prince of thunder

History of the Amazons of Themyscira

“Long time ago, when time was new and all of history was still a dream, the gods ruled the Earth, Zeus king among them. Zeus created beings over which the gods will rule. Beings born in his image fair and good, strong and passionate. He called his creation “man”, and mankind was good. But Zeus’ son grew envious of mankind and sought to corrupt his father’s creation. This was Ares, the god of war. Ares poisoned man’s hearts with jealousy and suspicion. He turned them against one another and war ravaged the Earth. So, the gods created us, the Amazons to influence men’s heart with love and restore peace to Earth. And for a brief time, there was peace. But it did not last. Your mother, the Amazon Queen, led a revolt that freed us all from enslavement. When Zeus led the gods to our defense, Ares killed them one by one until only Zeus himself remains. Zeus used the last of his power to stop Ares, striking such a blow, the god of war was forced to retreat. But Zeus knew that one day Ares might return to finish his mission. An endless war where mankind would finally destroy themselves and us with them. So Zeus left us a weapon, one powerful enough to kill a god. With his dying breath, Zeus created this island to hide us from the outside world, somewhere Ares could not find us.” Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons

Justice League Members as Greek Gods

#1 - Superman as Zeus

Zeus - King of the gods/ruler of the skies, leader. 

Superman - Strongest member of the league.

#2 - Batman as Hades 

Hades - god of the dead, underworld and riches, commonly associated with darkness. 
Batman - Operates in the darkness, is very wealthy/riches. 

#3 - Wonder Woman as Athena

Athena - Goddess of battle strategy, wisdom, war. 

Wonder Woman - Arguably the strongest fighter in the JLA, imbued by Athena’s power and ability, and a tactical fighter. 

#4 - The Flash as Hermes

Hermes - Messenger god, god of speed, trickster god. 

The Flash - Fastest man alive, good sense of humour, and a pretty good messenger. 

#5 - Aquaman as Poseidon 

Poseidon - God of the sea

Aquaman - King of the Seven Seas/King of Atlantis 

#6 - Cyborg as Hephaestus

Hephaestus - God of metal and the forge

Cyborg - Made of metal, and an forager/inventor himself 

#7 - Green Lantern as Apollo

Apollo - God of light

Green Lantern - Commander/user of hard light 

Slasher Love Extra

Giganteus arrival in the town was perhaps the first but not the last, all over the city, monsters and creatures went here to play with the helpless male specimens.

Chapter 1) The Prince of thunder and steel

Frank was the son of a famous surgeon, all of his life he never had to work, he was born with silver spoon in the mouth and he loved this. Every day, he would spend his life lifting iron at the gym or at his villa and enjoy the most sophisticated technology. He even had a watch that was his phone and talked to him, flattering his sculpted physique. A crowd of girls would always run after him and even his father admitted that he was his most gorgeous creation, as if he was a mix of every perfect body parts. However, Frank soon learnt that his beauty had its downside, especially in the supernatural world. One day, during a stormy night, Frank was stuck in his villa, his only hobby was workout. He let the radio blasting in the room, focused on his muscles and his reflection. In spite of, even the more modern technology could not resist against brute strength. Something succeeded to enter his villa, but they were not malicious, they were afraid. The monster was running away from an angry mob and somehow found the stud’s villa in the middle of the forest. When the creature heard the music, they liked it and followed it, arriving into Frank’s fitness room. Thus, Frank dropped his weights, muttering “What the fuck?”. The creature waved to him, before lifting a workout machine, thinking it was a game as it laughed. Frank wanted to leave the room but the creature faced and asked if he wanted to be his friend. Of course, Frank insulted the monster and tried to punch him, but it grabbed his wrist, accidentally holding his watch. Suddenly, electricity appeared between the creature’s grip and they both convulsed as the flow struck them. Frank groaned and grunted as he fell the energy insider the monster penetrating inside him, going to his brain and implanting the creature’s mind inside his. Soon the creature’s body was nothing but ashes while Frank’s body was still shocked, his body inflated as his torso became more muscular and ripped off his tank top. After this, Frank fell on the floor, breathing strongly as his chest rumbled. Then, he opened his eyes but they were not hazel anymore, they were electric blue. The jock seemed confused as he looked around him and jolting when he saw his tanned and ripped body. He passed his hand through his abs and pecs before flexing his biceps. Then, he saw a mirror and caressed his soft face. “I’m alive… I’m alive!”

