to ramble for too long so he knew he had to make his request now. “My lady, I apologize but I am actually in a hurry,” she turned to face him raising a brow and he presented the bag of rupees to her, “You see I heard of you from my sister and so I brought you this and if you favored it you would perhaps grant me a wish.”

A large hand reaches out to the Zora and he takes this as his sign to present his offering and hand over the seaweed satchel. The Sea Witch raises her palm and uses her well polished fingernails to investigate the rupees carefully for a moment before nodding with a satisfied smile that makes Sidon release the breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding. “Let me guess, if your sister brought you to me then I think your interests align as well. You want to be a Hylian don’t you little prince?”

For what felt like the hundredth time that night, Sidon was surprised and the large blonde seemed to find his amazement amusing as she laughed a little then set her new bag of treasure onto the rest of her pile. “Um, yes… My sister came to you?” Sidon shook his head and reminded himself of his goal; question would have to wait for later.

“Nevermind, yes, I want to become a Hylian. There is someone up on the surface that I need to meet and I can not do that properly while in this form. So if you would grant me this one wish, please. I would appreciate it greatly.”
The Sea Witch let out a dreamy sigh, clasping her hands together and pressing them to her cheek her bright  eyes gazing down at the young prince fondly. “A charmer and a romantic, don’t you worry your sweet little head darling! I’ll help you get to your love dove!”

“Oh we’re not-!”

Sidon was interrupted when the Sea Witch leaned down practically shoving her face in front of him to stare at her with a mischievous glint in her eyes. She remained still for a moment just staring at him before grinning wide her eyes twinkling almost dangerously; laughing boisterously she reached out and suddenly grabbed hold of the Zora sweeping him off his feet in up into the air and then pressing him to her cheek. “Let’s make a man out you!~”

The last thing that Sidon remembered was being submerged in water followed by a bright flash of light then everything had gone dark. Now everything was overwhelming him flooding his senses with feelings he knew yet felt so foreign at the same time. His hands clenched as he came to, recognizing the texture of wet sand and the waves of ocean against his body. The smell of seawater is heavy in his head and the moment he opens his eyes Sidon is greeted by the bright sunlight and the sight of the small beach he had become familiar with. Everything he had seen and felt before but something was off.

With shaking arms Sidon pushed himself up from the sandy ground and coughed wiping some of the grains stuck to his face. However, when his hand came in contact with his face the prince froze. Soft and fuzzy… this was new. He pulled his hand away and examined his palm with wide-eyes; in place of the usual red scales and sharp yellow claws he now had tanned skin and fingernails. The hands of a Hylian.

His wish had come true.

Sidon jumped up stumbling back in the water from the rush to his but he was too thrilled to take this realization slowly. He wanted to examine every inch of his new body, leaning over to look at his blurry reflection in the surface of the ocean. He had hair, scarlet red hair - that reminded him much of his old scales - and hung over his head like a thick wet curtain that even he couldn’t resist running his fingers through. His face was just as tanned as his hands, in fact, every inch of his body seemed to be this light brown color with no sign of any fins or scales.
Perhaps what was even more amazing was the fact that he was still wearing his Zora armor that fit him perfectly, regardless of his now much smaller stature, he even wore a new garment of some kind of stretchy material that covered his waist and upper legs. He figure that the Sea witch had given him these - though he would prefer not to know how she had put them on - must be for the best since Hylian anatomy did not seem to function like Zoras.

Just when he was about to further his examination, Sidon heard a soft voice behind him. He didn’t know what it said but he would recognize that voice anywhere. So when the Zora-newly-turned-Hylian whipped his around to face you he grinned wide showing off his new pearly teeth that were no longer sharpened to fine lethal points and threw his arms open wide. He hurried forward eager to greet you as he hastily closed the distance and then took hold of your hand. His grip was tender but firm taking in the way your hand fit so perfectly in his own, committing the feeling to memory as his golden eyes stared at it intently.

“Woah. Hey uh, half-naked stranger could you let go of my hand?” Your voice piped up and Sidon realized that he hadn’t even said anything before suddenly grabbing your hand. How rude he had been to be swept up in his emotions.
Sidon smiled fondly then opened his mouth ready to explain everything, he was certain that the moment you heard his voice you would remember him as well. Just one word and you would remember he wasn’t just any stranger, he was your stranger. Nothing came out.

Eyes widening in alarm the prince cleared his throat and tried anything only making a quiet sound of struggle. He looked at you staring at him nervous and afraid and the man released your hands to put his fingers to his throat terrified by this revelation. Why couldn’t he speak?

“It’s part of the deal, darling.” A voice, not yours, the Sea Witch speaking in his head. “Your wish was granted but it would be too easy to just let you go without some small catch. Now you can finally meet your little Hylian but they can’t hear a word you say!” She laughed cheerfully like this was just a joke to her. The one thing he had been dreaming off for the past week or so had just become part of some sick joke. He felt like crying. “Oh cheer up sweetheart, so long as you stay away from the ocean then you will remain a Hylian by their side. I’ve made your dream a reality so why not seize the opportunity.”

“Hey, you alright?” Sidon’s head whipped back to face you tears brimming in his eyes threatening to fall and make him look like an even bigger fool. He gestured to his throat and opened his mouth before shaking his head.

“You can’t speak?” He nodded.

Without saying anything you started making strange motions with your hands, strange symbols of your fingers twisting and clenching together that he could only stared at confused. After a moment he just blinked and you sighed scratching the back of your neck as you said, “You don’t know sign do you?” He shook his head. “Jeez, why do I get the difficult ones? Alright, uh, do you live nearby here?”

Sidon shook his head.

“Can we call someone to come pick you up?” He shook his head frantically.

You sigh and Sidon feels a pang of guilt to have become such a burden. This was supposed to be a joyous reunion; not the challenging predicament that it had turned out to be. “Well I can’t leave a foreign guy like you out here, especially not dressed like that,” you gesture to his mostly unclothed body and he smiles a little sheepish. “So as long as you’re not some kind of psychopath or something then I guess I can take you back to my house. You okay with that?”
Sidon relaxes looking into your eyes, worried by his sudden presence but there is kindness in them a genuine concern for his wellbeing that makes the prince feel a little more assured that he has not become a major burden on you.

He nods in appreciation and you smile back. Not being able to speak was a major setback, he had promised Mipha that this would be his last time coming up. A normal visit would not suffice this one would take some time; following behind you he took one last glance at the sea.

He could only hope that Mipha and his father would forgive him.


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