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It was barely noon and you were already dead beat tired.

“Uh, are you feeling okay Mrs. Teller?”

You snapped from your daze to smile over at your assistant, “I’m fine,” you smooth over your skirt before taking a seat at your desk.
“The little one wouldn’t go down without one hell of a fight last night-”

“That’s my girl,” Jax suddenly appeared in the doorway.

The smile you shined at the sight of your husband was genuine.

“Mr. Teller,” you assistant greeted him, blushing as she awkwardly left your office.

“It’s just Jax-” He tried to reply back before she closed the door.

“I think she might have a little crush on you,” you tease, standing to properly greet him with a kiss.

“Mmm,” he smiled as he pulled back from your lips, “she’s not my type.”

You smile up at him, “Well then, lucky me.”

He pulls you back into a kiss, lingering a bit longer than usual, you both found yourselves wanting more. The intensity rises but your breath runs out, forcing you to pull away for air.
“Wow,” you heavily breathe.

Jax chuckles, “Oh yeah.”
He leans against your desk and pulls you to him.

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“Shit,” you muttered to yourself as you stomped back into your loft building.
“I’m going to be late again.”
Frustrated and in a hurry, you quickly darted to the elevators, luck being on your side when they instantly opened up.

“Hey hold the door!”
A nearing voice called out.

You were running late, a headache was beginning bud, but you held the doors from sliding shut anyways, no point in being an asshole as well.
Though, it didn’t keep you from having a slight scowl as you impatiently waited, but upon seeing not one, but two leather clad bikers stepping into the small elevator, your mood lifted.

Jax and Chibs perked at the sight of you, Jax giving Chibs a smirk as he took up the space behind you.
“Thanks for holding the door.”

You peeled over your shoulder at the blonde headed biker,
“It was no problem,” you hesitated slightly, feeling just a bit intimidated.

Jax took a step forward,
“Excuse me darlin’,” he outstretched his arm to reach the level buttons, pressing firmly on the number five.
“What floor?”

He was so close that his flannel was gently brushing against the top of your arm,
“Huh?” You were obviously distracted.

Jax gave you a smile, “What floor are you headed darlin’?”

“Oh,” you chuckled nervously, hoping neither of them noticed your awkwardness, “four please.”

He pressed the four and leaned back into his spot behind you, giving Chibs another eyeing smirk, the both of them looking you up and down.

You blushed at the feel of their eyes on you, the silence only made it worse, all there was were the beeping pass of each level. With the final ring, the double doors slid open, you shakily breathed out as you took a short step forward, blocking the doors, and turning back toward the two bikers.

“Be careful on five, there’s a wannabe pimp who likes to think he runs the place,” you playfully smiled before stepping out.

The both of them smiled, trying to hold back laughter.
“Thank you!” Jax shouted as the doors began to close.

btw, my hc for missy is that they have slightly longer hair than the others, bc they like braiding it, putting flowers in it, wearing hair clips, etc.


It’s that time again. So lets keep it short and simple.

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The winner will be randomly picked on Saturday June 4, 2016. Luck to everyone.



“Build a fort with us,” Jax and Opie cheesed as they plopped down on the couch, you being squished between them.

“No,” you blantly replied, continuing your attention to your book.

“Build a fort with us,” they repeated.

Their faces so close to either side of you that out of your peripheral you could see the giant grins.

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Scurrying through the diner like a madman, your finger impatiently tapped on the counter, awaiting your order so your could get the hell out of there.

The waitress noticed your numerous glances to the door, “It’s almost ready dear,” she sweetly smiled.

You returned her kind gesture, “Okay.”

It’s been five years since you’ve been in back in Charming, five years since you’ve seen your folks, and five years since you’ve left Jax with nothing more than a “goodbye.” And since you’ve been back you had been avoiding that ill fatedly awkward reunion.

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“Shit!” You half-nakedly screamed out as you watched your one nighted sleaze bag take off in your truck.
“You have no idea who you’ve just fucked with!” You screamed, pun not intended, knowing he wouldn’t hear, but just letting it known that he was screwed either way.

Pacing around your cheap motel room, phone at hand, you eagerly waited until you knew TM would be open, and Chucky would pick up the phone.

“Teller-Morrow how may I help you.” He sang.

“Chucky hey it’s me.”

“Ah, bonjour madam-”

“Okay, okay, look Chuck I need your help with something.”

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