Chapter 2) The Bandage Brothers

The Mummy and the Invisible Man always knew each other but they also despised each other, the Mummy was claiming that the Invisible Man stole his looks while the Invisible Man said that he did not even knew who the Mummy was and say that he was better looking than him anyway. Consequently, they apparently both decided at the same time to change their looks, and what better look than the human skin, especially a male one? Unfortunately, they both decided the same place to find their victim. There were three friends playing football near of their summer vacation cabin. Wells was the best player, he could run at a high speed during long distance while Karl could throw the quanco with strength and bullseye. Whereas their friend, Andy just enjoyed the place. At one point, Karl threw the ball too far and as Wells was the best runner, he was send to fetch it, leaving Karl to wait while Andy just decided to skinny dipping in the lake.

As Karl watched Andy naked in the water, he heard a noise coming from a bush. Suddenly, bandages coiled around him, making his limbs bounded and gagging his mouth as he was dragged into the bush. He tried to resist as he was covered by the bandages, he could feel a presence in the wind, forcing it into him, making his body tremble and sweating. His screams were muffled and the bandages were soon all over his body. Then, Karl, still under the bandages, stopped to struggle and relaxed, cracking his neck before removing the bandages. Karl’s body was still the same but a devious smile appeared on his face while he flexed his body. “Hmm, young men are always savory.” Announced the invisible man with a more mature voice than the jock’s one. Andy returned to the shore and Karl welcomed him with an unusual phlegm, Karl was a stud, not a gentleman.  

Meanwhile, on another part of the shore, Wells was searching the ball and when he found it, it mysteriously buried itself in the sand. Trying to grabbed it, he shoved his hand in the sand but something gripped him and dragged him in the sand. His attempt to resist were useless and he was soon under the sand. Wells’s body was stuck in the sand with only his head emerging. However, the sand soon began to float and a wind pushed the sand on his face, notably into his mouth, nostrills and ears. Wells could do nothing as the sand invaded his body. He coughed but the sand still made his way into him and he yelled one more scream before fainting. Soon, Wells opened his eyes, previously blue and now grey as he lifted himself from the sand, holding the ball. Wells admired his body, flexing his guns before declaring. “This body is worthy of a pharaoh.” In spite of, when he arrived, he was stunned and speechless, he had a twin and it seemed like that the Invisible Man possessed him.

“You!” Shouted the Mummy. “You copied me again!”

“Relax mate. Don’t spoil the stamina of your body. After all, there are better things to do.”

Karl grabbed Wells’s chin and smirked as they kissed and massaged each other muscles, Wells cupped his brother’s pecs while Wells was gripping Karl’s bubble butts. Witnessing everything, Andy looked to be surprised, before a lewd grin appeared on his face.  

Chapter 3) Handsome hair and charming fangs

David was pissed off because his best friend, Drake, stole his shirt while he was in the shower and ran to their cabin. Fortunately, as the weather was hot, David did not mind but he wanted his revenge on Drake. He put his backpack and shorts before walking through the woods. Even though he was the quarterback, he was still weirded out by the forest at night, plus it would be a full moon. Without warning, he heard a wolf howling, what if there were wolves in the woods. His body began to sweat as he walked faster to the cabin. However, a hairy beast appeared in his path. David tried to scared the beast, but he was too afraid.

“Little red riding hood.” Whispered the beast. “You shouldn’t be walking alone in the forest, now you’re nothing but a victim of the Big Bad Wolf.”

The werewolf jumped on David, he screamed and called for help. Unfortunately, it was an open door for the wolf who leapt in his gaping mouth. Almost asphyxiating him, the colossal beast was much bigger than David but it could fit inside this tighter body. The stud wanted to grab the wolf but they were fast and quickly made their way inside David. The top dog growled like an animal, his nails turning into claws and his body becoming hairier as he began to punch the ground and scratched the trees around him. Soon, his wail turned into a howling, the alpha male’s new yellow eyes glowing in the night.

