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All these options and they chose to whitewash.
Because of the non-diverse, non-inclusive, whitewashed casting of POC, we have decided to dreamcast a brand new production of The Prince of Egypt!

Moses- Adam Jacobs

Ramses- Christopher Jackson

Tziporrah- Cynthia Erivo

Aaron- Daveed Diggs

Miriam- Alysha Deslorieux

Huy- Aziz Ansari

Hotep- James Monroe Iglehart

Yocheved- Ciara Renee

Pharaoh- Norm Lewis

Queen Tuya- Audra McDonald

There. You see? Brilliant and talented actors who can play these parts wonderfully! And guess what? This cast isn’t whitewashed! If the Broadway powers that be would just open their eyes, the theatre world would be a brighter place!


A ROSE WITHOUT THORNS - model: Cate Blanchett - photographer: Tim Walker - fashion editor: Jacob K - hair: Julien D’ys - make-up: Val Garland - W Magazine December 2015

  • Emporio Armani top - Patricia Underwood hat - Yohji Yamamoto Femme gloves.
  • Louis Vuitton blouse & skirt.
  • Gucci coat, shirt & pants - Vetements boots
  • Stella McCartney dress, cage slot (underneath), earrings & rings - Yohji
  • Yamamoto Femme gloves - Marc Jacobs boots.
  • Chanel blouse & boots - Vetements boots.
  • Dior coat - Stella McCartney earrings - Graziano brooches - Gucci rings.
  • Alberta Ferretti cape, blouse & bloomers - Alexander Wang top - Gareth Pugh collar - LaCrasia Gloves gloves - Atsuko Kudo stockings - Balenciaga brooches.
  • Comme des Garçons dress, shoulder pads & shoes - Falke socks.
  • Versace archival dress, 1989 - Marc Jacobs boots.
  • Prada pajamas.
    • (Angels Costumes - National Theatre Costume Hire, London)
    • Inspiration: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince
Phoenix's​ song

For the lovely anon who wanted Tangled AU!

“Everyone seems to love the beauty and the beast idea for gramander but has anyone stopped to consider a tangled! Au like Newt as Rapunzel and Percival as Flynn and maybe Grindelwald as the evil mother?”

Part 1

King and Queen Scamander had two boys; Theseus the brave, the hero who stayed with his parents untill they died during the war.

Newt Scamander, the youngest of the Scamander's​ family, had a completely different fate. The Queen experienced a difficult pregnancy, she got sick and the kingdom worried they​ could lost their lady, so the King looked for help in the woods where the ancient spirit of a phoenix appeared before him.

They said the spirit offered his tears to cure the Queen and the King accepted the gift and them to his wife to drink.

She recovered quickly and Newt was born beautiful and healthy, with soft curls, pink lovely cheeks covered in freckles and a good heart. But he wasn’t only adorable, he had talents, he could befriend any creature he encountered (even dragons that is), but he most remarkable gift was his ability to cure any injured he put his hands on.

And everyone loved him, how couldn’t they. The boy was truly adorable and he had the kindest smile they had ever seen.

His parents adored him, there was no doubt, but Theseus, he was something else. He followed his little brother like a devoted shadow clamming he could protect him from anything. Maybe it was because of that Newt’s kidnapping was even more heartbreaking.

The news about his gifts spread through the whole kingdom and people with not innocent intentions​ started to think about Newt and how could they use the prince. But the one who managed to get him first was Gellert Grindelwald. He snuck in the boy’s bedroom and took Newt before anyone could notice.

He was only three years old when that happened.

The King and Queen mourned the disappearance of their child and looked for him everywhere, but they never found him. Theseus, despite being also a kid then, never forgave himself for what happened, he felt guilty for not waking up and saving his brother.

The years passed and the King and Queen died not knowing if their youngest boy was alive or not. Theseus became King and kept the mission started by his parents: find prince Newt.


Artemis grew up with his father Grindelwald, he was kind and treated him like he was the most precious thing in the world, that was why he kept him locked in that house, right? Because that was what Grindelwald said and Artemis had absolutely no reason not to trust him.

He traveled for days… even weeks, leaving Artemis with a few books about all kinds of creatures and Pickett, the little chameleon that appeared to be glued to him. But he got bored easily and his desire for adventure only grew wide with the course of the days.

When he returned home, sometimes pretty bad injured, he sat on the couch and waited till Artemis took care of all his wounds.

“I’d like to go with you next time, father,” he asked softly. Artemis knew the subject was not something Grindelwald liked, but he was going to be twenty soon and he really wanted to see the outside world at least just once.

Grindelwald sighed and rolled his eyes, but he didn’t seem angry. He caressed Artemis curls before placing a kiss on his forehead.

“You perfectly know why I can’t let you leave this place, my lovely Artemis.”

The boy’s hopeful smile fade away and he looked down at his feet.

