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when your best bud has a crush on some edgy guy and starts a rivalry with him to hide the fact that he’s big time pining, but it’s not hidden at all because everyone already knows about it and is angry that he won’t drop the act oh my god lance just drop the act already. everyone knows. we all know. i know. shay knows. coran knows. the mice know. maybe even prince motor vehicle knows.

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Can you imagine tho, that the first scene where Lotor appears, it's him, taking a nice relaxing shower, then a device rings, he goes out of the shower with a towel drying his hair, and on the other side of the call Haggar explains him the situation, and he -smiles- with a smile full of sharp teeth? I just imagined it and felt 'wow dude I'm g a y'

long hair and sharp teeth ooh boy I’m g a y for that

JDM Legends Archive

I’m probably going to be posting in the near future some pictures of what this shop is known for, meticulous craftsmanship with out Japanese favorites. I can’t help but talk about the labor intensive work these guys do, and I was able to get some pictures from their recent Toyota Celica build. For now though, let’s just admire these past creations for a few minutes.

- Jon Tong


OG Skyline Replica

The boys at JDM Legends never cease to put out quality vehicles. This time they were inspired by that little Prince Skyline that duked it out with the Porsche racer and won the hearts of the Japanese audience. May we please continue to honor such a humbling little car.

- Jon Tong