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Favorite quotes from Digimon (dub)

Tai: I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.
Izzy: I’d settle for a small cow.

Davis: Did you see that? I got a noogie, that means I’m one of the guys now.
DemiVeemon: I have a question. If you’re one of the guys now, does that mean you used to be one of the girls, and how come you never told me about it? I wish you humans would just make up your minds.

Gabumon: Be careful, that’s Cherrymon, lord of the forest and the best reason for the existence of termites.

Guilmon: You going to fight her, Takato?
Takato: [about Rika]  No way, she’s a girl. Besides, she’d kick my butt. 

Etemon: (to Tai and Izzy) Now, before I cancel you like a bad sitcom, direct me to Datamon.

 Phantomon: It’s just a bird…a large bird I grant you… a large angry bird!!!

Tai: VenomMyotismon?! 
DemiDevimon: That’s right! The king of the undead. He’s the un and you’re the dead!

Divermon 1: Red leader to Blue leader. Areas thirteen though eighteen are clear.
Divermon 2: Gold leader to Blue leader. Areas twenty-three and twenty-four are clear, too.
Divermon 3: Listen, Phil, Sid. How many times do I have to tell you guys, there are just three of us, you can call me Jim.

(While Tai and Izzy are pretending to fight) Tai: Better stop calling me names!
Izzy: I will not! You’re a bully and a… ruffian!
Tai: That’s the best you could come up with?
Izzy: Yeah, on such short notice.

Tai: (concerning Izzy’s satellite uplink) Cool, how does it work?
Izzy: Well, do you know what a semi-conductor is?
Tai: Um… a guy who works part-time on a train?

Imperialdramon(To Digidestined while flying them around the world): Before you face the biggest task of your lives, there’s important information you need to know! (Stingmon’s voice) You’re free to move about my cabin; However when the “Fasten Seatbelts” Light comes on, please return to your seats and buckle up. (Exveemon’s voice) Should we lose pressure during flight, don’t panic; Its probably just something I ate. 

Davis: (about SkullSatamon) So, did some dog chew on you?
Ken: We have a verdict: You’re ugly!

Zoë: Let’s hear it for J.P. the princely Warrior of Thunder!
JP: And let’s hear it for Zoë, Queen of the Summer Breeze!
Takuya: And me, Takuya, King of I’m gonna be sick!


Honestly I really love Ride. It’s childish at times (really only the main character is) but its addicting and has deeper undertones and super cute flirting that isn’t over-done or offensively persistent. Everyone respects boundaries while still expressing natural emotions and it’s just done really well idk?

Plus the boys and girls are super cute in their own ways and super endearing? And there’s an Indian princess and she wears cultural garb and doesn’t try to conform to what the other students wear on special occasions? And they use correct terminology! Like they actually clarify that when you’re being timed in a course it’s called “jumpers” vs flatwork and hunters and dressage and XC and just oh my god

Protect this show and these ships at all costs

We need to start up a Tumblr fandom for this show please god

A little early, but in honor of @magicalstranger13 ‘s fanfic-iversary.  I thought it would be fun to do a quick sketch of the four Dark Forest kings.

Top left:  Thunder King

Top right:  Briar King

Bottom left:  Bog King

Bottom right:  Rock King

Special thank you to @frozenmusings for her ‘Drawing Bog’ tutorial.  It was very helpful.  

If anyone wants to color this, feel free to do so, but make sure to give proper credit where it’s due.  


Concepts Arts - 1

Exposés au cours du Monster Hunter Festa 2016 ces concepts arts représentent les armures issues du nouveau système “Special Variant Monster” de Monster Hunter Generations. Au nombre de douze ces monstres plus costauds s’affrontent dans des quêtes où le chasseur progresse à la façon des quêtes de guilde de Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, de gauche à droite :

  • Rock Piercing Tetsucabra 
  • Ruinous Hook Claw Tigrex
  • Incinerating Blade Dinovaldo 
  • Spearbreaker Daimyo Hermitaur
  • Treasure Clad Uragaan 
  • Golden Thunder Prince Zinogre 

jonquilclegane  asked:

Hello! I'm really enjoying your posts <3 Do you have any fic to recommend with Jon as a Targaryen Prince? Thank you!

We are so glad you’re enjoying it! And of course!

A lot of these are Rhaegar Wins Au’s, but some of them have Jon’s parentage being revealed and him becoming a Targaryen prince later on:

If anyone else has any suggestions, please feel free to add them :) Enjoy and happy fic-ing! ~Alice