prince juri

  • Me: I'm not going to be gay today!
  • Tomochika Shibuya: *exists*
  • Me: *nervous sweating*
  • Azuna Kuzuha: *Exists as well*
  • Juri Chikamatsu: *Somehow exists*
  • Me: *on the verge of having a breakdown*
  • Shima Nishina: *SUDDENLY EXISTS*
  • Me: f U C K -
RGU Analysis: Utena/Anthy & Juri/Shiori

By popular demand (read: three people), here’s my essay. **Big trigger warning for discussion of sexual assault and corrective rape**

This analysis has three main points:

  • Juri/Shiori foreshadows and parallels Utena/Anthy with regard first to Utena’s duels with Touga, and then to the Akio arc and her final duel.
  • Juri/Shiori defines Utena/Anthy as an inherently romantic/sexual relationship
  • Utena/Anthy defines Juri/Shiori as an ultimately positive relationship that ends on a hopeful note

Let’s start with the basics. The name of Juri’s duel is Amor, “love”.

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Police Officer Charged With Holding Gun to Man’s Head

A police officer in Maryland has been indicted on assault charges after prosecutors say he held a gun to the head of a man who hadn’t committed a crime.

Police and prosecutors announced Friday that a grand jury indicted Prince George’s County Officer Jenchesky Santiago on charges including first-degree assault and misconduct in office. He had been suspended with pay since police began investigating the incident last June, and now is suspended without pay.

According to prosecutors, Santiago was on patrol in a Bowie neighborhood last May and told two men that they were parked illegally outside a home when they weren’t. The driver explained that he was dropping off his cousin, prosecutors said. Santiago ordered that man, who had been walking toward his house, to return to the car.

When the man failed to return, Santiago blocked him from entering his home, pulled his service weapon and held it against the man’s head, prosecutors said. Santiago also pointed the gun at the man’s mouth, prosecutors said.

He also threatened the men, saying, “We’re PGPD; we shoot people,” authorities said.

The driver of the car used his cellphone to record video of the officer pointing the gun at his cousin, prosecutors said.