prince hans of the southern isles

And the final 13th Valentine featuring the 13th Princess of Disney and the 13th Prince of the Southern Isles! (That can’t be just coincidence they’re both assigned the #13, now CAN it? ^.~)

Our precious Helsa – Hans & Elsa from “Frozen.’

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my fellow Helsa lovers and supporters!

The text for each card was derived from each princess’ theme/main love song, so for Helsa, I used the song “Loneliness of Evening,” which I always consider Hans & Elsa singing! :) It’s just so beautiful!

Thank you particularly, @disneysfrozenguy @thawthefrozenheart @anchor-for-my-soul and @icestorming for all the wonderful posts and art you share with us all every day! You are truly uplifting and a blessing to the community!

God bless you!

Disney Heroes - Prince Hans

When the time came to start working on the portrait of Hans I was facing two issues. One, is Hans really a hero? Two, his design.

Anyone of my closest friends and anyone who knows me, know how much I loved the design of prince Hans. Much like Kristoff, I think the artists in Disney managed to brake the mold of the handsome guy much like they’ve done with previous heroes such as Aladdin and Tarzan. But with Hans, his facial features and body proportions took my by surprise.
His broad, yet somewhat curved shoulders represent a great contrast to the rest of his body which is more lean and long. I chose to present Hans in sort of a ‘royal portrait’ type, much like the drawings you see in actual palaces. I wanted to show his beautiful profile, lit and shiny, but at the same time, we see his back, he cant hide it from us, hide his true identity and this is where his dark side appears.

The background he stands in is what I imagined to be his own palace, before coming Arendale. It is regal and beautiful, but the light that shins on it only shines half way through and leaves a lot more of that regal beauty in the dark, much like Hans’ childhood, as he explains in the movie - being the youngest of 12 brothers who never really paid attention to him.

I felt somewhat sad for Hans when I knew his story line almost a year before the film was released. He seemed to be more of a product of his environment then an actual evil guy.
That allowed me to feel more comfortable in adding him to the collection.

Plus, as Anna so well put it, he is just 'gorgeous’.
That is why Hans is soon to get his 2nd front portrait, a full body one, head to toe which I hope to finish very soon.

Happy Valentine,

I'm more than just a spare... - [ x ]

The song was deleted because the filmmakers felt that the song would make Anna sound too much like Hans - Disney Wiki