prince of tennis doujinshi

Yana Toboso

Even when I have many things to do I decided to procrastinate, so this time I dig a bit about Tobo-chan regarded to her earlier works, not much but here ya go!

As you already know, Tobo-chan was born on January 24, 1984 in Warabi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan… okay whatever, let’s skip and get to the doujinshi..

Tobo-chan, like many other artists started her career as mangaka creating Doujinshi, I couldn’t find out when was the first time she released a doujinshi because her old blog was remove, but my guesses are around 1999-2000!

Her Doujin Circle was Kohkin Furo YA!(D-6th) -抗菌風呂屋(D-6th)- and as you know her BL name was Yanao Rock (緒ろく).

Under Kohkin Furo YA!, Tobo-chan created Around 30 doujinshi works on popular anime/manga The Prince of Tennis, Houshin Engi, Togainu no Chi & Singer Gackt. Seeing the drawings from the Houshi Engi works, I assumed it was her first fandom to draw. 

There’s only one doujinshi “One call sex” from the prince of tennis where Yana not using her circle name nor her pseudonym “Yanao Rock” worked with other person Mishima Asou as the writer & Yana as Illustrator.

here some pictures of her doujinshis 

From late 2003 to late 2004, as Toboso Yana, She drew 3 one-shots for Monthly Magazine GFantasy.

  • HELL-O 2003/12/18
  • DISGUISE 2004/6/18
  • 9TH 2004/11/17

As Yanao Rock, Tobo-chan began her BL work in magazine Hana Shounen & Boys L, around 2005, later, her oneshots were bundler together and release as Tankobon on May, 27th 2006 as Glamorous Lip! 

While working on her BL works, Yana began working on Rust Blaster serialization between 2005/10/18-2006/3/18. After that as you know She started Kuroshitsuji in September 2006.

Tobo-chan’s blog under her name used to be known as Devils666 with link until it shut down on 2008.

Her blog under her pseudonym Yanao Rock was known as Fear End with link I have no knowledge of when this was shut down.

Following 2006, Tobo-chan has never used again her circle name or her BL name.  

I want to add that I didnt create this post as a source to the “infamous rumors” about Kuroshitsuji because it’s not, Tobo-chan liked to create doujinshi, she likes the BL genre that’s all! Just like her, many mangaka began their careers as doujinka or drawing other types of genre, did you know that popular mangaka Hirano Kouta (Hellsing) & Azumanga Daioh’s Kiyohiko Azuma created hentai under pseudonyms? hmm Now that I know this, I wonder if azumanga was supposed to be hentai and the editors said NO.. you know because the author drew hentai in the past…. NO I dont think so, the same goes with Kuroshitsuji, it’s the innuendos in the fanservice that makes people think otherwise or just because there’s a rumor that has never been clear by anyone. It’s fine to believe whatever you want.

Anyways Yanao ROCKs and I’m glad to show you guys how hard working & passionated she was before her debut & have her dream come true, she truly is awesome!