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When selection is life

For real though; thank you @partylikeawordstar. You’ve changed my life with this series and I’ll be forever grateful. Now, when I’m eighty years old, I’ll be able to look down at this and remember where it all began.

Imagine: Draco having an older sister (Harry Potter Headcanon) tbc

Picture not mine- Lucky Blue Smith and Pyper America Smith

  • Her being in Slytherin as well
  • QUEEN of Slytherin
  • One of the prettiest girls in Hogwarts
  • Boys chasing her and being rejected all the times
  • First-years treat her like a goddess
  • The only person Fred and George didn’t dare to prank
  • Being asked to be prefect but didn’t want to be one because she’s too busy dealing with her own dramas (which is non-existent) (a very good excuse)
  • can be very stubborn
  • loves Draco but never admits
  • very straightforward 
  • freaking fashionable
  • “Draco, pass me my books.”
  • “Of course, sister.”
  • one of the few that Draco admires and loves (and scared of)


What do you guys think her name would be?

  • me: I have no emotions whatsoever. My soul is black and I have no heart
  • me *reading books*: cries when favorite character dies, tears up at cute moments, and sobs when it's over
  • me: Yeah, I'm totally heartless. No feelings

My favorite villains/antagonists + the moment I fell in love with them.[x] 

  1. The Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes ~ Captain America 2
  2. The Joker ~Batman: The Dark Knight
  3. Loki ~ Thor
  4. Harry Osborn/ The Green Goblin The Amazing Spiderman 2
  5. Prince Nuada Silverlance ~Hellboy II:The Golden Army

BBC America is premiering a new Documentary, ‘Harry at 30' Sunday, September 14 at 10/9c.

On September 15, HRH Prince Henry of Wales (better known to most as Prince Harry) turns 30-years-old. Fittingly, on the eve of his milestone birthday BBC AMERICA premieres Harry at 30, which intimately explores every stage and iconic moment of the Prince’s life.

Featuring contributions from friends, military colleagues, historians, journalists, photographers and royal correspondents, the revealing one-hour documentary looks at the highs and lows of Harry’s extraordinary life, providing unique and privileged insight into what it was like to lose his mother at such an early age, how he dealt with growing up in the shadow of his older brother, and what his thoughts are on being Britain’s most eligible bachelor.

It’s been 30 years of striking a tricky balance between his private life, his military career and his public duty and inHarry at 30, this archive-rich biography reveals how he’s evolved into a thoroughly modern prince and a unique member of the Royal Family.

Read more here: (x)

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(GC, May 25: "Prince Harry, Meghan Markle House Hunting In America?") . . . "Here’s what Gossip Cop knows: Markle is committed to living in Toronto through the end of 2017. When her TV show “Suits” ends, or if she should decide to depart the series, it’s conceivable she’ll relocate to California, since she is originally from Los Angeles. . . ."

So already setting up she doesn’t know if she will stay with suits……probably because of warnings about taking off to stalk harry..😊🐼

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(GC, July 9: Prince Harry NOT Moving To Hollywood With Meghan Markle, Despite Report) . . . "Shortly before that nonsense, we debunked the webloid’s inaccurate report about Prince Harry and Markle getting married in America. Of course, the couple isn’t even engaged, let alone walking down the aisle." (ME: in response to a RadarOnline article). (So, as of July 9 - present: no engagement)

Ok…I get it…😊🐼