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Okay, you know what, I have to say this.

When the first episode of Acca first aired, this was the only screenshot I took. I posted it with the comment, “Glasses and earrings? I’m in.” Yes, it sounds like a joke. It sounds like a shallow comment. And since anime pretty boys are such a noted thing, it probably sounds silly to hear me say I feel starved for characters like this. But I do. 

But at the same time, I was only interested in the first place because it looked like it had a deep and complex story, in addition to gorgeous visuals. 

The story ended up being incredibly shallow. 

Look at these. These are gorgeous. This is the sort of aesthetic I love, and like I said before, there aren’t enough shows like this. There isn’t enough anything that looks like this. 

But in this show, these things are framed as suspicious. “Furawau’s flowers smell of malice”. I don’t want to just repeat what I said before, so I’ll just link to that post. And I know it’s not considered appropriate to like them just because they like pretty things. (It might be more socially passable to be bothered on behalf of the only dark-skinned characters, but I’ll leave that particular can of worms to someone else.) 

I wasn’t expecting this show to just up and turn an interesting character into a flat villain. I wasn’t expecting this show to have a whole district where their “hat” is that they’re evil. I thought this show would be better than that.

But I am really bothered by the whole Furawau - Pranetta dynamic. It’s tacky and cliche, and I expected better from this show. “Delicate, floral elegance is evil, and meanwhile, romanticized poverty is heroic, and those people are rewarded - by fate, it seems - for throwing all their resources into something like that”. It’s so cliche, and it’s so shallow. 

Meanwhile, the show set up for some really interesting character development with Jean being made to step into this role that he’d never imagined himself in. How he would have to start to see himself. The sorts of things he would have to become comfortable with. And that… didn’t happen. He had no character development whatsoever, and they even make a joke about it in the end. No one really had any character development in this show, except for Schwan, and we don’t really get to see that - we don’t get to see the moments when he changes - we’re just told that it happened. And no, it’s not just because he had a gun pointed at him. That doesn’t make people change. He changed before that. Somewhere between episode 3 and episode 12, something in his mind changed, and I we didn’t see it happen, we just see that it happened

I don’t know, this show just set itself up to look like something so much better than this. And it ended up being so shallow. I do feel really let down by it.

This is just making me feel more motivated to get on with writing my own novel. Because the setting is actually a lot like Furawau, but those characters are the protagonists. They’re intelligent and highly educated, they wear a lot of jewelry and elegant clothes, they don’t fight, but for once, characters like that will not be portrayed as evil. The main character comes to live there and falls in love with it. There aren’t any shallow, evil villain characters. 

I need to work on improving my art, obviously, but I’m going for that sort of aesthetic, and it’s not a sign of evil in my story. It’s not a sign of good, either - it’s just a look that I think is really nice, and I want to defend it. 

Emerald valley (2), by Kordan

I hiked up to this place in Prince Christian Sound without any knowledge of where I got. Deep in the night only northern lights lighted landscape. It took me 1,5 hours to get to the emerald valley beneath jagged mountains. I was amazed by the scenery opened to my eyes: wide river bend lay very calm reflecting South Greenland mountains.

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Please do more of our little green cabbage ;-; I love your art and I miss him so. Damn. much.

will do cutepie! Will do!!
:“) this world needs more of my emerald prince

“Good. Don’t fret, I ain’t exactly gonna bust out the whoopie cushion just yet, kit Kat.” He teased, as he drew her closer, dipping his head to focus on her neck. His lips brushed along the smooth skin gently, peppering sweet kisses and nips, before pursing his lips and blowing a playful raspberry down on her skin as his fingers danced up and down her sides lightly

She was tense, having absolutely no trust for the other, though she couldn’t help tipping her head to expose more skin, a silent ask for more attention, the softest of purrs echoing in her throat, brows twitching in a moment of confusion and pleasure. But it was all halted as he blew against her skin; a high pitched yelp followed by a few shrill giggles leaving the woman, pushing his hands away and squirming

“I’m ticklish!! Knock it off!!” She gave a pout.

Ermehgerd, I am so excited to see the photos of my Prince Emerald costume from Katsucon. They look so nice! This one is obviously from SmileJade. Finally got to talk to her instead of the usual “take picture and poof-gone”.

I was also so thrilled to win a Best Craftsman award in the craftsmanship contest this weekend too. I was not expecting to win anything but figured it was worth a try. So thrilled, the judges were a lot of fun to talk to. Those are the best kinds of judging experiences, where you have fun and can relax, and learn a bit. They were wonderful to work with. :)

2013 coming soon and it is time to say: here is my costume plan for 2013. Full of fairies and fantastic characters. Okay…you can ignor Joffrey.
The top row is for the first half year, the bottom row is for the second half year. And here

the list of characters:
- prince Emerald from sakizou
- Kinuka from Zone-00
- Dress inspired by the Borgias
- the Absinthfairies
- Poppy-Fairy
- Joffrey from GoT
- Duela Dent from DC
- the Dark from CCS/Clamp
- Toothiana from RotG
- bloody Mary
- the Beast from Disney
You will see step by step all progress pictures and some tutorials about this costumes. ♥