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Seventeen Prince AU reaction to falling in love with a farm girl.


“Hi I’m Prince S.Coups and your name would be?” S.Coups would try to talk to you

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“Hi beautiful what’s your name” Jeonghan would flirt with you

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“Do you need help with that?” Joshua would try help you the best he can

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“Hi I’m Jun I saw you struggling. Do you need help with anything?” 

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“HI Y/N How have you been?”  Hoshi would take any time to talk to you

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Wonwoo would not say much but would smile when you guys made eye contact

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Woozi would not care about social standers and ask for your hand after a while of knowing him

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“Hi I’m prince DK I was wondering if you would like to become my princess”

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Mingyu would do anything in his power to get you a better life than the one you had

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“Hi I’m Prince The8 I was passing by and wanted to know if you would like to go to dinner with you”

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Seungkwan takes you out to dinner and then at the end “I want you to have a better life be my princess”

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Vernon would try to get to know you before telling you he was a prince and your hand to make sure your not using him

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Dino would be confused on what to do if he should talk to you/Ask for your hand or not

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Royalty // Hoshi // Pt. 1

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7

Word count: 2,514

Genre: royal au, fluff, bit of angst

Summary:  You’re driven from your own kingdom by your wicked step-mother and flee to the one safe place you know…but how safe will it stay

Wonwoo strolled across the palace grounds, his navy blue coat trailing after him. He held a few books in one hand, and some plants he was going to make medicine with later that evening. Of course, that didn’t happen because he stumbled upon you on his way to his work room. Wonwoo had stopped by the palace gates to say hello to his close friend Mingyu, a palace guard, when he found Mingyu was already occupied. There you stood, clothed in a tattered white cloak, you’re white boots muddied and broke and your hair a mess, falling out of the braid it was originally in. On of your gloved hands held onto the reins that belonged to a tired and hungry looking horse. The sight was pitiful. As he walked closer, the words exchanged between you and Mingyu became more clear.

“Miss, it’s the middle of the night, and the Prince hasn’t informed me of your arrival, I simply cannot let you in.” Mingyu said, resting his hand on the sword strapped around his waist.

“I promise Prince Seungcheol knows me!” you cried, taking a step closer to Mingyu. “I’m the princess of the Snow Kingdom!”

“I’m sorry ma’am, maybe if you come back in the morning…” Mingyu declared.

“Mingyu!” Wonwoo called out a few steps away from the gate.

“Oh hey Wonwoo.” Mingyu answered with a small smile, still not taking his attention off you.

“Mingyu, let her in, i’ll take responsibility if she isn’t who she says she is, and of course, there will be a punishment for her as well if she is not who she claims.”

“But Wonwoo…” Mingyu said, turning to face him better.

“It’s fine.” Wonwoo said with a smile. To be quite honest, Wonwoo didn’t know what had come over him, but there was a certain air to you that made you seem like royalty. Eventually Mingyu sighed and opened the gate. You thanked Mingyu and walked through the gate, pulling your horse alongside you. Right away, Wonwoo noticed the limp in your step that you were trying to hard to cover.

“Are you hurt?” Wonwoo questioned, looking down at your foot. You laughed sheepishly.

“Just a bit.” Wonwoo sighed and shifted everything into one arm, then grabbed the reins of your horse from your hand.

“Get back on your horse, you shouldn’t walk on that foot.” He stated. You easily mounted your horse and wonwoo raised an eyebrow. Maybe he’d made a mistake, would a princess really be able to mount a horse so easily without and help, and with one hurt foot as well? He hoped you really were a princess, because if not the result wouldn’t be good for either of you.

Wonwoo led the horse across the palace grounds, and to his workshop where he had originally been heading. He tied your horse on a post not far from the door and helped you off your horse as easily as he could with only one free hand. You hobbled your way into the building and eventually came to land on a seat Wonwoo had pointed you too. Wonwoo set his things down on a table and quickly set to work, gathering various herbs and jars, and finally a bandage. He knelt down in front of you and gently removed your boot, revealing a rather swollen ankle. He frowned as he poked around your ankle, checking to see if it was broken or not.

“It’s just a simple sprain, it should be better in a few days if you don’t walk on it too much.”

As Wonwoo ground the herbs together in order to make a paste to take the swelling down he looked at you.

“So if you are who you say you are, then what are you doing here?” He questioned, looking back down at his work. You thought for a moment, not sure how much you should tell this new person.

“You could say my kingdom was under attack in a manner of speaking…” You finally answered, clasping your hands in your lap. Wonwoo cocked his head to the side and looked at you, as a way to tell you he needed more of an explanation.

