prince of after school

Okay but I just imagine the Pevensies going to their respective schools after Prince Caspian, and it doesn’t take the other kids long to notice something is…off about them.
There’s something rough in the edges of Peter that the worst of the other boys keep getting cut on. Something powerful and confident. He was always likable, the shining golden child that the school trots out as a perfect example to incoming students, but now he is strong, he has emerged from the countryside a leader. He stands up to bullies, he always has, but he’s more eager to get into a fight these days than to talk them down. He’s a strong hand and quick word, but there’s power to back it up this time.
There’s something in the way Susan tilts her head that makes her seem like a woman. The way she carries herself high and tall, the proud line of her shoulders as she walks down the hall that makes some lable her to high and mighty for her own good. The world doesn’t know what to do with queens, and that’s what Susan seems to be these days.
There’s something dark lurking in Edmund that makes the other boys uneasy. Something wild and untamed in the now quiet boy. He no longer gets into fights, no longer bullies or mocks the others. In fact, he’s taken to stopping fights, to pushing back against his former friends when they try to take things to far. His roomate claims he wakes screaming from nightmares sometimes, and the stillness of his presence belies the intensity of his eyes.
There’s something burning in Lucy that wasn’t before. All the teachers comment on it. There’s something loud and cheerful in the girl who used to be quiet, and she makes friends even faster than before, pulled in by her captivating orbit. She spins fantastic tales, and is scolded for having her head in the clouds. She tells her tales of magical kingdoms as if she were really there, and gets sad sometimes, as if she misses the people who were never there.

Everyone agrees that something happened to the Pevensie children in the country, but they never talk about it. The adults eventually just chalk it up to the war, and almost forget about the strange children that populatetd their classrooms, until they read about the tragedy in the paper. Then they remember. And they never forget.
FTM!Karma (KarmaGisa AU)


Rating: K+/T

Nagisa Shiota thought it was an incredible stroke of luck that he ended up sitting next to Karma Akabane in first period, and even more so that they were in all the same classes but one.

The new student was nearly quaking as he sat down next to the larger boy in his Science class, at his teacher’s request. The redhead had an intimidating aura to him, but he greeted his classmate with a sincere smile and asked if he was new.

“You’re not from here, are you? I think I’d remember someone who looked like you.” He had said. Before the bluenette had time to blush at the obvious nod to his hairstyle, Karma added, “Blue hair, that’s so wild. It’s bright without being obnoxious. I’m jealous, I look like a used tampon come alive.” Nagisa covered his mouth to muffle a snort.

“It’s natural, actually…” Nagisa admitted, scratching at the back of his neck.

Akabane just smiled. “That just makes it cooler! Like fate chose you to look awesome.” He gushed, resting his chin on both his hands like a dazed schoolgirl and laughing.

Within two periods, the two boys had become thick as theives. They had found that they were both obsessed with the same movies, they listened to the same bands (Akabane had been to concert for one of them; the bluenette shamelessly milked him for details), and they had pretty much the same opinions on everything (Except for pineapple on pizza, which Nagisa liked. Karma had almost yelled in disgust so loud the teacher heard him). The smaller boy couldn’t belive the other didn’t have any other friends in his first four periods, because he was so cool, it couldn’t be like he was a loner. Unless that was just the kind of kid he was; he just kept himself on purpose, the strong, silent type. A nice thought, but probably not likely, as he’d chosen to open up to Nagisa so quickly. He didn’t notice the wary glances Akabane was getting at all.

It wasn’t until fifth period that he found out.

“What class do we have next?” The bluenette asked, fumbling for his schedule as the bell rang.

A look of dread flashed across the redhead’s face. “Gym, I think. Ew.”

The smaller boy laughed at his friend’s expression. “What, you don’t like P.E.?”

“Ugh, no way.”

“No way, you’re, like, ripped! I can see the muscles through your shirt sleeves, haha. You’re probably at the top of the class. Look at me, I’m a shrimp: You can’t complain.” Nagisa chuckled, guestering to his skinny, petite frame, then to Akabane’s althletic build.