Meanwhile, before the night, Drake went out of the car, snickering at his prank on David. Watching the sunset before entering into their shack. He was waiting for David to came back while he was behind the door, ready to scare him. Then, he heard footsteps in front of the shack, Drake prepared himself and when the door opened, he screamed. Nevertheless, it was real scream because a pale man was in front of him, covered by a cape. The man smiled, revealing his fangs. Drake dared to look into the man’s eyes and he was mesmerized, unable to move as the monster came closer and bit his neck. Drake felt emptiness flooding into him as all of his blood was drank by the vampire. Then, the Nosferatu clawed a line between his pecs and six-pack. Then he shoved his hands into the line and opened Drake’s terrified body, there was not blood, only darkness with some floating lights. The vampire smiled, licking his lips before leaping into Drake’s body. Drake yelled as he felt the slim human parasite infesting his body. He tried to grabbed the creature but the pain made the takeover easier. The vampire was soon inside Drake and the gap on his torso closed. The shaking stopped as his skin turned pale and he looked at the forest with his vampire icy blue eyes. When David arrived, they began to fight each other, however they soon began to lick and bite their manly bodies, moaning echoing in the woods.

Chapter 4) The Strange Case of Diva Andy and Athlete Kyle.

Some months before Andy went to the like with Wells and Karl, he was named Kyle and was the surf star of his town. Also, he was a womanizer and sometime manipulated naïve gays guys to do his homework. Andy was one of them and he was unlucky enough to fall in love with him. Of course, Kyle liked this because he could make Andy do everything he wanted, some things that not even his girlfriend wanted to do. Tickling, BDSM or waterplay, Andy was Kyle’s puppet. However, one day, Andy had the starring role in the town play. He was hoping that his master, Kyle, would come. What a fool he was, Kyle, a virile and macho man like him, coming to a play? Andy was heartbroken, so shattered that he decided to use a spell that would make Kyle obey him. In spite of, something went wrong and Andy disappeared. Rumors stated that Andy’s ghost was haunting the local opera. One day, a drunken Kyle decided to come here to taunt Andy’s spirit. Kyle’s phantom, deceived and angered, was furious and dived toward Kyle to strangle him. Despite this, he instead went through Kyle, no he was sucked into his body. Kyle and Andy danced inside the abandoned opera, stomping the ground and hitting walls. Andy’s insults toward the jock and Kyle’s growl echoed in the opera until Andy took the upper hand and possessed the prized body. Thanks to the spell, everyone thought that Kyle was now Andy with the stud’s body. However, Kyle’s was trapped inside his own body and was forced to see Andy stopping working out and slowly turning Kyle’s body into a bottom slut.  

There we are, Andy watching the two possessed twins fucking each other. Nonetheless, his view was disturbed when he heard a sound in the water. Checking the lake, he was astonished by a fishman coming out of the water as he sank in the lake. The creature turned into a shoal of fish and crawled into all of Andy’s orifices. Soon, Andy was overwhelmed by the lake parasites even though he was another intruder inside this body. Consequently, Wells and Karl looked at the lake, Wells’s dick thrusting into Karl’s ass. They saw Andy on the shore, three beings were fighting for the control of Kyle’s body. After some wailing and struggle, the body started to inflate, soon becoming two different bodies. One was Kyle’s submissive body possessed by Andy, while the other was Kyle’s original and muscular body, controlled by the lake creature. What a formidable situation, Kyle was in two different bodies and both of them were possessed by a ghost and a fishman, respectively. The lake then become the scene of a foursome between the possessed jocks.

Chapter 5) Monster Gangbang

Frank contemplated his body in the mirror, ecstatic as he felt something that he never felt before, an erection. Making sure that his bulge was apparent as he took a selfie, officially turning Frank’s formerly homophobic and misogynist account into an excited gay one. He laughed as he sends rainbows and #stophate message to his racist and homophobic followers, messing with the spoiled brat’s reputation. Now the narcissistic stud was possessed by a manchild creature. As he was about to explore his bulge, he heard the doorbell and opened the door.  

“Trick ‘r Treat!” Shouted the possessed jocks.