“Yes, but I just want to see outside, nothing will happen to me if I just stay for a few seconds…”

“No one can see you,” his father told him. He was irritated, Artemis could tell. “If someone does, they’ll want to use you and they will take you away from me. Is that what you want?”

Artemis shook his head.

“People are cruel, my heart.” Grindelwald took his head in his hands and leaned closer to him. “I’m only trying to protect you.”

It was true. He had done nothing but taking care of him and Artemis was really ungrateful for thinking of himself.

“I know,” he whispered and tried to accept the fact he’ll never leave the house.

“That’s my boy.”


Percival snuck in the house. He had been followed for some of Grindelwald’s people. He was one of the few men who tried to stop him, he was one of the few who’s personal vendetta had made his resolution to stop him completely.

He had found the house by accident and believing it empty, entered​ by the front window and waited inside until he heard the footsteps behind him.

When he turned around, the only thing he saw was a flash of something and the next thing he knew was that he was attacked, no tackled by a man.

And he was ready to fight back, he truly was going to do it, but when his eyes met the hazel ones, he felt trapped.

The man that had pinned him to the floor was very young and oh so lovely. His soft curls fell over his forehead and his face was covered in freckles. But the way he was looking down at Percival like he was some kind of strange creature gave him the sensation of innocence.

“What are you doing here?” He also had a lovely voice. “Who are you? You came for me? To take me away?”

Percival tried not to chuckle by all the questions because they made, no actually just the last one, something inside him growl in approval.

Yes, he wanted to take him. That possessive side of him that he had buried and forgotten about long ago had returned again. He hadn’t felt a pull like that before.

But he was not like Grindelwald, he didn’t take people against his will.

“I assure you I have no intention of doing​ that,” he said and smiled.

The boy looked at him for a couple of seconds, then nodded and rose from his lap and Percival missed the warmth of his body immediately.

“It was a mistake, I got in by mistake, but don’t worry I’ll go now,” he told him, but before doing so, he added: “What’s your name?”

“Artemis,” a soft smile formed on his face while saying it and Percival’s heart jumped in his chest almost painfully at the sight.

“I’m Percival Graves,” he introduced himself and offered his hand, but Artemis didn’t shake it, he just stared at it, not sure if he should trust or not. “Fine. I’ll go. It was a pleasure.”

“Wait!” Artemis put a hand on his shoulder. “Take me with you.”

Percival trembled, he knew it was a bad idea, the boy was only going to cause him problems but the temptation was strong. The boy clearly had no idea how lovely he was.

“I want to see outside, just once,” he pleaded. “I’m not going to be a bother, I promise.”

Not a bother, but a constant adorable distraction.

“I’ll keep you company until I see the lights in the sky and then I’ll come back.”

“What lights?”

Artemis did his best to describe them and Percival understood when the boy told him about the different forms the lights took in the sky, dragons, horses and different kind of creatures.

“Those come from the kingdom. King Theseus does that to remember his lost brother.”

“I want to go there,” Artemis insisted.

Percival was just a man and he discovered quickly those big eyes of Artemis were going to be a serious problem. He wasn’t going to be able to say no to him.

“Alright, I’ll take you there,” he agreed and when Artemis hugged him Percival knew it wouldn’t be easy to let him go.


Tina and Queenie had a very nice place for travelers; the blonde sister served beer and all kinds of food while the other one made sure everyone behave correctly.

Their place was near the kingdom and close to them lived a man who loved to bake. His name was Jacob Kowalski and he was so kind and warm with the sisters they decided to keep him and add him to their place. Queenie fell in love right away with him and they had a month happily married when they met Artemis and Percival.

At first sight, Tina thought they made an odd pair, but Queenie, who knew people better, was sure they were perfect for one another.

Only they were not together, at least not like that.

Artemis was like sunshine, his smiles were the warmest, the kindest and he looked like someone who’s hope remained untouched. Percival, on the other hand, was strong and experienced, he looked a little grumpy sometimes… But he always grinned when Artemis looked at him and glared at anyone who tried to get near the boy.

They stayed just for a few hours because they wanted to reach the lights in the sky, the same lights that were to remind the kingdom about prince Newt.

Queenie had to tell the story yet again for Artemis hadn’t heard about it before. He was very sad to learn the King and Queen died before they could find the prince.

“I hope the King Theseus finds his brother,” he commented, looking sad.

Tina squeezed his hand to reassure him.

“So why haven’t you heard about the prince?” Jacob asked, curious.

“I haven’t left my house until now,” he explained. “I’m not allowed.”

Percival ground his teeth as he did every time he heard Artemis mentioning it. The other three however were in complete shock.

“Oh sweetie, that’s not okay. No one should keep anyone imprisoned.”

Percival had told him and Artemis reacted as always did: defensive.

“He cares about me! He’s just protective.”

“That’s not being protective, that’s being possessive,” Tina pointed out.

But Artemis didn’t want to hear more about it, he offered them a kind smile before reminding Percival it was time to go.

And Percival followed him, because it was clear he would follow him anywhere.