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O_M_G she is SO CUTE 😍 How could ANYONE stay angry with her. 😄💕

A Summary of Lipstick Prince

Heechul: exists just to tease everybody and make Tony An feel old

Eunkwang: helps Heechul not be awkward, the actual source of laughter in the show, we love you

U-Kwon: blatantly judges everyone, doesnt flirt because he loyal probably, laughs at everything especially Pyo

P.O: blushes @ cute girls, hyper ALL THE TIME, still acts like a maknae, help him Dara, his crush since forever is in the next episode

Doyoung: /is the ace/ not much screentime, is the only one that actually cares about the make up

Shownu: ???? /but sexy/  mostly ??? gets shipped with everyone, girls love him until he shows his robot ways, ???, what do we do with him 

Rowoon: his face and height is the envy of the cast members, A HUGE FLIRT WHY????, ask Bora if he cute

Tony An: just wanna find love, thinks Heechul should stop making age jokes, who flirts more Rowoon vs Tony

hey guess why im in tears

Lipstick Prince is a show thats gonna promote how makeup is not limited to women! wow. Starring:

Gay Icon Heechul

Block B’s Ukwon

Block B’s P.O.

(fun fact when i was taking screen shots he was pulling a face when his name popped up and it felt bad to include it so i got a better pic)

NCT’s Underrated Visual Doyoung

BtoB’s Eunkwang

Monsta X’s Hot Piece of Man Shownu

SF9′s Rowoon

And Tony An

Who are you excited to see? Who do you want to see guest star? Please anticipate December First!