prince blueblood


Celestia: “I really want some time off, but with ponies already gearing up for the election next year, I need to be here. Though Twilight and Cadance have witnessed several and have been taught about them, they’ve never ruled during one. And for Luna, elections are completely new to her. So I’m stuck here for the next year and a half… Then longer to help get the new Prime Minister settled.”

First of all: hands off your genitals this Tumblr isn’t back this is a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE OF ASK BLUEBLOOD for a VERY SPECIAL OCCASION.

Mentioned occasion being SOME FUCKIN’ CHILDREN HURTING THEIR HANDS doing God knows what, and as you should know by now this blog does not endorse wrist trauma so stop reblogging pony porn for a second and go send THIS LUGHEAD best wishes and stuff.


Apparently this pub is in Sydney somewhere!

Sunset Shimmer $16
Beefater Gin, Aperol shaken with mandarin juice, fresh lemon and a touch of sweet to balance it all out. Strained over ice into a wine glass. Just add sunshine!

Fancy Pants $16
A beautiful light and frothy drink made with amaretto liqueur, apricot nectar, freshly squeezed lemon juice and a touch of egg white to give the drink its beautiful texture

Prince Blueblood $16
A thirst quenching concoction of wild berries, freshly squeezed lime and a handful of mint leaves churned with the perfect companion - Havana Especial Rum. Damnnn!

Twilight Sparkle $16
[It’s?] summer, baby! Citron Absolut paired with Campari, a hint of fresh lemon and sugar - topped with freshly juiced orange. Yes please.