prince of caspian

Let's just take a moment to remember the dark ages of Disney park characters.

Prince Caspian. I’m sure this lasted like two weeks. 

I don’t even know what this is. Jessica Rabbit. Okay. That’s cool. But is this a fur character or a face character? Why was this a thing. 

Let us never forget the days of the mowgli face character; where they hired a guy to run around in shorts. A moment of silence. 

And finally: my absolute favorite. Flounder.

I cannot come up with a caption for this. 


things we tend to forget about narnia

  • edmund likes to read detective stories
  • lucy is afraid of insects
  • susan is a great swimmer, she won prizes at school
  • edmund loves food
  • lucy was a fierce warrior and actually fought wars
  • jill hates being in the dark
  • she’s a good archer and horse rider and she’s very good at tracking things
  • m. pevensie disliked telephones
  • he became a professor in america
  • caspian spent five minutes of earth
  • peter was tutored by professor kirke 
  • caspian died at 66
  • eustace called his parents by their first names
  • he is a vegetarian and he’s afraid of heights
  • aravis tried to commit suicide
  • she’s an amazing storyteller
  • rilian has some star’s blood in his veins
  • helen pevensie could have been related to professor kirke (according to an old draft)
  • peter died at 22, edmund died at 19 and lucy died at 17
  • jill and eustace were 16 when the train accident happened
  • polly died at 60 and digory died at 61
  • helen pevensie and her husband were permitted to stay in aslan’s country 

men are haunted by the vastness of eternity. and so we ask ourselves -