prince hans cosplay

Prince Hans Hipster Style by LeleDraw Cosplay
I laughed like crazy when they asked me to make this photo. It’s fantastic.XD ehehhe


Prince Hans Cosplay Contest  by LeleDraw Cosplay Page

Starting work on my Hans coat!

The tailcoat has been terrifying me since I first decided to cosplay Prince Hans, but since I’ve made the rest of the costume and I finally have my fabric, I suppose I couldn’t put it off any longer.

Forever ago, my mother helped me make muslins from a modified pattern she found in her stash. I used these as a guide for tracing and cutting into my fashion fabric. My mother is a blessing, guys. I love her.

Didn’t take long before I got my first peek at this nightmare of a tailcoat, and hot goddamn I am excited.
My lining for the coat is celadon green, I have black suiting for the cuffs, collar, and the facing of the lapels, and I’m pretty sure I have some plain gold trim laying around as well.
Beginning basic construction went really well! Shoulder to shoulder, side seams, the fabric didn’t cause any problems and everything seemed to fit…

…until I remembered that the pattern I was working off of was for a coat that closes, which this one decidedly does not. (Seriously, can we talk about how happy I am that every button on his coat is fake?)
I’m gonna have to pin both sides back and trim new lapels before I can do anything else, but that is for another time. Now it is late and I think I will sleep.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Thanks for 500 Like on my LeleDraw Cosplay page
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Musing on a Hans cosplay

Ok so now of course I’m wondering if I’m better off getting  a ladies tail coat in the hope it will fit my body better 

Or a male one in a similar style? I’d wear my binder for it though so perhaps male would be superior?

The thing is, Hans’ coat is so SHORT on his body, I don’t think coats like this are going to cut it. Unless I butcher them? Then I might as well sew it, but coats are tricky and possibly beyond my sewing abilities.