Karma gave a weak laugh. “I’ve seen gymnasts with builds just like yours, Shiota. You don’t look very out of shape, I’m sure you’ll do fine. But…” He paused, then gave a small sigh of resignation. “…It’s not the curriculum I don’t like, it’s just…Nothing. You’ll see, I guess.” He shrugged and looked away.

“What? Is our coach shitty? How much are they gonna make us run?” The bluenette asked anxiously as they entered the gym. From the opposite side of the room, a tall girl with long, straight, blonde hair spotted Karma and waved. He waved back and giggled lightly.

“Who’s that, your girlfriend?” Nagisa asked. He wished he hadn’t said it after it was out of his mouth; something about the thought of the redhead in a relationship sat wrong in his stomach.

Karma roared with laughter. “Oh my god, no! She’d die if she heard that. She’s so gay, and so dedicated to her girlfriend.” The smaller boy let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding as the redhead regained himself. “No, no, that’s just my friend. Her name’s Nakamura Rio.”

“Gay, huh?” Nagisa laughed weakly and wondered if now was the best time to out himself as pan. He bit his lip, and looked up at his new friend. It could just be the lighting, but he might’ve seen a bit of pink on the other’s cheeks as they neared the locker rooms.

“Yeah; thank god her girlfriend’s not in our gym class. Okuda’s actually pretty modest, usually, but when she and Nakamura get around each other, it gets a little wild.” He shook his head at the thought of it, chuckling.

“Hah! Guess you’ll have to introduce me sometime.” He hadn’t noticed Karma’s falling footsteps as students filed into the locker rooms. “But let’s deal with that later, okay? We gotta go get dressed.” He turned back to noticed Akabane had stopped in the space between the locker rooms. His face was red and he wore an embarrassed frown. The bluenette shot him a blank look.

“…Karma? You coming?” he asked tentatively, tugging at his own backpack straps. A few students had stopped to watch the two. Nakamura walked up behind Karma and gently put her hand o his shoulder.

“Hey, Karma,” She said lightly, smiling at him.

“Hey,” He mumbled, looking to her, then the ground, then to Nagisa. He looked like he might cry.

“Um…See you after class, I guess.” The redhead said softly to his confused friend. The smaller boy’s eyes widened as he watched Akabane follow his blonde friend into the girls’ locker room with his head down.



Nagisa couldn’t stop the rising heat in his cheeks as he changed into his gym clothes. A boy with cropped raven hair approached him catiously as he pulled his shorts over his hips.

“Hey…It’s Nagisa, right?” The bluentte nodded. “I’m Sugino, from your second period. I saw you out there with Akabane…Did you know?”

“No…Is that why people have been, sort of…avoiding him?” The smaller teen couldn’t help but ask.

“Because he’s trans? No-I mean-That might be part of it, for some people, but that’s not really the whole reason. It’s…he came out last year. Do you wanna know the story?” The taller boy asked as he slipped on his shirt.

“I don’t know, do I?” Nagisa bit his lip as he removed his pigtails and pulled his hair into a high pony. “I mean…I guess, if it’ll help me understand why it’s a big deal.” The coach called them out of the locker room, and they began to stretch themselves out on the gym floor.

“Well, last year, when-when he was a she-I’m just gonna refer to second-year Karma as a she, okay? To avoid confusion.” The bluenette nodded.

“Well, she was called Kiyoko, and she was, like, the best at everything. She was the best player on the girls’ basketball team, and she had top grades, and, y'know-she was just one of…those girls, right?” The smaller boy nodded again. “So there’s this kid named Asano Gakushuu in our grade. He’s the principal’s son, have you heard of him?” Nagisa shook his head. “Well, you will. Soon enough.”

“Anyways, he was super smart and athletic and stuff too-Like I said, he’s the principal’s kid-And he liked Akabane. Or he just wanted her as a sort trophy girlfriend, I don’t even know. Anyways, he hit on her for a really long time, and she finally hooked up with him. Some people thought it might have just been to shut him up, but she seemed to like him-But whatever, that part’s not important.”

