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princess and the pauper | pt.1

You’re a fairytale I keep in my shelves, in my pockets and in the crevices of my heart. Whatever the universe decides, you will always be my prince in my kingdom.

➤ fluff; royal!au, pauper!jimin

➤ 3.1k words

➤ summary: royalty was no adventure to you. but when you find yourself in depths of the kingdom for the first time, you didn’t expect to find your favourite adventure in the heart of a pauper florist.

To your parents’ sheer disapproval and admittance, you were not by far the most prim and proper princess that every reader of a fairytale would expect you to be. And there was no reason for anyone to sugarcoat how ‘unique’ or ‘extremely charming in exotic ways’ you are because none of that sweet talk could compromise for your lack of dignity in this regal position.

Growing up with older brothers who find solace and extreme delirium in the most outrageous activities, you were quick to follow their boisterous ways. There was always the bubbling adrenaline that skirts your system like a roller coaster, quenching your thirst with new discoveries and adventures.

But the greatest adventure lies in the heart of the kingdom. A place, that a princess like you, was taught to beware of its possible dangers and festering communities in the isolated parts of the kingdom that speak nothing of ridiculous shenanigans. Your mind has always been beclouded by the foul knowledge and the warnings but it was too soon that you surpassed the age of innocence that you pondered over the fact that maybe, your parents, the king and queen, were just skeptical of someone like you to manage yourself into the real world. So for years, the fortress that you were reluctant to trust had taken away the unknown, the unexplored. For years, you let the walls hinder and barricade you from the impending thrill of discovery and you were beyond infuriated by the idea of it.

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gdifbkadb  asked:

can i request an arranged marriage where the s/o is really sweet and shy, but the guys treated her like trash but she still treats them nicely? and slowly the guys start to love her and feel guilty for all the shitty things they did :') for Oikawa, Tsukishima and Kuroo :3 THank youUu!

Here it is after a long period of time. I got a bit carried away when writing Oikawa’s part. :)

-Admin Lana


Oikawa Tooru:

Oikawa never gazed at you with nothing more than contempt in his eyes, viewing you like his previous suitors; gold digging women who were hungry for his money or his title, and nothing else. Being the son of a king made him target for these types of people therefore it was inevitable that he held disdain for anyone that came forward. Although it wasn’t your fault that you had been forced into such a position, seeing as how you were a member of a royal family as well. It was only natural that you were to be married off to the infamous Oikawa Tooru.

Upon your first meeting, the prince was charming and all smiles, easily winning over the hearts of your parents putting any doubts they had about him to rest. However when the two of you were alone, an entirely different side to the man appeared, his old self completely unrecognisable as if he hadn’t been there at all. He became cold and uncaring, shutting you out and ignoring you completely. The only time when he’d so much as spare you a glance was during social functions where he was required to be seen with his wife-the soon to be queen. It saddens you to think that he wouldn’t even give you a chance to prove yourself, and as far as you could see, the future wasn’t looking too bright.

Checking yourself once more in the mirror, you rushed through the doors knowing how punctual Oikawa was. If there was anything he hated more than you, it was being late. The grand staircase seemed to elongate as you walked down the steps, eyes locking with his cold brown ones.

He hurriedly looked away, muttering under his breath a rough, “Let’s go.” You watched his back with a forlorn expression, silently wishing that he’d eventually warm up to you.

The crowds erupted in frenzied cheers upon your arrival, and once again the charming side of Oikawa appeared. He stepped out of the limousine first, carefully helping you out with a smile that could have fooled you, but you knew better than that. He wanted nothing to do with you. Nonetheless, you weaved your arm through his and proceeded down the walkway into the manor where a dinner was being held in your honour.

Not being open to large crowds, you found yourself gravitating to the outskirts of the party, watching as the prince laughed and mingled with people matching his status, most of which were noble women. It didn’t take a genius to know that it was all for show, but the animosity he showed towards you went beyond what anyone thought. A sudden surge of confidence overtook you, and knowing that it wouldn’t last long against your shy nature, you took the opportunity to voice your opinions. Oikawa seemed to be in tune with your thoughts perfectly, his form retreating through the crowds and out onto the balcony.

If he noticed your presence, Oikawa didn’t acknowledge it. It took several attempts of calling his name before he responded, all without looking at you.

“What do you want now?” His voice was icy, chilling you to the bone, but you stood next to him.

“I-I just want to understand something about us-about this relationship.” The corner of his lips turned upwards at you quivering voice, but you didn’t allow that to deter you. “Why do you hate me so much? I’ve never done anything to you.”

The air between you was thick with tension, and the only noise that filled the space was the chattering of people just beyond the doors. An unreadable expression overtook his features as he crept closer, his arms caging your body in between him and the railing.