Frank immediately recognized some of his friends and another creature under these human skins, allowing them to enter. Drake ignited the sexual flame, inside all of them, when he took off his top and grabbed Frank’s broad shoulders before french-kissed him. A jealous David pushed the pair on a cough and shoved his dick into Drake’s boypussy while clawing Frank’s burly back. Fish Kyle, torn off the trio’s remaining clothes and held Andy Kyle by the neck, almost choking him, pushing his face on David’s ass as Andy Kyle licked his anus. Then, Fish Kyle lifted Andy’s legs, inserting one digit, then two. Muscular Kyle was standing up to finger Andy, so Karl could play with his lower body. Karl caressed Fish Kyle’s vigorous legs before cupping his balls, then he licked the tip of his boner before swallowing it. On top of Karl, Wells was fucking hard his mancunt and pinching his sensitive nipples. Frank moaned when his hard penis squeezed against Drake’s rod as the vampire began to bite Frank’s powerful triceps, making him flex. Andy licked deeper and faster the werewolf’s asshole, massaging the cheeks. Whereas, muscular Kyle pushed three fingers. Precum leaked from Karl and Andy’s penises while the other males contained their orgasm. Drake also let precum drop when David bit his neck, for a vampire being bite by a werewolf is so arousing! Andy had now four fingers inside him while David sniffed Frank’s armpit, electrified by the sweaty testosterone scents. All of a sudden, Andy moaned became higher when muscle Kyle shove his whole fist in his ass. Soon, they all cum, groaning and grunting, loads of semen covering Frank’s living room. After tasting everyone jizz, the monster slept together and were sure that these bodies would be their hosts for a long time.

New Haircut-Thor Odinson x Reader One Shot

(A/N: So this one shot is based off the new pictures released for Thor: Ragnarok. WHERE IS ALL OF HIS HAIR!? AND MJOLNIR!? Not so sure about the new look but still excited about the film.)

Summary: (Y/N) and Thor have been dating for a few months, everyone is happy and well until Thor comes back from a long day at ‘work’ with a new look. But how will his girlfriend react?

Characters: Thor Odinson x Reader

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: SAdnESs BeCausE THOr’s LUCsiouS HaiR Is aLl GOnE! But just a tiny bit of arguing before fluff.

The smell of creamy spaghetti carbonara filled my small kitchen as I stirred the pasta in the saucepan. This was one of my favourite meals and I wanted my boyfriend from outer space to experience it. Who would have thought that me, an average woman with what was an average life, would be dating Thor Odinson; a demi god, Prince of Asgard, God of Thunder and an Avenger? It certainly wasn’t what I had planned for my future but there was no way I would change anything about it now. He was the most caring man I had ever met, so curious about Earth and how it worked which meant I got to show him all the wonderful things about it.

I knew Thor was coming home early from work today as he was only in for training. I was thankful that he had no missions any time soon, the Sokovia incident only just happened and although Thor was a demi god he could still be hurt. Even though I had seen how he so bravely fought, how strong he really was, I still worried about him. Hopefully he would be able to leave on time today instead of having to work extra hours with Steve. Steve Rogers was a lovely guy but he worked himself and the others too hard; I wanted my man home right now.

As I continued to cook, I heard my front door open then close, along with heavy footsteps. I knew it was Thor.

I called out to him.“Hi babe, I’ve almost finished cooking dinner. I’m making my favourite, it’s not very extravagant but I think you’ll like his.”

His deep voice replied.“It smells delicious my love. I am so glad that I have returned to you.”

It was silent for a moment and I assumed that he was sitting down in the lounge after a long day. Who could blame him? His job was being a superhero, saving lives, it was a hard career.

“(Y/N),” his voice sounded closer this time,“I do not want you to he alarmed.”

I stopped focusing on the food for a moment and turned around to face the doorway. It was empty.“Why would I be? Thor what are you hiding?”

He was hesitant to speak.“I…I may have lied to you today.”

“Lied? Lied about what? And can you please come in here, I don’t want to talk to you through a wall.”

I waited a few moments, crossing my arms over my chest. His tall frame came into view and for a moment I smiled. It was so funny, he was too big for my tiny flat. But something was different. My eyes worked their way up from his feet to his head.

