prince charmimg


A tribute to my favorite dashing rogue, Prince Charming. He’ll seduce your princesses, steal your fortune, kill your bad guys, depose your beloved but totally useless mayor, and fight a war in a three-piece suit.

Damn you gorgeous, noble asshole.

To everybody who follows me: This tumblr is about Snowing and Charming family. Maybe about Regina being a bitch queen (I love her) and about August, Red/Snow friendship, team7….you know.
But not about Swan Queen or Rumbelle. Indeed, I dislike these “plots” so much (Swan Queen even inst a plot loool) so who loves those stories…unfollow me.
I promise I’m not gonna tag “Rumbelle” or “Swan queen” because I dont want fight with this fans (and I dont want to disturbing them). But this is my personal tumblr and I will write MY opinions even if you dont love them.
—  Me, myself and I