“My step-mother took the throne a few days ago when my father passes away, and now she is trying to kill me because next year i’ll be old enough to claim the throne.” you finally said. Wonwoo nodded.

“Why come here though?” he asked as he added some kind of liquid and began to mix it into a smooth green paste.

“Well, partly because i trust Prince Seungcheol the most, but also because it was the only place i know how to get.” you answered with a small laugh.

“One more question…” Wonwoo said as he began to spread the paste onto a plaster, “What’s your name?”

“(y/n), and you’re Wonwoo as i understand?” you answered, trying not to wince as wonwoo gently applied the plaster to your swelling ankle. Wonwoo nodded slowly as he began to wrap your foot.

“Prince Seungcheol will be awake early in the morning, we can go and meet him then, until then, I suggest you get some rest.” Wonwoo stated as he stood up and admired his handwork.

He led you to a bed that was attached to his office, no doubt there for the sick or injured people that come to see him, but you didn’t care, a bed was a bed, and you hadn’t gotten a good night of sleep for several days now. You thanked Wonwoo gratefully and pulled off your cloak and other shoe, happily climbing into the soft bed.

When you woke up the next morning and walked out of the small room, you found wonwoo sitting at his desk, hunched over a book. As you neared him, he looked up and noticed you.

“Good morning, you’re looking a little rough, you should clean up before you meet with the prince today.” he stated before turning back to his work. You gasped and rushed back into the room you had come from, going straight for the mirror. Wonwoo was right, you were a mess. Your nightgown was no longer white, and had rips all along the bottom. The braid that had once held your hair back was now more like a big knot. Your face was muddied and scratched, and your hands were blistered from holding the horse’s reins so long. You set to work on your hair, pulling the hair band out and running your fingers through it so the knots would come out. Most of the knots weren’t coming out since you didn’t have a brush so you decided to put your hair back in a braid to hide how gross your long hair really was. After looking around the room, you located a wash basin and filled it with water. You scrubbed the dirt from your hands and face, and even washed your arms as well as you could. As for your nightgown, there wasn’t anything you could do for that. You had left so quickly from your kingdom you didn’t have time to change into your proper clothing.

You picked up the cloak you had thrown onto a chair before you went to bed last night and put it on, hiding the fact you were wearing a nightgown as best you could. Meeting a prince in a nightgown would be frowned upon. No matter what the circumstances were, you are still a princess after all. A bit less disheveled, you walked out of the room for a second time that morning. This time Wonwoo stood waiting for you, your shoes by his feet. You walked over and took them from him, hastily sitting on the floor to put them on.

“Are you sure you are a princess?” Wonwoo inquired, “you aren’t very graceful.”

“I got told that a lot back at my kingdom.” you answered as you slipped your boot over the bandage around your ankle. Wonwoo grunted, but made no reply. Eventually the two of you set off to meet with the prince at last.

It took the two of you a while to get to your destination, partly because you were hobbling, but also because you were amazed at how beautiful everything looked.

“This kingdom is so pretty! Look at all the flowers and plants!” You exclaimed happily. Wonwoo looked at you questioningly.

“There is only snow in my kingdom, we didn’t get pretty flowers like these, i’ve only ever seen flowers a few times in my life.” you explained as you examined a honeysuckle plant that had wrapped itself around one of the columns. Wonwoo nodded and continued to watch you giggle over the beautiful plants. Finally you moved on and followed Wonwoo to the room that Prince Seungcheol could be found in. You had expected it to be a throne room, but instead it was an ordinary office. Wonwoo knocked on the door and a loud voice answered saying to come in. You let out a deep breath, Seungcheol better recognize you. It has been a few years, and your appearance was a mess; your life is on the line.

Wonwoo pushed the door open and walked in, you following close behind.

“Oh, good morning Wonwoo.” Seungcheol said from his desk across the room.

“Good morning,” Wonwoo started, “last night I met someone who was looking for you.” he said as he stepped to one side, revealing you. Seungcheol stared at you for a moment, but soon smiled.

“Well I haven’t seen you in a long time Princess (y/n). Why aren’t you at your kingdom?” he questioned, standing up from his desk. Your nervousness melted away upon being recognized.

“About that…” you started, smiling awkwardly.

“What happened to you? Why do you look like that?” Seungcheol asked, noticing how disheveled you looked.  

“My father passed away,” you stated, “and my step-mother took the throne.” Seungcheol’s face became full of worry.

“Oh (y/n), I’m so sorry…” he whispered, shocked upon learning the beloved king for the snow kingdom had passed away.