“So, they were, like, the ultimate power couple for a few months. But they started having these fights all the time, like in the middle of lunch and stuff-I think it was about home stuff usually, that’s what somebody told me. Which would make since, Akabane’s parents travel for business a lot, so she’s-he’s, sorry-home alone a lot, and Asano’s got issues with his mom and dad, or whatever.

“But it got really bad, and one day Asano hit her and the next day-He came out as a he. Just like that, it was so sudden. He showed up to school the next day with his hair cut and a flat chest-I don’t think he had surgery, though-and wearing the boy’s uniform….And Asano just lost it. He was so mad. Somebody claimed Karma tried to tell him that he still liked him, and that he just wanted him to change the way he treated some of the students who got lower grades, but that doesn’t really matter, because they’re definitely done now, and they definitely hate each other’s guts.”

“…Damn.” Nagisa whispered softly. He felt like it was all he could say. It was so much. “Really?”

“Yeah, man. They’re rivals in eveything now, even though the school won’t let Karma register for anything as a boy.” Sugino frowned. “I feel bad for him. It must suck ass.”

“Yeah…” The bluenette’s voice trailed. “But that doesn’t really explain why everyone avoids him.”

“Nagisa, if Asano’s dad is the king of the school, Asano is the spoiled prince. He has everyone in this school under his finger. After Akabane came out, he did everything he could to wipe out Karma’s good reputation. He basically got rid of all of his friends, except for a few. His lunch table has, like, three people there only. It was a fucked up thing to do, but no one here’s in much of a position to defy Asano, unless you have good grades. Like Nakamura: you saw her, right? Highest English scores in the grade. She and Karma met on the basketball team, I think. They’ve been best friends since elementary. They used to always pull the greatest pranks together. When Asano dumped Akabane, every meal he and his little clique of friends ate had wasabi hidden all in it for the next week, no matte rwht they did. Asano coupdn’t prove it was her, and no one knows how she did it, but everyone knows she did. It was awesome.” Sugino said almost dreamily, staring at the ceiling as he fondly remembered the memory of Nakamura’s vengance and Asano’s suffering.

Nagisa laughed. “She sounds like a good friend to have.”

“Everyone says she’s crazy, but besides that, I’m sure she is. She and Okuda Minami are dating, so I guess she can’t be too bad.” The taller boy shrugged. The coach had moved on to talking about their curriculum for the following year, but nobody was really listening.

“Where did the girls’ class even go?” Nagisa asked, looking around the gym and laying down on the polished wooden floor.

“The other gym. They always split up the gym classes into guys’ and girls’. Probably hell for Akabane.”



Nagisa ducked into the boys’ changing room as quickly as he could, before Karma and the girls returned. He had seen the girls’ gym clothes, and he was terrified of seeing Karma in it and staring. He quickly changed back into the school uniform and sat outside the girls’s changing room, waiting for his friend. Finally, he watched the redhead and his blonde friend walk out of the door.

The bluenette popped up as soon as he saw his friend, whose eyes widened. He bit his lip and approached the smaller teen. “Sorry…” He murmured.

“For what?” The smaller boy smiled gently. He was tempted to put a hand on his friend’s shoulder, but refrained.

“I didn’t tell you…” The taller boy squeaked his shoe on the ground awkwardly.

“Why would you need to?” Nagisa laughed. “You didn’t need to; what difference does it make?” The bashful smile and glassy, hopeful eyes Karma used on him made his chest light, and he beamed almost giddily. “Come on, let’s go to our next class.”

Hi mall au that no one wanted or needed: hot topic, Sephora, and American Eagle are all next to eachother.

