prince cyprian


my digital illustration final, “The Snake Prince”! i had been meaning to draw this story for a little over five years now, but it always fell through until i decided to make it my final 

i want to make this the opening story for an anthology about curses and the multiple ways people deal with them, but for now it has its own spotlight and i’m really happy with the results


character sheets for the first story of my children’s storybook “curses and cursed again”, the snake prince!

this storybook has been a work in progress for nearly a year now, but i will be able to show the first story soon enough

almost all of the short stories (sans this one) will be published on their own, but also available in a collection

curses and cursed again will be a collection of tales that center around curses-from the cycle of curses, to learning to view curses as blessings in disguise, and sometimes just knowing how to live with them, i’ll include more information when i introduce the first story

I felt the snake-ish aspect of Cyprian’s design wasn’t pushed enough so he got a few altercations (snake aspects are hard)

Prince Cyprian was cursed to be the prince of snakes, but he’s not bitter about it and enjoys being the snake prince

he’s haughty and fickle, he doesn’t go out of his way to be wicked but he isn’t the first to extend a helping hand either

Cyprian likes manipulative people as in people who are very clever and adept at turning situations in a heartbeat, they keep him on his feet and he finds them very interesting to talk with

he has snakelike traits like being incapable of blinking, sluggish in the cold, poor eyesight, a strong sense of smell and so forth-it’s not a good idea to let him around someone with a fever and/or small babies and animals

also most of the time (when human) his hands are tucked out of sight behind his back, and he can make almost any appendage imitate snakes but prefers to keep it to his boots and hands

he’s in a storybook full of different fairytales and his is the first and last tale in it, I need to draft the rest of the tales before I begin work on it though