prince bentley

Dragons are Overkill

Torako woke up to an alarm clock ringing on the desk beside her bed.

She didn’t own an alarm clock. She definitely wouldn’t own one that rang by the apparatus of a hammer between two bells. And even if she did, she most certainly wouldn’t keep it on her desk. Plus, it was a Saturday, and Saturday mornings were for sleeping, so even avoiding all of the above points, she wouldn’t have set the alarm last night.

She sat up, grabbed the clock and held the hammer down with her finger until she figured out how to switch it off, and then picked up the folded piece of paper that had been underneath the device. It was a short note, written in flowing script, and though it wasn’t signed Torako knew exactly who it was from.

“Fricking demon,” she muttered to herself, rolling out of bed and fumbling for her warmest clothes. “Weekend before semifinals and he pulls this…gonna clock him good when I get my hands on…dammitall…”

The note lay open on her pillow.

Torako Lam (Lady Knight): I, the Winter King All-Cold, have kidnapped your dear Prince Bentley. If you wish to see him alive again, grasp the Bell-Clock in your hand and declare your intent. You will be transported to my castle, where I look forward to seeing you.

It was gonna be one of those days.

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