Agatha (ofc), Hort, ravan, hester, and anadil work at hot topic

Sophie, Beatrix, Mona, Yara, Oliver, and Arachne work at Sephora

Tedros, Hex, chaddick, Rafal, and aric work at American eagle


  • me on a date: so, Tagatha or Agaphie?
  • them: i'm not really into any of those ships since -
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: i have to leave now
  • them: i find the theme of the story to be much more fascinating to be honest, like the whole concept of what it means to be good or evil, girl or boy, and the fact that this series is set for kids who may have their own confusions about the lgbtq community as well as on the original fairy tales
  • me, fully enamoured whilst slowly replacing breadsticks: go on
neighbor au ft. hwang minhyun

this was requested by an anon!

a/n: i don’t even know if this is neighbor-y enough l o l. i moved a lot and never talked to my neighbors. why do i feel so unsatisfied with this 

  • you moved into the house next to his around high school and honestly who talks to their neighbors anymore?
  • so you didn’t really know who lived next door until you saw minhyun leaving the front door with a uniform from the same school as you. 
  • that wasn’t really your conversation starter though. minhyun has this cold “fuck off” vibe that you really didn’t want to be near.
  • turns out he was in the class next to yours. you recognized him because he was tall and very very prince-like. also, very very popular.
  • you normally stayed after school for clubs and stuff, but you didn’t really feel like it one day and decided to walk home.
  • but that was the day, you met hwang minhyun.

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[sprinkles some tagatha into your soul]

- whenever agatha’s having a stressful day, she curls up into a ball like a cat and cuddles near tedros
- agatha loves to put her hands in tedros’ hair like she’s so attached to it and always messes or ruffles it up or puts it to the side so she can see his blue eyes
- since tedros is big on hygiene, he always takes hour long showers and sometimes, whenever it’s agatha’s bath time, he comes in without knocking and wordlessly pours conditioner into his hands and starts messaging her head (tedros’ fav part in doing this is watching agatha gently close her eyes and purr like a cat)
- since they had some pretty bad miscommunication in the past, now they’re pretty verbal on how they feel about things (on deep emotional matters, agatha mutters a lot and tedros stutters whenever she says something that warms his heart omf these dorks icanteven)
- there’s a small height difference between them since they’re both kinda tall but that makes it easier for them to give each other forehead kisses, whether one of them is about to walk out of the room or whether they just ate a huge dinner or when they’re just quietly reading together and tedros just suddenly leans over and gives her a forehead kiss or after they do the naughty or even when they’re in their royal carriage headed to the school for good and evil
- agatha doesn’t know why but she always plays with tedros’ soft ears when they’re both lying together in bed
- whenever agatha and tedros take a bath together, tedros always makes a bubble beard on agatha and agatha always helps clean his back because he has a hard time reaching it (more times than agatha can count, he always giggles when she scrubs a spot and once he explains that it’s ticklish and that just puts a wicked smile on agatha’s face and continues to tickle him even more, splashing water and bubbles everywhere, and their giggles and laughter are so loud that the whole castle can hear it and merlin just rolls his eyes and continues eating his cucumber sandwich [courtesy of sophie])
- if you get agatha tired enough, she’ll confess what names she’d like to name her and tedros’ children (YOU DONT EVEN NEED TO ASK TEDROS HE’D PROBABLY TELL YOU IF YOU EVEN BRING THE TOPIC OF CHILDREN UP)
- when tedros’ hair gets long, he always pulls agatha towards him like a little child and asks her to trim his hair (this may or may not have to do with the fact that tedros likes agatha’s fingers rest on his neck or how his skin tingles whenever she breathes near his face)
- this one time, tedros and agatha decided to be funny and try to do sophie’s beauty routines on each other and it turned out so freaking bad and horrible that it took 3 straight days to get it all off
- during the first week of when agatha moved into camelot’s humongous castle she felt incredibly homesick and so to make her feel better and to get her mind off of gavaldon, tedros showed her the secret passageways he discovered as a kid whenever he had free time (because tedros had no friends look @ this dork) and agatha was so amazed and curious about these secret passageways that she found some more whenever she explored the castle
- the secret passageways in the castle were convenient shortcuts whenever one of them or both of them were late for a royal meeting (they were late for multiple reasons) (like sleeping too late or getting distracted taking turns licking the royal cook’s brownie batter or just straight up making out)
- when it’s the holidays, tedros always wants to do that cute couple thing where they both wear matching ugly christmas sweaters and agatha always snorts and refuses but eventually always gives in when tedros gives her his puppy eyes and holds her hands and guinevere knits the sweaters for them
- when the first parade/ celebration to go through camelot came around, agatha was so nervous to wave and smile at her subjects (because wHO WOULD WANT THIS BUG-EYED GIRL AS THEIR QUEEN??) that she almost fainted when she climbed on the carriage (but luckily she made it to the end with almost 102919 flowers, some high-quality chocolates, warm greetings and lots of baby kissing, and it didn’t hurt that tedros’ hand was holding hers the whole way through)
- tagatha

