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Hello! I was wondering, what kind of aunt and uncle do you think that Miriam and Aaron were to Gérson and Eliézer? Love your tumblr 😘

Hi!  I love this question — and thank you! I’m glad you like my blog :’)

Before I launch into things, I just want to make a general note that this is an analysis for the characters in The Prince of Egypt, rather than the biblical figures/episodes in the original story.  Gershom and Eliezer don’t appear in the movie, even though (in the Book of Exodus) they’re born while Moses is in Midian.  …So, I’ll say that the timeline here is post-movie.

I imagine that Miriam was overjoyed about becoming/being an aunt.  I feel that she was the one who really built up a lot of the expectation (hopes, wishes, fears…) surrounding Moses, during the time he was growing up, so far from them for many years.  Compared to Aaron, she had more time and… awareness? …a complete memory from which to process what had happened, and I think all those emotions would have come up, not only as they reunited with Moses, but later, too, as new members were welcomed into the family.

She probably saw a bit of Moses in Gershom and/or Eliezer… especially in the sense of being able to watch the stages and milestones of their lives — the ones she had missed with her brother — and gaining some closure from that.  It’s possible that she would have tried to make up that lost time, with them (I’m not committed to this idea either way; I view it as something to ponder).  Just forming a close bond with her nephews, and guiding them in whatever way she could, would have been important to Miriam, since she’s naturally that kind of person, and even more so with family.  She definitely told stories and sang to, and with, them :)  In the film, she and Tzipporah establish such a solid relationship, which I also hope grew stronger.

Aaron probably took things in stride, and I’m sure he was as happy about his role as uncle, as Miriam was about her role as aunt.  …though he wouldn’t have conveyed the same level of open exuberance.  He was protective of them, of course :)  (There’s something to be said about his dry sense of humor, as well…)

To mirror what I wrote about Miriam, I’ve always had the sense that Aaron processed the reunion at a different “pace.”  He was unsure about Moses for a long time, and so things might have hit him somewhat more incrementally or off guard (this probably happened to Miriam too).  I think that seeing his nephews interact with each other — seeing two brothers grow up together — really would have struck Aaron (not for the first time; certainly in a new or deeper way), that he missed out on being an older brother.  I like to think it’s one of the things that helped bring him and Moses closer (although I feel he’d have talked to Miriam about it first).

@somehow-you-will has a headcanon that I’m very fond of, which is that Aaron is handy with tools and makes things for people as a way of showing his appreciation.  I generally just love the idea of him having this kind of low-key, practical expression of affection — and I love the idea that he might have built a cradle, something useful and essential that he put a lot of care into making and that could have been handed down.

Because Moses was totally cut off from his heritage, I often think about the ways in which Miriam and Aaron became that link: to family, community, culture.  I believe that they would have offered the same connection and support for Gershom and Eliezer.

When I write about reunion in The Prince of Egypt, my focus is usually the biological siblings.  However, reunion truly has a ripple effect, causing waves among people beyond the adoptee and their immediate family.  I’ve wondered about Moses’ sons before, but this is the first time I’ve been able to more fully organize my thoughts around how Miriam and Aaron might have related to them.  I hope I’ve done alright with your question, and thank you again for asking!

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happy 26th birthday to the most precious oldest (baby faced) hyung of exo, the prince of my heart, light of my life, kim minseok

you’ve worked so hard over the years to show the best of yourself to us and i’m forever grateful to you for your efforts and determination. you’ve been given the chance to shine in terms of acting and singing (your first solo/ost!!!) and i wish for you to have even more opportunities to show the world how much more amazing you can be.

you’re a truly a blessing and a role model to us all, thank you for being you. ;u; stay happy forever, minseok. i love you! #happyxiuminday

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