prince ivan and the grey wolf


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This was by far the easiest card to assign a character to. Shark is based on Prince Ivan (of firebird and grey wolf fame), who iirc is sometimes in folklore conflated with Ivan the Fool. Like the prince, Shark is not especially bright or aware, and succeeds through sheer luck. She’s very free and comfortable in herself.

Someday I’ll finish typing up my version of Prince Ivan, the Grey Wolf and the Firebird. I’ve done a fair few fairytale adaptions where I’ve pushed it a long way from the original(s), but this one is more or less exactly the same (except underwater and with every gender flipped).

eisen-mitternacht  asked:

A coincidence of the literal and literary sort: I was reading through an old comic book called The Dreamery for the adventures of germanic centaur Stinz and one of the letters mentioned a certain Diane Duane. I had to go back and re-read previous issues to figure out you'd written the Ivan The Inexperienced set. (raven prince is the best prince)

(grin) I like the Raven Prince too.

I have a soft spot for that batch of work as it’s a restatement, in a way, of some stuff that happened with Peter and me on our (second)(real) date.

I’d been asked to attend a tiny media convention held in a pub in a part of London called East Sheen–secondary to being out that way for some publicity surrounding the UK version of Spock’s World. And Peter turned up at this thing and we wound up having a long talk about how he was rewriting (and rewriting and REWRITING) his second novel, and how the rewrites (off his betas’ notes: at least they’re what we would now think of as betas) were driving him nuts, as the notes changed every time and were all mutually contradictory.

So in essence I gave him an early but quite indignant and very impassioned version of the A Writer Is Not A Democracy, You Are A Dictatorship (You Can Be A Benevolent Dictatorship If You Want To But That’s Up To You Not Them) Lecture, which he accepted with (I’m pretty sure at this end of time) profound relief.

And then we kicked back and spent the rest of the evening telling each other folktales. We were delighted to discover that we pretty much knew all the same ones. And at some point the Tale Of Tsarevitch Ivan, The Firebird and the Grey Wolf  came up, and it got, well, a bit wild and woolly… because when Peter tells it, there are sound effects. (There is simply no point in my attempting to describe the sound of Peter doing the Raven Prince “striking thrice upon the ground and becoming a fine young man. “Lascivious” doesn’t BEGIN to cover the territory.  The three screeches as of heavy aircraft tires hitting the runway and bouncing are just a bonus.)

Anyway. So time went by and we got hitched and we wound up doing that comics work (he was involved in doing a space comic for Fusion), and I did the version of the Prince Ivan story that I’d started telling Peter that night. (And if I love it that my artist on these goes by the name Sherlock, surely that’s somewhat understandable.) BTW, did you know that these have since been collected? With a new final chapter added: “The Tale of Prince Ivan and the Bachelor Parties Of Doom”.)