Honestly how do Tedros and Agatha still not have nicknames for each other at this point when it’s so dang easy??? Just look at this. Tedros. Teddy. Ted. Tedd-o. Ted-boy. Teddyboy. Teddybear. Tederella.  Every single name on this list. I could go my entire life without ever sayin this guy’s full legal name again and yet somehow Agatha is stumped

the characters in their houses

sophie: 140% sure she’s a slytherin her ambition to get what she wants is amaze and scary and she’s extremely cunning (like that scene in book three when she convinced agatha to let go of tedros so sophie herself would get a chance with him yikes!) whoo what a queen
agatha: def hufflepuff (although i can imagine her in ravenclaw too) she’s excellent at finding things (remember in the last ever after when she was tasked to find excalibur ?? yea ;•)) and her loyalty to her friends is heartwarming and like a hufflepuff, she will always do the right thing :•)
tedros: i can’t see tedros being anything but a gryffindor like he’s brave to the point of being reckless and his chivalry is admirable and his self-arrogance is a plus lolol
hort: after a great deal of thought, i’ve placed him in hufflepuff which honestly surprised me but i’m nodding at my own thoughts bc at the end of the day, hort does what’s right even if it’s not the easy thing and he’s loyal to what he believes and he’s good at finding things too (wish fish in the moors ;•)) that probably explains why he and agatha naturally go along so well!
hester: definitely a gryffindor she’s brave and loud and has a heart of gold i remember in the second book when aric was going to attack the girls under the bridge during the trial of tale and she let her demon out - she’s basically risking one of her lifelines - to get beatrix and the other girls out of the blue forest and then she continued to fight aric and his boys until she was literally unable to fight anymore :•)
anadil: i don’t really know anadil that much (i felt that she didn’t get much screen time like she was just there helping but i’m trying to reread anadil parts to get a firmer grasp on her character) but ultimately i’ve placed her in ravenclaw because even though i don’t truly understand her she has a presence that’s hard to ignore, she has originality and i know she’s vv intelligent
dot: in my mind, she’s a split between hufflepuff for her loyalty and easygoing nature and ravenclaw for her originality and her ability to easily accept quirks, but i think that she would ask to be placed in hufflepuff because she believes that the common rooms sound “plenty comfortable” and she didn’t want to climb all those “insufferable” stairs to the ravenclaw common room and then be asked to solve a riddle bc not only would that be physically exhausting but mentally xD
rafal: snake snakey snake snake u know how woody from toy story says “there’s a snake in my boot!” ?? rafal is the snake in woody’s boot
lady lesso: definitely a slytherin she displays the best and worst traits of that house and i’m so proud of her why u think my username is the queen ?? she’s clever and cunning (remember when she was going behind sophie’s back in the third book to teach the students to fight on good’s side?? yEA QUEEN) and not to mention that she has a great deal of self-preservation that evelyn sader points out in the second book when agatha looks into evelyn’s memories and evelyn talks to lesso about her son and rhetorically asks lesso which person she would pick if it came down to it which evelyn knows that lesso would pick herself ;•)
professor dovey: the mcgonagall! of the sge universe! def gryffindor vv brave and stands for what’s morally right and speaks her mind like in book two when evelyn hurls her out of the room when dovey ranted about how boys don’t deserve to be treated as lesser human beings and that boys are flawed and human such a queen ahh yes
august sader: ravenclaw at heart tbh he’s vv informative and knows the way to the best ending of the tale of sophie and agatha and he’s super brave and accepting that he’s willing to give up his life to help ensure that the students live at the end of book one (fAV)
evelyn sader: s l y t h e r i n what a snake what a snake what a cunning ambitious snake that had tunnel vision only for her goals like honestly she is the Extreme Slytherin™ every evil slytherin should look up to her she’s terrible and awe and striking
tristan: (my heart hurts my red-headed bby hold on give me a moment) ahh okay okay so my bby is definitely a hufflepuff like my bby omg all he wanted was to feel accepted and he switched schools and genders (;•)) to do so just because the boys at the other school were bullying him except for cinnamon roll tedros and aHHHHHH HHHH
kiko: hufflepuff h u f f l e p u f f hufflepuff need i say more ?? ??????
beatrix: this strong-willed girl def a gryffindor vv outspoken and knows how to defend herself and others (found black magic spells to protect herself and her classmates in book three ;•)) and fights and heals to the end beatrix is so underrated she’s such a proud moral queen that went through such a successful character development so proud of my bby
merlin: [SCREAMING AT THE BACK] ravenclaw!!!!! has a lot of funny character quirks (like his preference to sleeping in trees) and is a really well-rounded character and a really Great Magical Grandpa™
aric: he doesn’t deserve a house (though tbh he’d be placed in slytherin of course) but he’s so unworthy of a house that he’s labeled as a muggle
callis: this goddess is a mixture between all the four houses but i feel like she’d definitely pick ravenclaw bc she’d want to learn more about potions and hexes (in book two she asked agatha so much about what she learned during her school days haha what a cute mother haha so dedicated and so kind haha so brave and self-preserved haha no im not crying what)
castor: what a gryffindor pup
pollux: def a slytherin no doubt about it he only looks out for himself from what i’ve read in the series and he’d probably only risk his own skin for his brother but even then i think that he’d do that if it were in the most dire of situations
vanessa: slytherin what else so ambitious and has no regard for other people’s needs and wants like mother like daughter amiright
stefan: gryffindor at heart he committed so many moral acts (despite slipping into honora’s house yikes!) but he does the right thing and cares for people that he’s protective about
honora: one of those sweet hufflepuffs who don’t want to bother anybody and want to live a peaceful live and vv friendly
arthur: he definitely has qualities of a slytherin (aHEM PRESSURING GUINEVERE INTO MARRYING HIM FOR THE ‘GOOD OF CAMELOT’ AHEM EXCUSE U U NASTY MANBEAR NEVER PRESSURE A NOBLE HONORABLE WOMAN TO DO ANYTHING ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANNA WOO HER) but he would 100% pick gryffindor u feel? like people would ask and he would just reason it by pointing at his side at excalibur and then he’d be sauntering off to the groom room
guinevere: hufflepuff material over here she’s extremely loyal and knows to trust those around her like merlin and she does what’s right for herself and the future
lancelot: this swashbuckling top-notch swordsman would be in gryffindor vv valiant and chivalrous there’s a reason why he and arthur were best friends

