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If Wonder Woman were a Marvel character:

- She’d be worthy to lift Mjolnir
- She’d be close friend with Captain America, She-Hulk, Angela, and (reluctantly at first) Thor.
- She’d fall in love with Carol Danvers. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

I need a Captive Prince sitcom with roommates Damen and Nikandros and cute but snarky neighbor Laurent, and Damen is always doing things like stealing Laurent’s mail so that he can return it and have a reason to talk to him, or pretending that he baked too many brownies or like, idk pasta or something, so that he can knock on Laurent’s door. And Laurent sort of just stares at him and doesn’t usually say much, but whatever one liners he delivers are said with such savage wit that Damen turns away from the encounter feeling 30% amused, 10% worried, and 60% aroused.

Damen is constantly waxing poetic about Laurent’s running shorts or man bun (modern Laurent does it, you can’t tell me otherwise) or the way he smelled when they passed in the hall the other day, and 80% of Nik’s scenes are him just staring into the camera Jim Halpert style.

So the first season of the sitcom is Damen staring at Laurent’s door down the hall like a big ol’ love puppy and awkward but endearing encounters in the hallway, but in the first season finale Laurent is having a really bad day and he drops all of his groceries in the hallway (I dunno why Laurent still uses paper bags for groceries but he does) and Damen finds him and helps him pick everything up and sort of comforts him without realizing it and their hands touch handing over the long load of French bread and Laurent’s heart stutters and the last scene is Laurent saying yes to coming over to Damen’s so he isn’t alone in his upset mood

And second and third season friendship build/slow burn, probably alive Auguste and maybe Kastor but he doesn’t agree with Damen slumming it in an apartment with Nik and trying to make it on his own (??? Idk???) so he isn’t really involved

OH but maybe one episode Kastor is in town and they’re hanging out and he starts bagging on Damen and Laurent stands up for him and kicks Kastor’s ass and then Damen has an even harder time seeing around the hearts in his eyes

Third season finale is FINALLY the kiss that we’ve all been waiting for, and I’m going to say it happens on Laurent’s balcony and Laurent’s (possible) roommate Jord walks in because I loved that moment in the book

But obvi this show is on stars or HBO because I need to see the GOOD stuff

Look I'm tired...

Another reason why marvel or the mcu doesn’t focus on their female characters a lot or try to give them solo movies ( besides the sexism ,and other things)is because most of you mcu stans can’t even respect the females characters you have right now (Sharon(especially),Pepper,Gamora,Jane,Hope etc) I see most of y'all bash and hate on most of the females in the mcu if you’re not ignoring them. That’s giving marvel another reason NOT to make female solo movies in the future. There’s literally only 3 females who I see not getting harsh treatment (Peggy,Natasha,and Wanda). Hate on Wonder Woman all you want, compare Diana Prince and Carol Danvers together (even though you claim to be feminists but yet put two women against each other). But at the end of the day no one will take you all serious because you can’t even take the females in your franchise that you have seriously.


The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and her family attend church at Sandringham. This is the first time the Queen has been seen in public since it was announced she had a cold.  The Middletons are believed to be staying at Anmer Hall in advanced of the Duchess of Cambridges birthday tomorrow. 

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