prince jackson


Paris: We all loved him to death. He had that good energy where you just didn’t want to leave.

Prince: He would [always] ask us how we were going to help the world. And you can see most of his ideals are inside of me, my brother and my sister.

Michael Jackson through the eyes of his children.

"I love and adore my children. They mean everything to me. When they’re in public though, I conceal their faces, cause I want my children protected. At home, they have a normal life, they play with other kids and they have a good time, they’re laughing a lot. They run around, they even go to school. It’s a normal life for them. But in public, I must protect them. I love my children very much, and I’m proud to be their dad."
In public, Mr. Jackson never called them by their names. he’d never say "Paris come here” or “Blanket come here” He didn’t want somebody in earshot figuring out who they were and snapping a picture. all the kids had code names. Blankets was “Kooco”. Paris’s was “Osh Kosh
—  Remember The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson In His Final Days