“It wouldn’t have been to awful, but my step-mother sent people to try and kill me…” you explained for the second time. “I came here because its the only safe place I know. If it would okay if i could hide in your kingdom for a while i would greatly appreciate it, i don’t think she’ll send people after me as long as i don’t go back home, so it shouldn’t cause any issues for you.” you said, practically begging towards the end. Staying here was the only hope you had left.

“Of course you can stay here.” Seungcheol answered with a soft smile. “Our fathers were great friends, it’s the least I can do.” A huge smile spread across your face.

“Thank you so much Seungcheol!” You exclaimed, holding yourself back from hugging the prince. Seungcheol turned towards Wonwoo, who still stood off to the side.

“Thank you for bringing her here.” He said. Wonwoo bowed and left the room, leaving just you and Seungcheol.

“Follow me, i’ll take you to one of the spare rooms we have. You can stay there.”

“I was just going to find a place in the village, i don’t want to impose!” you remarked, rushing after Seungcheol, who was at the door already.

“No, you’re like family to me. My father and i use to come up to your kingdom so often when i was little, you’re like my little sister, i couldn’t let you stay in the village at a time like this. Plus it’ll be safer if anything does happen.” He declared as the two of you walked down the long hallways.

“Thank you Seungcheol.” you said gratefully after a long silence. Seungcheol smiled.

Seungcheol opened the door to a beautiful bedroom. A huge bed sat pushed against a wall in the middle of the bedroom, and a huge window that overlooked a beautiful garden. Seungcheol smiled when he heard you gasp of delight. He leaned against the door frame as you ran over to the window to look out at all the beautiful flowers that grew in front of it.

“Do you like it?” He questioned. You nodded excitedly.

“Good, I’ll have some of the maids bring you some fresh clothes, just wait here for a few minutes.” he stated before leaving.

As he had said, a few minutes later the maids showed up with a fresh dress. They drew a warm bath for you, and you happily washed the grime from your hair and skin. When you got out the maids helped you dress and did your hair. As they worked you talked with them, learning their names and how they came into the job. The three of you laughed and chatted for a while. It was nice to talk easily with people again. You thanked them once they finished and stood staring out the window for a while after they left. After a while you decided it would be a good idea to explore the new palace you would be staying at for who knows how long. You left your room, clean and refreshed, with only a slight limp to prove the state you had been in this morning had actually happened.

You walked happily through the halls, your hands clasped behind your back. Sunlight shown through the green tree leaves, creating speckled light to fall on the floor in front of the window. You could feel the sun’s warmth as you passed by the patches of light. As much as you loved your own kingdom, the change in scenery was nice.

Somehow you ended up wandering outside, coming to rest on a bench in the middle of a garden. A soft breeze ruffled your pastel blue dress, and the fountain next to you splashed around happily. You finally felt at peace. How you could feel at peace when you beloved kingdom was under the rule of a wicked queen was beyond you, but maybe you were just going crazy from pain killers Wonwoo had you take before you met with Seungcheol.

You leaned back on one hand and closed your eyes as you let the sunshine cover you like a warm blanket. As you basked in the sun, the sound of footsteps could be heard along the stone path you had followed to the bench. You opened your eyes to look at who was coming, but quickly pulled your hand up to shade your eyes from the bright sun. After blinking several times, the figure in front of you finally came into focus. There, right before your eyes, stood the most beautiful person you had ever seen. With his dark black hair and sparkling eyes that seemed to shine brighter than the sun. His hand resting on the silver hilt of his sword strapped to his waist and a small smile on his lips.

“Who are you?” He questioned.

“Who are you?” You asked back, ignoring his question.

“Prince Soonyoung of the Ocean Kingdom.” he answered proudly, a bright smile appearing on his face.

SVT - Click a Prince: Soonyoung/Hoshi

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Series: Click a Prince (intro)

Member/s: OT13 - Soonyoung/Hoshi x Reader 

Words: 1225 

A/N: Le flu-ff pls don’t kill me also dem word count…didn’t see that one coming

How is one supposed to keep a light mind and yet carry the weight of the world on your shoulders? If you could, your face would be fifty feet deep in blueberry pie. Sadly, as of last week all that your face should be into was the old record book, and you were pretty sure that thing hadn’t been opened in hundreds of years. How the new records were imputed was a new era mystery; but, there was no way this had ever been opened, not will all the dust and mold spots.

Either way your face was about a minute away from actually falling into it. You let out a small yawn as you pushed yourself back onto the golden chair. You shook your head in denial. No, this couldn’t happen, if you let yourself fall asleep you’d be gone until the next morning. It was only nine am!