No…he didn’t

Did he!?


“Please do not be mad at me my love, I did have you in my mind when I went through with this.” he looked so nervous.

“YOU CUT OFF YOUR HAIR!?” I raised my voice. It was more shock than anger.“B-but…what?”

His long, blonde, silky locks were gone, they vanished. Instead was a short cut with a small quiff a the front. He just looked so different. I loved his hair.

“Yes, but not out of spite! I just felt that I did not fit in with my long hair. It helps me in battles as well.”

My mouth opened and closed, unsure of what to say.

“You are angry with me, are you not? Oh I knew that this was a bad idea. I told you I was going to work because I know you do not wish for me to walk the streets alone in case I get into trouble. But instead I cut my hair.”

“I-it’s just so different, that’s all. I meam, you know how much I loved your hair.”

“Yes and I am sorry.” he finally had the courage to walk closer.“But I hope that you love me the same as you did before.”

As his big hands went to my petite waist, I couldn’t help but run my fingers through his now short hair. It wasn’t like he was now unattractive, that would never be the case. Thor was known for his long hair that was kept pristine during battles (besides being a god, Avenger etc.). I studied it for a few more minutes before finally voicing my opinion.

“I mean, I don’t hate it, it’s just such a huge difference. Plus you did not have to cut your hair to fit in. Everyone loves you, you should know that.”

He sheepishly smiled, looking down at his feet.“Thank you my love. Please be honest, does this style suit me?”

I giggled.“You could be bald and still be the most handsome man in the world.”

He placed a quick kiss to my lips.“I do not suppose you will be cutting your hair any time soon then?”

“Oh no. You may be able to pull off any look but all this hair I top of my head is staying put no matter what you say.”

Favorite quotes from Digimon (dub)

Tai: I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.
Izzy: I’d settle for a small cow.

Davis: Did you see that? I got a noogie, that means I’m one of the guys now.
DemiVeemon: I have a question. If you’re one of the guys now, does that mean you used to be one of the girls, and how come you never told me about it? I wish you humans would just make up your minds.

Gabumon: Be careful, that’s Cherrymon, lord of the forest and the best reason for the existence of termites.

Guilmon: You going to fight her, Takato?
Takato: [about Rika]  No way, she’s a girl. Besides, she’d kick my butt. 

Etemon: (to Tai and Izzy) Now, before I cancel you like a bad sitcom, direct me to Datamon.

 Phantomon: It’s just a bird…a large bird I grant you… a large angry bird!!!

Tai: VenomMyotismon?! 
DemiDevimon: That’s right! The king of the undead. He’s the un and you’re the dead!

Divermon 1: Red leader to Blue leader. Areas thirteen though eighteen are clear.
Divermon 2: Gold leader to Blue leader. Areas twenty-three and twenty-four are clear, too.
Divermon 3: Listen, Phil, Sid. How many times do I have to tell you guys, there are just three of us, you can call me Jim.

(While Tai and Izzy are pretending to fight) Tai: Better stop calling me names!
Izzy: I will not! You’re a bully and a… ruffian!
Tai: That’s the best you could come up with?
Izzy: Yeah, on such short notice.

Tai: (concerning Izzy’s satellite uplink) Cool, how does it work?
Izzy: Well, do you know what a semi-conductor is?
Tai: Um… a guy who works part-time on a train?

Imperialdramon(To Digidestined while flying them around the world): Before you face the biggest task of your lives, there’s important information you need to know! (Stingmon’s voice) You’re free to move about my cabin; However when the “Fasten Seatbelts” Light comes on, please return to your seats and buckle up. (Exveemon’s voice) Should we lose pressure during flight, don’t panic; Its probably just something I ate. 

Davis: (about SkullSatamon) So, did some dog chew on you?
Ken: We have a verdict: You’re ugly!

Zoë: Let’s hear it for J.P. the princely Warrior of Thunder!
JP: And let’s hear it for Zoë, Queen of the Summer Breeze!
Takuya: And me, Takuya, King of I’m gonna be sick!

eobardwellscavanagh  asked:

Hey Favourite captain America movies scenes? Favourite avengers movies scenes?

Hi!!! Thanks for the questions!

