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Glee Klaine AU___  Prince & Prejudice  

Prince Blaine Anderson lives in a world where Kingdom expansion is a priority. He’s about to turn 18 and has to get married to someone from royalty in order to add new land to his reign.

June, Blaine’s Evil Stepmother, wants him to marry Princess Rachel Berry because her family has a lot of possessions. But Blaine is already in a relationship with Kurt Hummel, and June doesn’t allow this nonsense since Kurt doesn’t own anything.

June has always been used to have her ways, so when the Prince is stubborn about his love life, she decides to send someone after Kurt.

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My King, Your Lionheart

Author: animeangelriku

Status: One-shot

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine

Word count: 21,448

Rating: T

Summary: Blaine thinks that being the Royal Prince of Dalton is great and all, but it stops being so amazing when he starts having more and more responsibilities, and it becomes somewhat of a curse when he realizes he’s in love with his best friend, who happens to be a stable boy, and thus, ineligible as a candidate for Blaine to marry.

Comment: Kurt and Blaine’s friendship was so touching, especially the way how the ending was a parallel to how they used to be. The story is overall sweet and I really recommend it.

Story link: AO3

Once Upon a Dream

Seblaine AU based on the plot of Sleeping Beauty - because I saw this post and there was no way I could resist.
Couple of things I need to mention! I guess you could say this isn’t Kurt friendly since he’s the villain (not sorry). This is sloppy, in the sense that I rushed through a long story pretty quickly. If it’s any consolation, I’m thinking of doing a companion piece with a modern take on SB, with Seblaine. 

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just a kiss on your lips (in the moonlight) 1/6

After months on the road in search for his future husband, Kurt Hummel has finally found somebody he can see himself spending the rest of his life with. The only problem? Blaine isn’t the one being presented to Kurt; it’s his older brother.

A love story told in stolen moments.

It’s still May 31st where I live for the next twenty or so minutes, so technically I am not posting late :P Here is the first part to my second contribution of the @prompt-a-klainefic Klaine Prompt Reverse Bang. This fic is based on an amazing cover by @datshitrandom which you can find here. Many thanks to the amazing artist, who made the incredible cover art for this story, and also put up with my asking a billion questions <3 Also, thanks again to teach for giving this story a look over! you’re a doll <3

Title comes from the Lady Antebellum song “Just a Kiss”

Chapter two will be up soon, when I’m not absolutely exhausted :)

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The evening air is cool against Kurt’s heated cheeks as he pushes himself through the door leading to the terrace. As soon as the door closes behind him, the music in the ballroom becomes muted, as though separated from him by more than a wall.

He wishes he could be separated further from the ballroom, but for now, this will do.

“Oh,” a voice says from further down the balcony, and Kurt turns to look at it. “Your Highness.”

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“Prince!Blaine flirting with Kurt whilst blanking a very annoyed Rachel (maybe Santana flirting with someone in the background?))” you said prince and I thought WHY NOT DOWNTON IT UP

(just a heads up, most of the next gazillion awesome prompts are from Erin I don’t know how she thinks of this stuff, she gave me so many and such good ones ^^)

"You Can Call Me King B" - Kurt/Blaine

My BFFF, who isn’t even in the Glee fandom, prompted me to write “Kurt paints Blaine.” …But this is barely that. This is like, 3% that.

So here, have some royal!Blaine and court-painter!Kurt with a bonus handy that’s almost so blink-and-you-miss-it that I can hardly even call it gratuitous

~2200 words | AO3

Kurt has just finished arranging his workspace when footsteps come tapping along the marble floor. A throat clears; he snaps his head up and places a paintbrush next to his easel as two men walk into the large, ornate sitting room.

“May I present His Royal Highness, Prince Blaine of Westerville,” Wes says, dipping into a low bow as he steps aside to let the prince make his entrance.

“I don’t require a formal introduction, Wes,” he laughs, rolling his eyes, though he is dressed quite formally. His pants and high-collared coat are a rich navy blue that contrasts beautifully with the red sash that crosses his chest. Gold epaulets sit stiffly over his shoulders, lighting up the honey in his eyes, and a matching gold rope winds around his slim waist.

“Your parents beg to differ, sir. In any case, this is Kurt Hummel. He will be painting your portrait today. He created Prince Cooper’s, as well.”

“Yes, I remember you from the unveiling. That was amazing work.”

“Thank you. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Grace,” Kurt says, bowing gracefully, if not quite as deeply as Wes had. He is distinctly less accessorized in his simple white work shirt and brown pants and boots.

“That’s not necessary, Kurt. You may call me Blaine,” Blaine says, walking up to him. He ignores the disapproving grumble coming from Wes and continues, “The pleasure’s all mine.”

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