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Wrecked Ch. 1

Summary:  Princess Aria makes a deal with the sea witch. Three months to get the prince to propose marriage or suffer a fate worse than death. But as she gets closer to her deadline, she finds the prince not what she expected, a sailor that steals her heart and a merman who always had it. Can she find a happiness and fulfill the deal before time runs out?

Characters: Steve Rogers/OC, Bucky Barnes/OC, eventually Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/OC

Some angst, light smut…more to come

A/N: My second contribution to @neversatisfiedgirl‘s LoveSexMagic Challenge. This one didn’t turn out how I was expecting it too. And will extend beyond the challenge and can be read on AO3 here. And thanks to @angryschnauzer for the beautiful moodboard.

Three months ago.
‘You have three days to get the prince to propose marriage.’
‘Three days?! You can’t be serious. Three months.’
‘You came to me, princess. You’re not really in a position to bargain.’
‘I don’t want to be human that bad. I’m not stupid. Human males aren’t that different from mermen. I can get him to mate me but marriage is a completely different thing.’
The sea witch sighed and twirled her fingers through her tentacles. ‘Fine, three months. You have until the third full moon from tomorrow night’s.’
‘And if I fail?’
‘There are things worse than death.’
‘Fine. Deal.’

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A set of photos were released by the state news agency on the occasion of Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II’s 21st birthday

28/6/2015:  Crown Prince Hussein turns 21 today. His Royal Highness is the eldest son of King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein and Queen Rania Al Abdullah. He was born in Amman on 28 June 1994, and was named Crown Prince, by Royal Decree, in July 2009.

The Crown Prince graduated high school in 2012, from King’s Academy - a boarding school in Jordan modeled after Deerfield Academy - and is currently majoring in international history, School of Foreign Services at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

On 23 April 2015, Prince Al Hussein became the youngest person ever to chair a UN Security Council meeting, leading an open debate on how youth can combat violent extremism and its “poisonous ideology”. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he is “not yet 21-years-old, but he is already a leader in the 21st century.”

Like his father, King Abdullah II, and his grandfather and namesake, the late King Hussein, Crown Prince Al Hussein is a peacemaker in the making. Speaking via video at the Round Square International Conference at his alma mater last year, the young Prince urged 600 students from around the globe to “remember those in this region and others around the world for whom conflict is a daily reality and peace a distant hope.”

Despite a demanding academic schedule, Prince Hussein has served as Regent in the Kingdom on several occasions, has accompanied His Majesty on working trips to the United States, South Korea, Kazakhstan and several GCC countries, and was in Jordan to receive Pope Francis alongside his father in May of last year.

The Crown Prince Foundation is being set up and will focus on youth initiatives in Jordan including “Haqiq,” Achieve in English, a youth volunteerism program the Prince founded in 2013. Last year, the Crown Prince also launched the “Hearing Without Borders” program, with a vision to make Jordan free from hearing disabilities and help deaf children across the Kingdom. To date, the program has helped around 500 children with hearing disabilities. The Crown Prince’s initiatives also include “Qusai” aimed at training and certifying sports therapists.

The Crown Prince holds the rank of second lieutenant in the Jordanian Armed Force and has participated in several military training courses. He has an active Instagram account (@alhusseinjo), and he enjoys a variety of sports, including football and hiking.

The Royal Court also wishes the prince a happy birthday on Instagram

يهنئ الديوان الملكي الهاشمي صاحب السمو الملكي الأمير الحسين بن عبدالله الثاني، ولي العهد، بمناسبة عيد ميلاده الحادي والعشرون ويتمنى له العمر المديد

The Royal Hashemite Court wishes His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II a Happy 21st birthday

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