reaper: [lets u pet him] u know what this is?
you: what me: ravenclaw material [winks] bUT LIKE HONESTLY this brilliant cat knows how to read and how to pass on the message he has his own presence and aura of being a vv smart cat that u need to be at least 10 feet away from unless you’re callis or agatha or else you’ll get your eyes clawed out and a finger sliced off!!


Hey so y'all I was thinking: internet friends au. No one knows what anyone looks like, till they all realize everyone lives in the same state, and no one’s farther than like, a half hour away, or they’re all traveling for something and happen to all end up in one hotel. Thoughts an onions? Add em bellow

BATB castle school head canons

Belle use the ballroom as a dance studio where her students learn to dance. She and Adam organises a dance showcase with their students for the village. The girls wear dresses Madame de Garderobe made while the boys were clothes Adam used​ to wear as a boy. Lumiere and Plumette help out in some lessons while Chip supports a young girl during lessons. Madame de Garderobe and Cadenza provide the music for the showcase.

The kitchen is used for cooking lessons. Lumiere teachers the students how to present their creations in the most fancy and gorgeous ways. Mrs Potts and Chip sometimes help out in cooking lessons.

Madame de Garderobe and Cadenza runs music lessons for the students.

Maurice teaches art and how to make music boxes.

Philippe and Froufrou are the therapeutic animals. Also Belle would use Philippe for horse riding lessons. Sometimes the horse riding class would go trekking in the woods.