prince harry childhood

Imagine being Prince Harry’s secret girlfriend

You had only had one crush your whole life. It was him. Harry. The adorable, lovable ginger. You’d known Harry since you were 6 and he was 8 years old. You did everything together from climbing trees to making pancakes together. He truly made you happy.
You were now dating your adorable crush after being best friends with him for 16 years. You’d both tried dating other people but you both only wanted each other.
Everything right now was perfect for you. You lived with Harry and you were both genuinely happy; apart from one thing, the media didn’t know you were together. Since he was Prince Harry people were going to find out one day about you two. This scared you. You didn’t want your relationship to be public. You was always paranoid that Harry would love someone more than you… He always reassured you he will not let the media get between you but you have always had trust issues.
One day you sat in the living room on your phone. You were browsing Twitter when you came across a trend… With… Your…. Name… Your face dropped. You clicked on it seeing Harry’s tweet on the top of you screen which read…

‘Just to let you all know, I am in the greatest place of my life right now! I have found my life partner and I truly love her. She is called F/N L/N. Thanks everyone…’

'WTF’… You dreaded reading the comments but you had to. But to your surprise the comments were really lovely:
'This is adorable 😍’
'Love to you both❤️’

A voice crept behind you, “ I told you, you had nothing to worry about! I needed to post that because you were getting hung up over nothing… I love you y/n, now what film do you want to watch?”



Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice (with their mother’s, the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of York) being playful with one another as they attend the 50th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain Parade, on the balcony of Buckingham Palace | September 15, 1990