prince merlin of essetir

biromanticdanielsousa  asked:

Hi! I just discovered your blog through one of your GORGEOUS AMAZING Merlin recolorings, and now I'm a bit addicted, because everything you make is GLORIOUS and you're really freaking talented. I especially love your Merlin Prince of Essetir graphics, so besides for coming to tell you how talented you are, I was also wondering if anyone has made a fic for it? Because I would love to read/write that. Keep up the AMAZING PHENOMENAL WORK!!! =D

Thank you! I’m turning all red now. OH My Prince Merlin of Essetir AU. I’m not aware of anyone writing anything from it. I’ve had people ask but never really heard anything else. It’s probably because the whole AU is really fractured. But it’s all mixed up and confusing. (It’s why I’m not a freaking writer). I really need to reorder the tags so people can tell what AU is what. Sorry I never get to blab about my AU.

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