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archie writing songs: he's the man I love.... his lips taste like cherries..... when he holds me I see stars... I wish he was my boyfriend ... the love of my life.... my small town prince ... I dream about driving w him in the passenger seat....... I wanna unzip his shirt and kiss his shoulder blades and fred: cute!!! Is that about jughead? :) archie: no it's about loving yourself dad don't you know anything


The Princess and the Prince

Roleplay with askthefiremaster Pirate AU!

Nothing seemed to ever go on at Twilight Town, especially not in Twilight Kingdom. Of course, most of the townsfolk preferred it that way. There were no crimes, for the people had everything they needed thanks to the late King and Queen. And their Ports were guarded often to keep stealing and pirates from entering their land. Everyone living on this island was happy.

All except one.

Said person sighed loudly and ran his finger and thumb against the spine of the quill in his hand. The sunlight from the large window illuminated the study he sat in, making the dust present in the air. The figure sat in a large chair by a sturdy, dark wooden desk, a parchment with no words sitting upon it.

I, Roxas, the Prince of Twilight Town and Kingdom, was bored out of my mind. Once again, I sat in this study with nothing to do. The bright light outside beckoned to me, and I would have liked nothing more but to stride out, put on my loose tunic and pants, grab my saber and train to my heart’s content. It was honestly the closest thing to excitement that I got around here on this island, even if it only was three times a week. The burning feeling in my muscles, the sweat running down my skin, thinking of nothing else but myself, my blade my extension. Just thinking about it made my body ache with want.

My pain was short-lived though, for the door to the study opened with a slam. I dare to say that I jumped, before turning and watching a sudden green and gold mass fly towards me and collide into my body. I toppled, nearly falling onto the floor before a pair of arms caught me and pulled me up into a warm mass that I knew was a chest.

“Roxas!” The figure called, smiling down at me as I looked up and found a face looking down at me that was identical to my own.  

“Ventus, did you have to barge in like that?” I sighed softly. Giggles spilled from her rosy lips and I knew my question only entertained her.

“I’m sorry brother. I didn’t mean to startle you. I am just so excited for the party today!”

At the mention of the party, I inwardly groaned. Of course SHE would be excited.

“I’m glad someone is.” I sighed softly, motioning for her to step back before I could rise to my feet.

“What do you mean?” She looked to me, startled. “Everyone is excited for your birthday party Roxas! All the royals and nobles from the other islands are coming here just to see you! Kings and Queens, Princesses, Dukes, Duchess, Lords and Ladies, Maybe some handsome Princes as well.” She grinned towards me and nudged me with her arm. I knew what she was implying.

I let out another large sigh.

“Ventus, you know that is not my idea of fun. I like my parring and training with Aqua. You like your social events and dresses. It is just not me.”

I looked over to her, trying to mentally make her feel bad in hopes that she would cancel the party, but I could tell by the determined glance in her eyes, she was having none of it.

“I know this Roxas, but we have never celebrated your birthday like this before, as one of your wishes, mind you. But you’re turning 18 now. It is a very important time in your life and it should be celebrated as such. I’m not asking anymore than that.”

“It might not be a lot for you, but it is for me.” I frowned deeply. “ I hate dancing. and the woman that attend more so. They all talk of how rich and beautiful they are while they try to grope and fondle you. And then you have to thank them for trying to seduce me and boring me as well? What kind of a birthday is that?" 

"A normal one.” She pointed out.

“Well, we are both not that now are we?” I asked, watching with a smirk as a blush dusted across her cheeks and her hands lowered to smooth out the skirt of her green dress.

“Even so,” She pressed, looking up to meet my gaze. “I want you to have a party just this once. That is why I am not having mine tomorrow. And then I will never ask you again. I’ll even stop making you attend mine as well.”

My hands quickly went up to stop her. “Easy there, you don’t have to go that far.” I dropped them to my side as I stepped to her. “I never said that I don’t enjoy attending your party. At least I get some fun for stealing you away from all of the suitors. And of course, watching Vanitus is the highlight of the evening.”

I watched in amusement as my sister’s cheeks went from a rosy pink to a blood red in a manner of seconds at the mention of her lover and bodyguard. Vanitus, a former pirate that we had hired long ago to protect my sister, had fallen in love with her over the years. It was no secret now for all the times that I had caught them kissing in the halls. Of course, Vanitus getting raging jealous whenever another male came Ventus’ way or the obvious blush on my sister’s cheeks every time his name is mentioned didn’t help either.

“You really shouldn’t antagonize him Roxas. He is only doing his job of taking care of me,” She murmured while playing with her glove.

“Oh, I am sure he does splendid. I can hear it all the time passing your room.” I smirked wickedly, watching her face snap up to look at me and turn the brightest red I have ever seen it. Oh this was too good.