prince henry v


“Female empowerment is a thing I’ve gone after in all my films. They all have strong female representation. It’s about time Wonder Woman was represented correctly.” - Zack Snyder

Henry IV Part 1 (as Terrible Meme Poetry)

my nayme is hal and wen it’s nite
or wenn the moone is shining brite
yu will not find me in my bed
i’m getting drunke with frends insted

i so like being debotched and wylde
father wantes hotspur as his chylde
but he is in for big surprise
he will see his bright son rise

i will fite for dad and country
even if i change abruptly
i will impress while he’s alyve
Henree four, meet Henree fiyve


Royals arriving for a gala banquet during King Harald & Queen Sonja 80th birthday celebration | May 10, 2017