“I know what kind of woman you are. It’s not something you can hide. I’ve had a string of lovers before you, and they were just like you, shy and innocent looking, until their true colours are revealed,” he growled and you could see the hurt reflected in his eyes. You wanted to defend yourself, but knew that he wouldn’t believe you. “All they wanted was my money or the chance to become a queen. The lot of you sicken me.” He pushed away from you as if repelled by an unseen force, making his way back to the party.

The breath that you had been holding slowly eased from your chest leaving you with an empty feeling of loneliness. How could you convince him that you weren’t like all the others?

The next morning Oikawa awoke to an empty bed, and he was suddenly hopeful that you had finally left. Those dreams were shattered when he entered the kitchen to see you pouring batter into a pan. He was confused as to why the servants weren’t making breakfast, it was their job after all, but he couldn’t be bothered to be worried with your affairs. The male went off in his own direction, but before he could make an exit, you addressed him with a bright smile as you always did.

“Good morning! Did you sleep well? I made you breakfast if you’d like.” The cheery tone in your voice confused him even more. How could you possibly be so nice to him after the way he treated you last night. Did you have a case of amnesia he didn’t know about?

Cautiously, Oikawa approached the table, scanning over the plate you had prepared; fluffy eggs, crispy bacon, and a stack of buttered pancakes. He hated to admit that it looked delicious, but he couldn’t help the biting remark that poured from his mouth.

“Did you poison it?”

Your movements faltered for a moment before you resumed mixing the batter, smile unwavering from your face. “No, I’d never do that. I care for you too much to do that.” Your back was turned to him, but you didn’t miss the almost inaudible gasp that left his mouth.

Oikawa gaped at you in disbelief, unable to believe that despite his ruthless attitude to you, you still had love for him. Was it all a con, or were these genuine emotions?

After breakfast, the soon-to-be King found himself swamped in paperwork and official documents that needed to be signed before day’s end. The back of his eyes stung as he removed the glasses to rub at his eyes. The task was irritatingly tedious and silently cursed at the abundance of work he was given. A knock resounded from the door, and he called out for the person to enter.

You peered in, that familiar soft smile tugging at your lips as you entered, holding a tray filled with tea and his favourite sweets. “I thought you might need a break. You’ve been at this for quite some time.”

Oikawa sipped at the hot beverage in relief. “Thank you.”

It was a simple phrase of gratitude, but it spoke volumes to you. In the months that you had been married, not once had he thanked you let alone been nice. The sudden change of heart was something you welcomed wholeheartedly.

Oikawa watched as your face brightened, and the smile grew even larger. It seemed like his kindness had a big effect on you. Taking your leave, you shut the door quietly behind you, a small bounce in your step.

The rest of the duration in the study wasn’t spent signing documents and what not, his mind was too consumed with you. A wave of guilt began to eat at his heart as he carefully ran over the events over the past few months. On the day of the wedding, he hardly even looked at you, barely pressing a kiss to your cheek as you became his wife. Then the honeymoon was spent locked away in the hotel room while you had to enjoy it by yourself. During dinners or galas, he’d smile in front of outsiders, but as soon as he was left alone with you, he treated you like shit for lack of a better word. There were times where he’d hear you cry yourself to sleep at night. Running a hand through his tresses, the realisation of how horrible he treated you. Not once did you speak out against his brazen behaviour, you took it all with a smile and continued to be a loving wife. He had to make this right.

The search to find you didn’t last long. It was late into the evening so you were preparing for bed. Not expecting to see him, you greeted him with surprise laced in your voice.

“Are you done with work already? I can call for the servants to run you a bath if you-”

“I’m sorry.” Your eyes widened in surprise at his sudden outburst, his form settling close to you. “I’ve been an asshole, but I’ve been too blind to see it. You’re not like those other women who only snag me for status or money. You’ve been nothing but kind to me and took my irrational behaviour in stride, not mentioning it at all. I’m not sure how to make it up to you, but I will.” The look of resolve was strong and you knew he meant every word of his apology.

“So does this mean you’ll finally start treating me as your wife?”

“Hey, I have to fall in love with you first.” He laughed jokingly, and you laughed along with him. That’s the first time he’s smiled at you.

Little does the prince know that he was falling for you in more ways than one.

Tsukishima Kei:

Tsukishima was not known for charming smiles or genuine compliments, but you didn’t expect his personality to be quite so brutal. He was quick to spew snarky comments or give back-handed compliments, completely impervious to your feelings. Although that didn’t seem to deter the sweet smiles you’d flash despite the scowl permanently plastered on his face every time he was in your presence. Being married to the blonde seemed like imprisonment, but you simply chalked it up to not knowing him well enough yet.

