prince hazelnut

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“Yukako….m-makes me feels like I’m…someone really special.” He was already turning red, but also smiling like an idiot. “The fact that…that she likes me in the f-first place…an’ just…I dunno. The way s..she describes me…says that she…daydreams…’bout me!” He was completely red now, right to the tips of his ears, and laughing sheepishly. He found it hard to believe anyone could think of him that way, but Yukako didn’t seem the type to lie jus to boost his self-esteem. “It’s embarrassing sometimes…but not…not in a b-bad way….”


MERRY CHRISTMAS LATE BY A DAY EVERYONE~ But we were supposed to post this today after all. This is for Rhazcrossbones, I was her secret santa in the holiday pony exchange! I ended up doing a comic for her. The pony is Prince Hazelnut. He was listed as being a bit full of myself, so i figured he was cute and he knows it, so the ladies probably like him tooo~ But he likes Hazelnuts too! Maybe more than the ladies? Well, that’s where the idea came from.

Lots of ponies from the holiday exchange make cameos in the comic, so take a look!

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He’s a pretty noble pony, but sometimes he can get a bit full of himself. He likes adventure! And nice clothes :D He aspires to be as strong and brave as the nutcracker prince from the ballet, and dresses up like him (and pretends to be him) too!

Resubmitting my pony from last year! :)