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Through the Years → Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (105/)

24 May 2004 | Dutch Princess Maxima and Crown Prince Willem Alexander attend a dinner held in the honor of the Swiss President Joseph Deiss and his wife at the beginning of their state visit to The Netherlands in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Photo by Michel Porro/Getty Images)

IM AT 500 FOLLOWERS OMG. thank you !!

I CANNOT BELIEVE I’M ALREADY AT 500 FOLLOWERS ?? I mean how the hell do you even keep up with me? I’m such a turtle when it comes to replies… Worst than that, even. When I started this blog, I didn’t think that I would go this far and be lucky enough to talk to all of you? When I first started I never thought that I would love indie that much ?? I was always used to group rp so this new set was quite new to me. Now though, it’s like my favorite thing and I love every single person I met on here ?? Anyway I’ve been wanting to do a milestone since forever but always forgot about it ??? This though, I can’t forget so… Let’s do this !!! Under the cut will be the people I appreciate the most here !

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                            IT’S MY SEMI-ANNIVERSARY!! 

           So gang, I made it to six months of this deadbeat huh? I didn’t actually realise how much I would enjoy playing Boomer to be quite honest with you, I liked his character and everything of course but I took up the challenge of playing him on a complete whim, not really thinking it would last, as I have tried to play other characters before with them failing to really catch on. I think you see people who have played the same muse for a seemingly unbelievable amount of time and you are just like ??? because you have trouble sticking to the same muse for more than like two months, but I think that everyone has at least one really great muse that you connect with and they stick with you for yonks and honestly I think I finally found mine (after like how many years of rp lol).

          I am so surprised at the amount of people who have come around and wanted to interact with my Diggy, and I am so grateful, and so grateful for all the compliments I get on my portrayal because some days I am honestly just like “wtf am I doing rn?” but most importantly!! I am grateful to all the people who have given me a go, to all the friends I have made, I think I have made more friends through this blog than my others, to all the anons who send in really weird or prying questions which make me laugh (and sometimes cringe) but cause Digger to have a mental breakdown AND 

                ❤ ❤ ❤  THANK YOU TO ALL MY ❤ ❤ ❤

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Gelphie Fic Rec List

So this was requested by @alwaysholdingout a while ago and this is just me getting round to it, sorry. I’m going to put them into categories, completed, in progress and one-shots. P.S those in bold are my personal favourites.

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