I believe I answered the “Favorite Captain America movies scenes” here , but I am happy to answer my favorite Avengers movies scenes.

In no particular order…

1. The Avengers - Tony, Thor, and Steve faceoff 

Any first meet between the Avengers is an automatic favorite of mine cause it’s like, this is the beginning. This is where their stories instantly lock and interconnect and they have no idea what’s in store for them. I love this scene in particular because it’s Thor, the god of Thunder, Prince of Asgard, controller of lightning, against snarky, sarcastic, conceited, genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, Tony Stark.

I’ve always wished there was more one on one between these two cause though I believe that Thor has grown up since the beginning of his first movie, changing from a self-centered, cocky, self-righteous prince who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth (definitely not a silver spoon; have you seen Asgard?) to a compassionate, mature, wise man/god who puts the needs of others before his own. I think him and Tony would be able to connect on that level of going from that self-centered brat to mature man (man/god for Thor). Albeit, Tony still has some growing up to do, but he’s definitely different from who he was in the first Iron Man movie.

But anywho. I just love the banter and the power play between these two, and how Tony manages to hold his own against Thor. All of Tony’s lines in this scene are golden as well

2. The Avengers - “There are always men like you”

This scene.

Like god damn this scene is powerful. It’s powerful and true, and it shows that in the face of disaster and evil in the world there will always be those brave enough to stand against it and that just gives you a surge of courage.
I also read that the man who said “there are always men like you” was a holocaust survivor and that just makes this scene 10 times more powerful. I don’t know if that’s true, but it would be awesome if it was.

3. The Avengers: Age of Ultron - After Party/Not worthy scene

Honestly, I love any scene that shows the avengers being chill and laid back and having a good time. They get so little of being normal that it’s nice to see them relaxed. Sucks though that at the end of this scene their “normal time” went to shit.

The not worthy scene was just a bag of laughs for me. The look on Thor’s face especially when Steve managed to move it a little bit shook me.

4. The Avengers: Age of Ultron - Tony’s Nightmare

This scene shook me. Like, we were able to see Tony’s greatest fear, like how insane is that?!?! This guy who puts on a front and acts tough and hides behind his intellect, sarcasm, and wit was totally mind fucked by one girl in .2 seconds. It’s scary though too, but also not what you’d expect from Tony. My first thought would be that his greatest fear would be to lose Pepper or something more personal to him, something a bit more selfish, but you can tell just from this scene how he’s grown up because his greatest fear is the end of the world, the end of all humanity, the end of his team, his friends.

5. The Avengers: Age of Ultron - Wanda and Bruce 

This scene was dope cause you don’t often see Bruce going into the fight willingly and here he is, a little angry (but not too angry) at this whole situation and just ready to jump in and defend his friends. I also thought it was funny how Wanda was like “fuck this”

I was immediately like

Originally posted by harleysworldofmadness

I was like, how crazy are you, Wanda?!?!? Be chil!! You don’t do that to Bruce, you just don’t!!

6. The Avengers: Age of Ultron - Log scene

I lied.

In particular order, this is my top favorite scene in the Avengers franchise

Because who can resist sexy Steve Rogers ripping a log in half with his bare hands. Like

Let’s not forget our sexy lumberjack either

God those muscles

Thank you for the questions!! This was fun!!

A little early, but in honor of @magicalstranger13 ‘s fanfic-iversary.  I thought it would be fun to do a quick sketch of the four Dark Forest kings.

Top left:  Thunder King

Top right:  Briar King

Bottom left:  Bog King

Bottom right:  Rock King

Special thank you to @frozenmusings for her ‘Drawing Bog’ tutorial.  It was very helpful.  

If anyone wants to color this, feel free to do so, but make sure to give proper credit where it’s due.  

jonquilclegane  asked:

Hello! I'm really enjoying your posts <3 Do you have any fic to recommend with Jon as a Targaryen Prince? Thank you!

We are so glad you’re enjoying it! And of course!

A lot of these are Rhaegar Wins Au’s, but some of them have Jon’s parentage being revealed and him becoming a Targaryen prince later on:

If anyone else has any suggestions, please feel free to add them :) Enjoy and happy fic-ing! ~Alice