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SVT - Click a Prince: Soonyoung/Hoshi (Ending)

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Series: Click a Price (intro

Member/s: OT13 - Soonyoung /Hoshi x Reader 

Words: 477

A/N - Fluuuuf - not fluff - Fluuuuuu-f 

A purple rose was on your night stand a few weeks before your wedding day. A small note was attached to it, two simple words etched on the parchment: Thank You.

It was no question who that rose had come from  Soonyoung. Purple was his family’s color, and roses had become a daily gift from him.

One day, a Friday, you had found Soonyoung tucked under his covers, shivering. You tugged on his blankets trying to coax him to tell you what was wrong, but every time you did he shook his head and curled himself farther into his pillow.

About an hour after sitting next to him, and running your hand through his hair he turned and leaned into your touch.

“I just got a letter from my family. They said, ‘You better not screw up this chance with the crown princess.’They keep treating me like a failure - they’ve always treated me like this.”

You sighed and pulled the covers off of him so you could get under them as well. After pulling them over yourselves, you began pecking his face and leaving a trail of kisses down his neck. “You should stop listening to your parents. Are they the next King and Queen?”

That night had been the first of many nights that a purple rose appeared on your nightstand. It might have not been love at first sight, but with your words you had managed to enchant him.

Now, two months after your wedding, purple roses were a common occurrence. Not that good night kisses weren’t, or good morning cuddles, but a rose suddenly felt like more.

You awoke this morning to find no rose on your night stand, instead a glass of water? What? Was this a rude awakening - a momentum to wake you up from a dream that was never meant to be yours?

“Soonyoung?” You whispered, tears threatening to fall out of desperation. You had become dependent of a simple morning tradition.

A shuffling at the door made you snap your head like a whip. Soonyoung had his back to you, struggling to enter the room.

“Y/N.” His smiled disappeared when he saw your teary face. He had a bouquet of purple roses in his hands.

You shook your head ashamed if the thought you were beginning to have.

“I thought-” You choked.

“What?” He said, sitting at the edge of the bed.

“There were no roses…I thought…” You trailed off, burying your head in your pillow.

“Now who’s over thinking, hmmm.” He said putting the roses on your night stand before crawling under the covers to cuddle with you.

“Roses are material, don’t attach my love for you with them.”

He paused, a grin on his face, “This hamster only squeaks for one person.” He said before nuzzling your neck and squeaking until he had you laughing.

The End

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17cheol  asked:

heyheyhey request are open meaning you'll find me somewhere in ur ask ! seventeen as princes ? please ? thank u !! ^*^

Sounds like a cute au ^^ sorry this turned out so long, keep reading isn’t working on the app x

17 as Princes

S.coups - The Ideal Prince.

  • By this I mean that he would take his responsibilities very seriously just like he does with his leader responsibilities in Seventeen.
  • He’d be a charming prince, the type to win over everyone without even trying.
  • Has like 10 dogs and they all wear chains that say $.coups. Brushes it off by saying its what the other kids are doing too. (Cuz he’s a prince the others copy him).

Jeonghan - The Pretty Prince.

  • Like he would be known throughout all the lands as the most beautiful but it doesn’t compare to what it’s like in reality.
  • Other princes would be jealous cuz he can look manly af and still be pretty.
  • He would also be really sly like he would be laying down or lazing about but would do it when no ones looking.
  • someone’s always looking … who wouldnt?
  • Also quite motherly, makes sure that everyone has started eating before he eats his dinner. Feeds the cooks and servants food while he walks past them. (again on the sly).

Joshua - The Chill Prince.

  • Even though he’s an only child, I feel like there wouldn’t be much pressure on him, inheritance wise as in he wouldn’t have to worry about being King.
  • He’d enjoy being a prince and would be really good at it.
  • Would sing songs for everyone and play his guitar all the time.
  • The people love him because he’s a gentlemen and 100% honest, always talks to everyone and asks about their day.

Jun - The Charming Prince.

  • Really good at prince stuff.
  • Lots of suitors loool.
  • He would be really helpful when it comes to taking care of people (Have you seen the way he was with Woozi <3).
  • Really good at handling responsibilities.
  • Whilst giving a speech he would wink at women in the crowd, greasy af but everyone loves him for it.
  • After his speech 3456 people would be admitted to the hospital because he’s too good looking the grease radiating off him is killer.

Hoshi - The Cute Prince.

  • In reality he’d be goofy but he’d have a lots of governors advising him which means he’d come across as shy or polite when he’s really just not trying to say something wrong.
  • The one you’d find secretly dancing.
  • Cheers up everyone and is really smiley.
  • Would die from blushing so hard if others smile back or if they complimented him.
  • The type of prince to ask how your day was, then leave flowers or presents on your door step, if your day was bad.