“My five year old nephew can cook better than this.” Tsukishima spat, pushing away the food in disgust. Your heart sank at his biting words, shrinking back into the chair. You had spent an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen preparing a meal to your husband’s liking, but it seems like all attempts were in vain.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to do something nice for you.” But you always appeared to be doing selfless acts for the man, yet he refused to acknowledge the extent of your kindness. He watched as you stalked away dejectedly before disappearing around the corridor. An unfamiliar feeling washed over him as glanced at where you once sat and the wasted food before him.

That night the two of laid in bed with a large amount of space in between, and even though his behaviour towards you was vile, you had still bid him a good night before drifting off. It baffled him how you still put up with him. He knew he was an asshole and refused to change his ways, and yet you’d still greet him with a smile each and everyday. It wasn’t you that he was angry with, but he ended up taking his frustration out on you.

You didn’t deserve this.

You deserved far better.

It was taking every ounce of willpower to swallow his pride and face you, but he knew it was only right. He found you sitting at the edge of the bed, shoulders slumped; he knew that you were crying. When you noticed the footsteps nearing you, you hurriedly wiped at the tears streaming your face, hoping that Tsukishima wouldn’t notice.

A pang of guilt struck him as he gazed at your face, your eyes refusing to meet his golden hues.

“I’m not very good at this, and there’s a chance it will come out not as I intended, but you need to know.” The male began, swallowing at the lump in his throat, suddenly growing uncharacteristically bashful. “I’m sorry for being such an asshole, you don’t deserve this. It’s not you that I’m upset with, I just don’t agree with being forced into a situation like this.” At this you turned your head to look at him, sincerity reflected in his eyes.

“Neither of us like it, but we can at least give it a try, right?” You suggested, and you sweat you could see the hint of a smile tugging at his lips.

“If you think you can handle me Chibi.”

Kuroo Tetsurou:

There was a slew of women who would kill to be in your shoes, but everything was not as it seemed. Kuroo was an attractive man, no arguments there, but he was foul when it came to you. There was no end to his teasing, and sometimes you felt as if he meant to hurt you. It seemed that he still hasn’t warmed up to the idea of you being his wife, and to be frank, you weren’t sure if you wanted to be his wife either, but politics were politics.

“I always dreamed of marrying a woman like that.” Kuroo crooned, eyes glued to the large screen in front of you. You rolled your eyes at his comment, used to the passes he made at other women. It would be a lie to say that it didn’t bother you, of course it envied you to see your husband ogling someone other than yourself. With a huff you quickly excused yourself wanting to distance yourself as soon as possible.

The water in the tub was warm, and a glass of wine was perched on the rim. It confused you as to why you were still so kind to a man like Kuroo, but it was all in hopes that he’d someday accept you as a wife and a lover. As if on queue the male entered the bathroom, eyebrows raising as his gaze flitted between you and the bath.

“What’s this? Trying to get me out of my clothes already?” He grinned, teasing smirk stretched across his face once more as his fingers began unbuttoning his shirt.

“No, not at all. I figured you’d be tired after work so I wanted to make sure you didn’t have to wait for a bath.” You admitted, and suddenly Kuroo felt like an ass, which he was.

He was the type of man who wasn’t ashamed to admit when he was wrong. There were many incidents where he could go back and recall where he had treated you as nothing more than filth.

“You’re too sweet for me _____.” At first you would have passed off his words as an attempt to pull you into bed, but the expression on his face read otherwise. “You’ve done nothing but try to care and love me, yet here I am being a jerk. I’m sorry.” The sincerity to his words warred your heart, and it was at that moment that you could see new doors opening up.

“I won’t forgive you right away, but we’ll work on it.”

All you needed was time.

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That’s how you know people are stupid. Someone tries to justify Meghan’s small crowds by saying “where we’re Kate’s small nonexistent earlier this month”....but she didn’t even have an engagement earlier this month 🤔 Like you said when Kate is in the I’m doing regular engaments she doesn’t draw HUGE crowds but she does draw quite a bit. The bigger ones are usually on your. Have you seen Canada,Poland , Germany? Those were HUGE!

They went to say hi to the little fan cluster. The DM has video and you can hear the two fans screaming.. Meghan looks very uncomfortable, which is weird. She’d kind of stiffly shaking hands.

This looks soooo awkward, just the tiny little group surrounded by media. 

They walked out hand in hand. I am dying at this. They will get their “loved up” write up if it kills them. In this video you can see the little fan cluster all surrounded by photographers. You can also see Meghan’s horrid bun sticking out.

Here he is. He’s the local prince, mingling with commoners and letting them pat his head. Yes, good. Someone give him the attention he deserves.