Wonwoo - The Quiet Prince.

  • Would spend a lot of his time in the rose gardens so would seem quiet but would be pretty weird (in a good way ofc) when you get to know him.
  • Makes everyone fall for him with a single glance.
  • Holds book marathons.
  • People do get intimidated first because he’s also tall but start to love him because he’s a really cute nerd.
  • Ends up getting mailed 98264 books by girls of the town with love notes in them.

Woozi - The Smol Prince.

  • Would handle responsibilities well but would want to do his own thing.
  • Maybe wouldn’t want to become King.
  • He would low key be evil but only to the evil people. Joke about executing them just to scare them or beat them up with his guitar.
  • Would treat everyone with a lot of respect.
  • Would compose little melodies as his way of flirting with the townspeople.


  • Easily approachable and wouldn’t seem like a prince.
  • EVERYONE loves him.
  • Sings for people and takes lots of pictures with them.
  • Talks to everyone like he’s known them forever, while they’re drooling.
  • Secretly gives all the kids free horse riding lessons and piggy back rides he is the horse.
  • Loved by all the elderly people because he can be great fun (childish <3) and mature at the same time.

Mingyu - The Multi-Talented Prince.

  • This one would be known for his good looks but what everyone doesn’t know is that he likes helping out in the kitchen and he’s generally really helpful.
  • Does all the work, but likes it.
  • Every year has a party at his castle where he cooks for everyone.
  • His smile kills half the population of the area.
  • Also has a lot of dogs.
  • Keeps every little thing given to him from the towns people in his room and makes things for them.

The8 - The Endearing Prince.

  • Would love being a prince and would handle responsibility well.
  • Wouldn’t be afraid to voice his opinion if he disagreed with something.
  • Is low key a thug but gets a way with it cuz he’s a prince.
  • Would be the type of prince you could hang out with and tell everything to.
  • Tries very hard to fit in and be a good prince.
  • Learns new ways to make himself better for his people.

Seungkwan - The Sassy Prince.

  • He’d be very good at speaking so you’d think he’s very normal but this guy is so goofy.
  • Those that know him love him most.
  • He would be in the middle of his award winning speech for the country when a baby would start crying and he would give them the sassy-boo-diva-kwan “really?” look.
  • Impresses everyone because he’s amazing.
  • Tries really hard all the time and you can see it in his passion for being a really good prince.

Vernon - The Respectful Prince.

  • Likes being a prince but enjoys his freedom.
  • Probably slips away to do ordinary things like shopping or walking around the city.
  • Wears those mask things all the time because if he doesn’t he’s always followed around by a group of fans nothing new there.
  • Respects everyone a lot. Doesn’t matter if you’re younger, older, even if you work for him.
  • Does his best to become a better prince when he’s not mailing his new mix-tape to everyone.

Dino - The Jokey Prince.

  • Learns easily and teases people by pretending to be really authoritative but then breaking out in a grin and saying that he’s joking.
  • Is very cute so gets away with everything.
  • Like Prince Vernon likes to get away.
  • The type to play pranks with/on the other princes.
  • Even though he’s young, everyone swoons over him just by the way he talks. Don’t even get me started about when he dances at feasts.
  • Likes to take care of the elderly people, especially his parents and seniors.

Thanks for requesting!

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What started out as a weird conversation with @alateni, “what if all of their hair falls out because they dye it so much”  spiraled out of control and I have sinned and I am so sorry but also not

scan credits: seokminV

Dino, Mingyu, S.Coups, Woozi, Wonwoo, DK, and Joshua here

Reasons why the Vocal Team would be the best unit to party with in Seventeen

1. Can you imagine prince Jeonghan inviting you to party like come one

…but then like Seungkwan would but in and tell him he’s doing it wrong and would end up inviting you instead

2. They always know the best gossip

3. They know how to strike a pose

*pics or it didn’t happen*

4. There is no need to be shy on the dance floor because this is about as coordinated as it gets for them

5. But when there are dance battles they usually play out in the most hilarious way with dance moves your grandpa would be proud of

6. Like really these dance moves tho…


Main Vocalist Vernon LMAO Switch part live


My Favorites from Seventeen’s recent BNT int. Photoshoot
(not my pictures obviously)

(favorites: Hoshi [fiercest face], Jun [his SMIRK], The8 [forever cute], Wonwoo [he looks so awkward but it works for him], Vernon [he’s just 100% hot all the time], Joshua [he looks like a legit model], DK [photogenic af], and Seungkwan [MY SON])